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  1. No I actually think that now- yesterday I was completely flummoxed on the way the episode went Bc I have been CERTAIN David/Darlene would be endgame since Tangled Up in Blue. But after rewatching the episode, I still think it’s David. Yes she agreed to break up with him in the kitchen with Jackie-but then she was stunned that the break up felt so different. “Because it’s the last time”- says David. Well if she is used to on and off with David, then it really wasn’t all that hard for her to decide to break up with him... thinking they can just get back together again. It’s a very cleverly written episode.
  2. I just rewatched the episode.... it really hit me how much what happened in therapy needed to happen, and how the end of that relationship is actually a new beginning. A new beginning of what exactly is still up in the air - my gut is still saying things will loop back around to David in the end but regardless, I’m just so excited for the journey we are on with the characters this season. Also I noticed the cars the guys were driving- David has a Prius and Ben has a Charger I think? Very fitting choices!
  3. Agreed- maybe he couldn’t find anyone else in Lanford but I’m sure he could in Chicago. But I have a feeling their close proximity is so they can eventually get back together again.
  4. I think he look really sloppy too. And very different than how David used to dress in the later seasons of Roseanne, where he was pretty stylish for the times. What I’m hoping is he gets back on his feet, gets confident, and starts taking care of himself. But if it’s just Galecki’s preferred look right now I don’t think there is anything they can do.
  5. This is how I feel- I know it’s a long shot but I will always hope.
  6. Oh man I hope not. I hope this is his own decision. I do think this will be a season long arc, but it’s possible that “moving on” is a part of that arc versus reuniting. Honestly at this point I am not sure (after being pretty confident for a year) if they will reunite. On the one hand, I feel like Darlene has finally “heard” David. And him declaring this is the final time they ever break up does not mean necessarily mean they won’t get back together. On the other hand, we heard her two texts. It’s clear she is more interested in Ben and can open up more to him. She also said she has been scared to stop trying with David.... that’s no way to have a relationship. So all that to say.... I have no idea what will happen. My brain says Ben, my heart says David, but my heart is MUCH more hesitant now.
  7. This episode was so funny and compelling and surprising! I really can’t say at this point if Darlene is going to end up with David or Ben or neither. I guess it SEEMS most plausible she and Ben can work things out, and things with David were a definite goodbye- but I also know with fiction, they like going a darkest-until-dawn route. But what I most loved about all this was how TRUE the reactions from David and Ben were- David, with the support of a therapist, able to break free of the past and hopefully start to live without fear. Ben is smart and confident and I like how figured things out and didn’t let what Darlene did to him slide. I hope whoever she ends up with, even if it’s another person entirely, she learns to be honest and respectful of them. Harris is a brat but she has been really funny lately- I love her “she should have one but she has two” comment. And Jackie was gold of course! The flat tire scene had me rolling! Dan and Becky!!! I love how he has to always fix things- and Becky stood up for herself and for her daughter by saying she needs more money and she could be tempted by alcohol anywhere. I could totally see Dan’s point and worry- But this is one instance where life isn’t always ideal but you do the best you can. Which is essentially the theme of the show. And Louise had me cracking up by selling out Dan lmao. I love her so much!!!
  8. I just saw it.... so good!!! Definitely a roller coaster!
  9. My issue is it didn’t seem to take into account any of the names Emilio wanted. I know Becky doesn’t have to chose any of those but between Harris and Mary and Beverley Rose it’s like if you are non-Conner, your choices are invalid lol
  10. Oh wow I had no idea about that- thanks!
  11. How did you see this already?
  12. Yup my impression is that David is endgame.... then again I’m probably biased because that is also my hope. I guess it seems like a lot of rigamarole if they end up not working it out. Speaking of which, we finally got a description of the next episode of the Conners which will air in 2 weeks... Nightmare on Lunch Box Street Halloween brings nothing but horror for Jackie after she uncovers a shocking secret when trying to reopen the Lunch Box; Mary gets upset when a woman assumes she is adopted; Darlene continues to deal with her complicated love life. The Lunch Box! Mary! And the sneaking suspicion that “David has a lot to say to you” will be the last line of tomorrow’s ep lol But for real I’m super excited for the Mary storyline.... I hope we get a great moment with her and DJ 💗
  13. This all makes logical sense to me but I would still honestly be shocked since I feel like it’s going to go the opposite direction (David and Darlene learning to make it work together)- I guess ultimately I just want to see Darlene make up her mind, this back and forth is too much.
  14. Hmm you might be right about that line. I was focusing more on “David has a lot to say to you”. I guess we will see in a few days... or whenever this is resolved which is hopefully soon.
  15. I hope so too. I’m SUPER curious about what happens. Also there is no episode the week following this one so I hope it doesn’t end on a cliffhanger haha.
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