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  1. Beautiful. You should be Kelli's writer. This would have done so much good.
  2. Shorter, yes. It’s like she is pushy her down with that oversized blue sleeves. I swear this sleeves have gotten bigger over time. They are too much!
  3. She is soooo fakey! Did you see the little bow she gave K&J? And her ridiculous giggle on media day. Eeeeek! She is definitely smart, she should own it. Quit giving mature, concise answers then falling apart in little girl giggles.
  4. Why Ashlinn? I mean she sucked on media day but to me Claire was just as bad. I am just curious re Ashlinn......
  5. No, I don't. I think she was doing what she had been taught to do. Cover for her peer and give the right answer.
  6. So, we have Armani in a one shoulder dress and Darian with a dress slit up to her hoo-ha (I was afraid to look when she walked!!), and Brenda says NOTHING???? Blonde Kat's slits were much less offensive. And, yes, I know that this is media training, not interviews, but cocktail attire is still a no-no. What if they quit playing games with us? What if they just said we cut blonde Kat because we didn't like her face? Or gave the real reason behind any of the cuts instead of "framing" these ladies?
  7. Well that does it for me folks! I am going to watch the new episodes of this season and then dump the whole franchise. This whole push/teasers to pay for the app is ridiculous. I pay for dish. I am not paying for them to take the “good stuff” to an app and leave me with bad acting. I don’t post here much, but I read it all and I am a long time viewer.
  8. I know!! I’ve said it before and I will say it again - Charlotte, you are not a 16yo mean girl vying to be the leader of the pack. You are rich and powerful by birth, be gracious!!!!
  9. On the rewatch I noticed two interesting contrasts: 1. When VK was “point” and MRS gave the ridiculous speech about no rookie wanting to be near her, they then went to kicking. VK was huffing and puffing and hunching. Behind her was Jada executing perfect kicks with ease and someone comments that she is showing up the vets. Yes she was! Particularly a certain vet that dances “heavy” on everything! 2. When they were talking about who does well in hip hop they show Maddie as an example. Yet right there in the frame is Marissa kicking Maddie’s ass! I don’t care for Marissa’s flakiness captured so well by a poster above but she can dance!
  10. I have a strict no glitter policy in my house!
  11. People have definitely said that before. But I consider him the "every man". He represents what the average male is thinking. Plus I have heard he is charming and does a lot of good works.
  12. I can't believe no one else mentioned this! Do you not LOVE Travis making fun of Kelli? Oh my gosh, I howled! I believe she said "way-ell" and Travis repeated it in a high pitched East Texas voice. It was the highlight of the episode for me!
  13. My real thoughts..... 1. Natalie - Someone said she was trying to be a sex kitten? Or vixen? Yeah, you got that right! Unfortunately, that window expired 20 years ago. No one, not even Mike, thinks her too tight velour pants that are following her thong up her butt are sexy. And while I do have an Americanized opinion of beauty, is that huge nose considered attractive anywhere? I don't like bitches ever, but I sure can't tolerate an ugly bitch that thinks she's hot. 2. The Brandon fam - I could write volumes. I agree with another poster that said they think they are getting an indentured servant. What are these people thinking? She is a guest in their home. GUEST. You've all covered the crazy relationship with the parents and B, so I will open a new topic. What's up with that ugly hair on Betty?? And who goes by Betty at her age? She is too young for Betty! Her name is Elizabeth per their website. Liz? Beth? Anything but Betty or Betsy (even Betsy is a little better). Could that be her real hair? If so she needs to grow it long to get some of that curl out. And if it is a perm, well see my comments on using Betty as your nickname when you can't be older than 60. I have the same hideous hair (hers is a little coarser and thicker, but the curls that aren't cute are the same). You have to let it grow so the ugly curls have weight or straighten it. But she probably paid for it to go with her leather skin "farm" tan. 3. Yara - No I am not a big fan, but I do give her props for telling him off and circling back to ask him if he understood. Was she treating him like a baby? Yes. Is he a petulant brat that needs a smack in the face? Yes. Do people come on this show and think they are going to come out looking good? I just can't imagine that anyone would want to hire them or date them after seeing this crap.
  14. I looked at their website. They do have litters for sale. But it does look like they are selling off some of their breeders, too. I know nothing about that business so I don't know if that is common or if they are slowly getting out of the business. They breed another dog type too. http://www.vombrandonhaus.com/
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