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  1. They need to get back to how Darlene was during the Roseanne reboot before it became The Conners. There is no rhyme or reason to her character right now. If they want her to be a big part of the show, they need to make her compelling. If not, then don’t feature her that much.
  2. I wish you were a writer for the show! Yes he was and is still in artist- His current job is at Trader Joe’s as a chalkboard artist. I would totally sign that petition lol
  3. This. I know it would be semi far fetched to be like “David is working in a different city/state/country and sending money over” but not nearly as far fetched as “whenever David is on the show we have great chemistry and work together beautifully (remember the episode where Mark was caught kissing a boy), but otherwise he lives 5 minutes away and is a terrible neglectful parent”. Are they even officially divorced yet??? Darlene wanting another baby will forever be the weirdest thing to me. No. Just no.
  4. I really think they messed up here- I agree, she doesn’t seem to have chemistry with any romantic interest except David, and that’s probably due to how fond/comfortable the actors are of each other. I know Johnny was on BBT and probably didn’t want another series, but I’m still scratching my head at what they did with these characters. Ben is a good character and the actor is funny but there is no chemistry there at all. Hell she has better chemistry with DJ. They have made Harris a more likeable character, I think they next need to work on Darlene. I remember when the reboot firs
  5. I.... don’t know what this episode was. I want to return it.
  6. I have thought this myself and I adore Sara. I don’t know if it’s bc she doesn’t moisturize or doesn’t wear sunscreen or what. One thing I noticed is when she was younger she had really pale skin but doesn’t seem to be the case anymore- again don’t know if this is too much sun or too much tanner, but the sun would explain some of the aging. Her body is fit so it’s literally just her face. Maybe she gained a lot while pregnant and lost a lot too quickly?
  7. I just watched this episode and i thought it was so funny. I’m ok with Emilio’s aunts having faults just like the Conners have faults. I do want Becky and Emilio to end up together, I think they are super cute together. Of course it would depend on how they are written together in the future as well. But I’m also the crazy person who still wants David and Darlene back together.
  8. Looks like we will get a few weeks break before the show starts up again. 5 more episodes of the season. I just want Johnny Galecki back on the show but not holding my breath.
  9. I am wondering where they are going with this baby thing- Darlene preparing herself for one in her 40s without a job?? Wtf??? This is what she makes fun of others for doing. I hope we get a reason for this- and no, “hottest guy I’ve dated” is not a reason. As soon as I saw Jennifer Gray looking at Jackie when the waiter was talking to her I knew where they were going. And I think it’s funny that a lot of people didn’t know she and Clark Gregg have been married for years. I met them in person once many years ago when I told people I met “Jennifer Gray and her husband” lol.
  10. So I agree with the basic consensus for this ep- it was funny (Jackie and Becky), annoying (no Crystal mention), and infuriating (new baby discussion).
  11. I just watched the ep and I enjoyed it- I love when we get to see the love between the characters. And Harris is definitely less annoying now- I actually like her this month! Hopefully that continues. But man, the fact that David isn’t on the show is super strange bc they just ignore him completely. He was becoming an involved dad and now it’s like he’s in a different country again. I have a feeling he will pop back in again at some point at the end of the season but weird that Harris moves out, tries to go to college, and her dad is never mentioned like he doesn’t exist. Love the
  12. Harris was actually a preemie (confirmed as still canon in The Conners) and I think Darlene even mentioned that both her kids were born via c-section.
  13. I liked this episode but didn’t love it- I did love Harris though (shockingly) and I think Becky did need a moment of realization of where she is at and where she needs to go. I am guessing they will eventually do an online mag, but we have to watch their process to get there. My favorite thing though was how much fun you could tell the cast was having in “Bears” mode.
  14. Meanwhile I was like, here’s a moment for learning, no need to change lol. Oh well it doesn’t matter anyway.
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