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  1. grooveshinney

    Late Show in the Media

    The Triumph of Stephen Colbert from Rolling Stone Magazine
  2. grooveshinney

    Big Brother Canada in the Media

    Here's some new info on prizes, etc for this new season of Big Brother Canada:
  3. grooveshinney

    Big Brother Canada in the Media

    First show March 7, 2018! http://www.tv-eh.com/2018/02/08/big-brother-canada-returns-wednesday-march-7-on-global/
  4. grooveshinney

    S43.E10: Sam Rockwell / Halsey

    Or one of my favourites, Easy A. He was great in that one.
  5. grooveshinney

    Aftermath in the Media

    This article is in my university paper today. It refers to Stephen Kent who was on one of the panel shows with Leah. Once thriving Church of Scientology faces extinction, says cult tracker
  6. He was ‘under the weather’ but he sent a tweet, which I can’t remember what it said.
  7. grooveshinney

    All Episodes Discussion: 2017 Season

    I work at a university (support staff) and your story is precisely why I have always refused to take students papers. Now it's not such a big deal with computers but back then I would tell the professors, "if you want students to hand in a paper, you be here, in your office, to receive them. I will not take responsibility for a student's assignment because it's the student's word against mine and the student will always win." A student could 'say' they handed it in to me but actually didn't. And at the end of the day, it doesn't matter to me if said student passes the class or not and it's not up to me to make sure their assignments get handed in to the right person. [/rant]
  8. grooveshinney

    Aftermath in the Media

    Scientology targeting advertisers of Leah's show
  9. Maybe that was another part of his "fuck you" to LRH, like committing suicide on LRH's birthday? Leaving a suicide note filled with misspellings.
  10. grooveshinney

    S05.E01: Who Wants to Be the Python?

    Ahhh, Andrea Martin! Of course! She reminded me of someone and I just couldn't put my finger on who. Thanks for the brain free-er, lol.
  11. The professor is from the university where I work! We're not in the same department but the same faculty. I was surprised to see articles from our local paper. Who knew that just a few buildings away from me there is that huge Scientology collection. Wild!
  12. grooveshinney

    S01.E17: What Now?

    For my mom's we had a "memorial cocktail party" in the backyard, invited all her friends and family and we had a blast. Played all her favourite music (she loved to dance), and also put up her collection of 'naughty' cocktail napkins and other things with naughty sayings on them around the house and yard. A place of honour went to her battery operated flower pot which, when the right button was pushed, played Glen Miller songs as the flowers danced up and down. lol She also loved food so we had all her favourite dishes, as well as licorice cigars for dessert. She would have loved it! Seeing the 'fun'-eral last night made me smile for more reasons than just one.
  13. grooveshinney

    This Is Us In The Media

    I see Milo is scheduled for The Tonight Show tonight.
  14. grooveshinney

    Aftermath in the Media

    Thanks for the update, LilWharveyGal!
  15. grooveshinney

    Aftermath in the Media

    Darn. I just saw another ad for Bill Maher and now Leah's not listed for this Friday's episode. :/ At the end of each show there is a ticker that goes by on the bottom of the screen that says the next week's guests. She was listed on that one last week, but not on this latest ad I saw for tomorrow's show.