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  1. littlesue

    S02.E03: Baggage

    That's what I've been thinking about. In Season1 when Luke had his meeting with the authorities and was given the message from June, it seemed to me that he was to have a meeting the other day and talk about resistance, but also that the lady wasn't too interested in it. And in the latest episode they talked about how they were preparing something at the border, if I heard it right? I mean in reality there are and have been regimes as brutal as Gilead or worse. And other nations only intervened when they were attacked (WW II) or if they had advantages from it. We already learned that Mexico wants to trade handmaids with Gilead and so definitely won't attack them (this also seems familiar to me in the real world..). So I'm not too optimistic about Canada to help the refugees rescue their loved ones or defeat the regime. The only point is they seem to be low on resources (they had no coffee e.g.) which is a consquence of the war/situation. So they might want to fight Gilead for economical reasons. I like the idea that Canada might smuggle an "underground army" of refugees (who want to rescue their family members) into the Gilead System to get in contact with the resistance and make the system fall. I thought that June might make it to Canada and be part of this.
  2. littlesue

    S02.E03: Baggage

    From the moment June escaped I hoped she would make it to Canada soon and the rest of the season would be about her, Moira and Luke trying to get Hannah out or even to fight the whole system. Well.. naive me. Did anybody get how she knew the pilot was a good guy and would fly them out? I first thought he could also work for Gilead and take them back. I also don‘t wanna see what‘s gonna happen next. Do you remember the moment in season 1 when Serena said „Your baby is safe as long as mine is?“ I‘m really scared they might do something to Hannah to punish June (they can‘t do her much harm at the moment because of the pregnancy) and to stop her from escaping again. I just hope Serena doesn‘t have the power to do this as Hannah seems to live with another family with high status.. They might also hurt/kill Nick and let June watch if they know about what he did and if he is still there. Haha, same thought. ;)
  3. I'd like to recommend The Heart Goes Last by Margaret Atwood.
  4. littlesue

    S02.E01: June / S02.E02: Unwomen

    I think the Commanders are allowed to have sex with their wives. In Season1, when Janine is standing on the Bridge, she shouts something at her Commander like: "I did all the fucked-up shit she didn't do!" It sounds like he is having sex with his wife but not dirty sex - this is what he is having with Janine. Besides that, I really loved the two first episodes of Season 2. Especially because they're not based on the novel and completely new for me. And the flashbacks, especially Emily's story, give me chills because they're so realistic and scary.