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  1. CinAZ

    S01.E07: Trick

    What really bugs me was how did Cloud call from Fiona’s phone? Was it not locked??? Come on, everyone has a phone that locks.
  2. CinAZ

    S01.E10: Freeyond

    I am really enjoying this show. I love Nora. Alesha and Luke are awesome. I think Ingrid isn’t that smart. She makes bad, impetuous decisions. She wants Nathan, so she will have him. I don’t think she actually thought anything through. If she is uploaded, I am wondering how she died. I am a little confused about the business Nathan had. I know he was building a free upload type place... but who would supply all the data and computer power needed to support that? We see how many people Lakeview has to run their VR afterlife, how would a free version support itself? Did they explain that at all? How did Nora not know Nathan had so little data. If Nathan is a computer programmer, and seemingly caught on really fast using that stick thing Nora gave him, why didn’t he give himself more data? it will be a long wait for season 2...
  3. She was also Penny’s mom on Big Bang Theory
  4. Well, how depressing of a season ending was that. Hot Doctor Ben was right, she didn’t give him a chance to decide if being the husband of a Stand up comic was for him. she does have a knack for shitting all over the good things in her life. well. Another year of waiting.
  5. oh of course she bombed. Way too much Sophie. I didn’t have to see the whole play. 1-2 minutes would have conveyed the idea. well, we got hot doctor for a little while, it sounds like he isn’t over Midge. Poor Rose. the radio bit was fairly entertaining.
  6. Well, I was wrong about her and Shy.. poor shy. so, is Abe writing a screenplay now? Or a book? Imogene is awesome. Only 2 more episodes. 😞
  7. I kinda wish the Lenny Bruce character was someone different.. we know how his story ends.... he and Midge have so much chemistry. I was kind of hoping she would walk into his room. Smart move of her not to do that. The parent drama is wearing thin. I tune out when they are on. why haven’t they replaced Sophie? It’s pretty clear that she isn’t leading lady material, at least that we have seen. Maybe she has an understudy that will take over.
  8. Uhggggg!! They got married again?? I guess they had to hit every Vegas activity.... So Joel thinks he is seeing Mai? They danced once and ate lunch together. I am not that interested in the whole Sophie Broadway thing. It looks like they will eventually get Mrs Maisel and Shy together. Probably not end game, but I’m sure it will make it to the tabloids.
  9. It was more of a rhetorical question
  10. Why did Abe quit his job?? Isn’t he over the via la revelation crap now? And Rose gave up every penny of her trust??? Why?? Just so they can be forced to live with Joel’s parents? The Las Vegas stuff is fun.... not sure why, but something seems off.. maybe it’s because she is actually making it happen as a comic, the last 2 seasons were her trying, I was cheering her on... Hopefully it will pick up soon.
  11. It’s available now on prime! so nice to have this show back. the USO show was fun. I missed the clothes porn!! So I guess Joel is going to be a club owner. The basement was funny. i am going to have to try really hard not to watch all of the episodes tonight
  12. I was so bummed to hear that they rescinded the renewal. WTF TBS? I read that season 3 has already been written, is it too much to hope for that maybe another network will pick it up? *sigh*
  13. Ok, then. this is the first episode this season that I watched live. I usually record it and watch whenever I remember. Sigh. ok show. You had me kinda feeling it when rumple gave his heart to Whook. And yes, it was a nice goodbye to Rumplestilskin from Regina, a heartfelt kiss and tearful farewell. I was happy to see Rumple and Belle finally reunited. Rumple was mostly an A-hole for the entire series, but he wasn’t terrible for the last crapastic few episodes, so why not give the dark one his happy ending. I was on board with it. And yes, show, you had me smiling when I saw long lost characters like Grumpy and Granny (the mechanic cameo didn’t count) and even the Boobfairy. It was nice to see the (fast) flashbacks of the great battles and true loves kisses and deaths of loved ones. But show, why the F* did you have to completely ruin it all with the coronation of the Godess of All living things, aka the GOOD Queen. Seriously??? Why would the people of ALL the realms kiss the ass of Regina? She has been ‘good’ for what, a few years at the most??? And she was a murderous psycho for at least 200-300 years prior ??? Are they that gullible? Stupid? Under a ‘I am a dumbass’ spell? It was a fitting end I suppose. I did enjoy watching, especially the first few seasons-what promise it had. And I stuck it out until the very last minute. Overall, I am glad I was along for the ride. I will miss you OUAT.
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