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  1. I can’t see him going to the bone zone with any of the ladies. He’ll say he’s going to wait until he picks the final one...and then I can see the tell-all about how he doesn’t lose it then either. 🙄
  2. I missed the first 15 minutes, did I miss anything? Lol. Did they follow up that he needed to talk to Chris last week?
  3. Ugh, Courtney, don’t make me think DEMI is being reasonable! Get off your ass and talk to him! Gah!
  4. Again With This : Felicity edition you say?!?!?!?!?!!!!! I have been hoping for Melrose and Models Inc., but I am 1000% in for whatever you do next. Gah!
  5. "I missed something. Jefferson seemed surprised that his daughter was in the 100 club when he was talking to his ex but if he didn't know she was there, why did he go there?" He was acting surprised because there were rumours on the news that Black Lightning was back, and he didn't want her to suspect that was true.
  6. Are we ever getting episode 7-10 podcasts?
  7. I was distracted for one second, and I missed what Diana's parents? said to her at the picnic. I think she was getting up to greet Anne and then quickly sat back down. I got the gist, just wondering about the dialogue.
  8. Loved this episode you guys! Sarah, I loved Relativity so much. Big big fan of Herskovitz and Zwick projects, and Thirtysomething is the one I didn't get to watch as a kid. I would watch the crap out of it now. Off to read Tara's recap of Rags to Riches-I was clamouring for this!
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