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  1. I hate her eyelashes. And her oily skin. And those braces. When she was outside, those eyelashes took on a life of their own! I mean we all know they never looked real, but with the sun on her, they looked like caterpillars.
  2. It's weird because I thought her voice sounded different, too. Like lower and not so perky..... I think Charlotte's reaction to Claire is a definite sign of the future.....if she stays she will be point someday.
  3. Don't kill me all you Kat lovers but.....Kat's feet are too far apart. She is too far back. And her arms akimbo pose is not pretty. This is our new show group member? I think she is hilarious. But this is not a good image for her.....
  4. As far as front and center in the pic goes, I definitely think Kat is a contender. Then I remember Kelli talking about Darian last year. (I think, tell me if I am wrong!) She said something like if she doesn't make it here, she should do runway.
  5. I'm a snarker for sure, and I truly believe Kelli's snark is why many of us enjoy the show. I am okay with most of it, but not the character assault one's like Ika and Brandi. If I was either girl's mom, I would probably go after Kelli! The non-character ones though......that's just the show and what a lot of people watch for!
  6. Well you are going to have to post a pic and vid for us!!!!
  7. That is so cool! Truly one of my favorite shows of all time. "As God is my witness, etc....." Do you know where he is now?
  8. Adorable face - doe eyes, perky nose, cute little pointy chin....
  9. And I'd love to see Andrei just knock her out! I am not one for fighting, at all. But to see someone who can physically stand up to her just shut her mouth would be MUST SEE TV!!!!!
  10. And the shit eating grin with the "I am sick" business.....that was too weird for words! From Betty and Ron!
  11. I think Libby has quite a bit of Covid weight. It actually seems more like post pool party assault weight because it doesn't seem like she was that heavy this season.
  12. Well, that's what this board is for, right? Our opinions! I can't stand her so I sound like I like him..... you can't stand him so you sound like you like her. IRL we are probably closer in our opinions than we sound. Or maybe not :)
  13. I wish we were still home! I made my home office sweet! So comfy and so quiet! Plus the dogs get to sunbathe. I, too, heard the complaints from folks that wanted to go back to the office. I wrote it off as deep insanity....... Anywho, back to DCC! Thanks for the Jenna/Robin link! I enjoyed it!
  14. We hire a retiree's replacement up to a couple of years before retirement if they are a key employee. That doesn't mean they have a high ranking title, it could be just that they have a lot of institutional knowledge and no backup. Maybe Kelli has said three years from now is her date and they are already trying to find the trainee?
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