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  1. Boosey02

    S27.E08: Week 6: Halloween Night

    I wasn't sad to see Mary Lou go. I didn't care for her "poor me" attitude. She definitely dances better than Joe though. As far was the women being voted out, the female "stars" they chose these season were not the best. I have never heard of Tinashe or Alexis (I bet many didn't), Nancy was boring, Mary lou was annoying, and Nikki didn't get much of a chance being the first to go. She wasn't great and probably doesn't have much of a fan base either. Milo and Juan were definitely were my favorites of the night. John was underscored.
  2. Boosey02

    S27.E05: Week 3: Most Memorable Night

    I don't hate Tinashe, but I am not enjoying her on the show. It has nothing to do with race though. The main reason is that I have never heard of her. I do think she would have been better off with a pro that is known though. I am not familiar with Brandon either. They are dancing fine, but I just don't have much interest.
  3. Boosey02

    S27.E05: Week 3: Most Memorable Night

    My daughter is 15 and watches the Disney Channel. She has watched it since she was little and still loves it. She is rooting for Milo and likes that zombie movie that he is in. I know she has voted for him, but I really don't know if she has every week.
  4. Boosey02

    S26.E04: Finale

    What a mess! The finale was so rushed (well the whole season was). They could have cut the rehearsal footage so we could have at least found out who got second place. They shouldn't have bothered even doing this short of a season. I am not too keen on all athletes either. Overall, I didn't enjoy much about it. I figured Adam would win. That freestyle was terrible though.
  5. Boosey02

    S16.E19: Grand Finale

    I am from Iowa too and saw the watch party. I am so glad she won! I was surprised to hear they are dating. They were kind of awkward, yet cute at the same time.
  6. Boosey02

    S16.E16: Top 7- Prince Night

    I thought Maddie was the best of the night. Some of the others were alright, but not great. I think Caleb, Cade, and Michael are all overrated. They are just average singers to me. Cade is great on the guitar though. I have liked Michael before, but I thought he was terrible tonight. Catie had a bad night too. I thought she was going to be safe though.
  7. Boosey02

    S26.E01: All-Athletes Edition Premiere

    Idol was airing on Mondays, and they need DWTS to end in time for The Bachelorette to start. I guess to do both shows they had to have short seasons. I don't like it either. She annoys me too. I thought Adam was funny though.