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  1. Hollandaise

    S02.E13: The Word

    I'm so annoyed she didn't leave with the baby. Now she has neither one of her children. Why would she say to call the baby Nicole?! Is she forgetting how much she hates Serena?
  2. Hollandaise

    S02.E11: Holly

    I think they simply filmed this season during the winter. First season had many scenes to show a different time of year.
  3. Hollandaise

    Spoilers For the Hulu Show

    And I wonder how Nick will react to his wife's drowning. Will we see ANY emotion or the usual stoic face. He may not love her, but we better see something. He can't have June, can't have Holly and they murder his wife. What will it take for this man to crack?
  4. Hollandaise

    Spoilers For the Hulu Show

    Didn't see a picture with her parents and sister. Is it that dark?
  5. Hollandaise

    S02.E09: Smart Power

    Perhaps Lydia is a midwife, nurse or doula based on her checking June's blood pressure etc. Maybe she assisted her sister in her delivery resulting in the baby's death at 4 days of life. She seemed very distraught at the memory.
  6. Hollandaise

    S02.E09: Smart Power

    Twice Nick has told June he loves her and she hasn't say it back. She would choose Luke over him and he knows it. He looked so sad having to go back to Eden.
  7. Hollandaise

    Spoilers For the Hulu Show

    Nick really can't stand Eden. It was so clear after she gave him the cookies and said she'd miss him-no response from him. She mentioned his feelings for June and now she has to go.
  8. Hollandaise

    S02.E07: After

    Why did Nick ask for a transfer? How would that help June or keep the three of them together as he mentioned.
  9. Hollandaise

    S02.E05: Seeds

    And now Nick has them. Yet another secret he keeps for June. So many unlawful things happening in that house that he doesn't report; it shows how much he loves her.
  10. Hollandaise

    S02.E05: Seeds

    How is it that Nick had no idea about the wedding ceremony. Isn't he an Eye? Wouldn't he have more insight about how these things work?
  11. Hollandaise

    S02.E03: Baggage

    Moira did use the name "Ruby" in Jezabel's. The song is "Hollaback Girl" by Gwen Stefani.