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  1. Both of my daughters have them and love them. Use them daily. I have a ninja blender that works great for that too.
  2. Same here. I think I needed to be mad at someone and my husband hadn't done anything wrong.....so Jeanne seemed like a good choice. 😠😆
  3. Do you think hoarders are constipated? I'm watching a rerun of Joni and Millie and there have been 3 different poop med commercials.
  4. Or more tenants, a stolen car, a meth lab.....
  5. I wonder what other TV shows she was on. At least the obituary didn't refer to "sperm donor". 😕
  6. Just for "fun" I'm watching Seana. The scene where her mom dropped her off at the airport! 😯 I'd feel more comfortable dropping off my grandson. He's 3....but very smart and can read! 😆
  7. Not to mention "how much is your wife's happiness worth"! @s $hole! From the start of the show Tim gave me the creeps.
  8. Did anyone watch the supersize episode? Dish decided I didn't need to see it. 😒 I was curious about the bonus scenes. Like was she actually nice?!? 😁
  9. Hmmmm...my eating habit is suspended until I get the thought of dog hair in Barbara's wound out of my brain. 😝 Maybe tomorrow.....
  10. I said pretty much the same thing at the beginning when she was sucking on that straw like it was her job!
  11. We seldom have "fast food". It's not exactly "fast" if you have to drive over an hour to get to the nearest Arby's (my hubby's favorite). We do venture out once a month or so for a Sunday date. How romantic. 😍😂 I can't imagine eating that kind of thing 2 to 3 times a day by the bagful. Just gross....
  12. Not fair...hippos legs are much thinner.
  13. Oh my.....she and I have basically the same hair. Shoulder length and a swoosh of gray. But I'm in my 60s and don't have shar pei legs. Eating habit is roasted turkey and a part of a sweet potato and apple slices.
  14. Did anyone else watch the supersize episode? What the actual hell was on Tammy's face? Maybe she guzzled a giant grape sodie? Wash your ugly face before you get on camera. And is she ever happy for anyone? "Good job Chris for losing weight. I'm happy for you Amy about the pregnancy." Nope....nothing. I'll just sit here and throw my pity party and wait for everyone to do this for me. Stupid Rhino.
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