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  1. Yeah,for that price there has to be something wrong with it not disclosed to the viewers. I liked the 3rd place and think Wicker Park is a great location. It's not that far from River North and more of a real neighborhood -- I would prefer it (but I live way up in Lincoln Square, so clearly have different priorities).
  2. I read this book when I was 12 or so, and it has been one of those books I've vaguely recalled and wanted to read again, but couldn't remember the title or author. I would occasionally google the plot, but had no luck. As soon as I heard about this show I thought "I bet it's based on the book" and ordered it. I got it on Kindle since I wanted to start it immediately, although I am trying to read roughly what each episode seems to cover before watching each episode, rather than allowing myself to read straight through.
  3. Chicago rerun -- I couldn't help but watch it thinking about Covid. I knew they wouldn't get the Old Town place, but they are lucky they did not. I was rooting for Old Irving Park (I like that neighborhood, historic houses, and think the larger lots are great, although I also like North Center), but figured they'd stay in the neighborhood they preferred. The Queen Anne would have been better for both of them working from home and trying to have the kids do school from home, and the renovation would have been easier, but looking at both on Redfin, it seems like they did do lots of renovation
  4. Ravenswood in general is overlapping but different (covers a more diverse area, including parts of the better parts of Uptown, and definitely mostly areas to the north of this place) than North Center, and new construction in NC proper (which is where this is) has a higher price. It's a gentrified area (was mostly white, is now mostly white, but the income level has definitely changed, and it has some of the best elementary school districts in the city and is very family-oriented). There are 35 houses (per redfin) that have sold for $1.5m+ in North Center in the past year, so she might be abl
  5. Yup, although the pronunciation of Goethe St has been shifting lately too (closer to the German pronunciation), so who knows. (Random facts: I used to live quite near this place and strongly considered buying a place a block and a half from this one, which needed a lot of rehab and was too close to the L, so I said no.) Agree re Ari, whom I like, and her designs.
  6. So interesting, I did finally watch the beginning, and wish I'd seen it before. I didn't realize it was a 2-flat, and it seemed much bigger than they suggested. Also, the first bit did indict Donovan as a jerk. "I don't want to be selling $800K houses, that's beneath me." I still think Allison must have had more knowledge than she pretends, but ugh.
  7. So true. I was actually quite interested in this episode since I live in a "Chicago workers' cottage" style house (on the north side) that was rehabbed to get more space/baths/beds, and has a layout somewhat similar to this one (some major differences, such as kitchen location), as well as an addition on the back -- all done before I bought. I actually wish it had more of the feel of the period in which it was built, and have a plan (delayed due to coronavirus) to redo the fireplace to bring back some of the vintage feel (my place is a bit newer than the house in question -- 1910). For me it
  8. Argh, I actually was interested in the one in Bridgeport, and had this set to tape, but first Xfinity screwed up and gave me the awful clip show under that name -- and I watched it thinking eventually it would be about the Bridgeport place somehow -- and then they got the real one but cut off the beginning. Anyway, funny she made only $15,000, which likely doesn't cover costs, but I'm shocked that place sold for $790K in Bridgeport (and based on Zillow apparently it really did). Yeah, I had the exact same thought. Yup, agreed.
  9. I love Asheville too. I did the Asheville Marathon a couple of years ago (at the Biltmore), and just enjoyed the whole area.
  10. Heh, I wished I understood more the location of the places. They got the only one I thought was reasonable, so I was happy.
  11. They tried to broach the editing step with Rachel, and she instantly shut them down. Her bags and shoes are her daughters, apparently. They managed to get her to rehome (as in put in storage or perhaps some other closet, who knows) some of the stuff she doesn't use and doesn't love. The books by color thing is just odd, but I have a crazy number of books and they are the only thing in my house (although I've been working on the rest actively) that are super organized. I obsessed about how to categorize them and came up with a system that allows me to find books pretty easily.
  12. I find it odd just because Chicago (which otherwise seems to have pretty similar lots and houses) nearly always has houses with basements. Sometimes they aren't deep enough for useable space without being dug out, and normally they weren't originally finished, but almost always when rehabbed the basements are finished if they don't need to be dug out. Here's something I found interesting: http://moss-design.com/basement/ When I was looking for houses, I saw one place with a basement that needed to be dug out (the owner used it for storage and a wine cellar, but they included quotes on t
  13. I like the organizers okay, and I love organizing shows (I adored Marie Kondo and like Hot Mess House pretty well), but I was excited about this when I heard about it, and then the celebrity aspect was a disappointment. The first was okay because I do like Reese Witherspoon, even if her portion of the show wasn't what I was watching for (I'm currently "editing" and organizing, and need inspiration), and the system aspect of the closet was okay, but not specifically relevant. Rachel Zoe bugged me already (pre show), although I get the difficulty parting with things even as one acquires new th
  14. I also am guessing Charlie is a girl (and thought the timing of the gender reveal party was unfortunate). I'm guessing the reason for the main living upstairs is more windows, in addition to more views. I'm fine with it. I lived in a 4th floor walk up condo for years, so don't think one flight of stairs is an issue, and have lived in Chicago (with the unattached garage on the back alley) long enough that the front garage seems weird in a similar house. I grew up in a front garage split level but the floorplan of the house was quite different. Other comments: I thought they were sayi
  15. Yeah, I liked this episode, liked the househunters, but usually for me thought the suburban option was the best. But oh well, hopefully they like their choice.
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