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  1. This was a terrible episode. Putting those two women in the finale was pointless, they added nothing to the show and took away time that should have been spent on the regulars and Andy bringing them to the wedding was stupid. When Wendy came to the podium after Bonnie's share I thought we might be getting to see a little more last minute insight into her character, but no, she was just there to ask if anybody else wanted to share and I found it really irritating when Adam said he and Bonnie needed to talk and Bonnie had to get nearly hysterical and start jabbering on and on. This episode le
  2. How about Christy's half brothers too, I would have liked to have seen a little more of them over the past seasons.
  3. Of this season's episodes, this is one of the better ones. It was nice to see Bonnie addressing her feelings about missing Christy, I'd like to see her delve into it a little more in her therapy sessions. I agree with everyone who doesn't want to see Jill and Trevor together. That bed sheet landing on Adam was hilarious.
  4. Yes, I agree, Allison and Anna did have great chemistry, it's too bad Anna left.
  5. Gus was given more to do in this episode than Marjorie and Wendy, nothing against Gus though, it's always fun to see him. For some reason that woman that was running the mentoring reminded a little of Wendy, like they could have played sisters. I liked the part with Alvin, especially when Bonnie asked him if he was watching over their daughter. I still miss Christy, as much as I like the ladies and I think they do a great job, the show just doesn't seem the same without her. I felt that the story with Jill and those girls was just a retread of the story with her and Emily, with her being a
  6. I'm sad to see Anna Faris leave the show, I always liked Christy. For me, this will leave a big void in the show, my main reason for watching it was for the mother, daughter relationship between Christy and Bonnie and now that will be missing. My other favorite part of the show is when the group gathers at The Bistro and there again, it won't be the same without Christy. I know I'm the only one to say this, but, I think a relapse death or relapsing and disappearing , which would leave it open for her to come back, would be more interesting than a predictable " Christy finds a man and walks
  7. Well, that doesn't look very promising, lets hope that things go better than that! One thing that gets me is that new commercials are being made, so if they can do that, then why can't they film a tv series? If they're worried about the audience being too close together, then why not film it without one, it isn't absolutely necessary to have one. There must be some way to work around it if the cast and crew are willing.
  8. I missed the first airing of this episode. I can't stand that Patty character or the actress who plays her and why would Christy share her bed with her? The woman is creepy and a stranger to Christy, yuck! The couch downstairs folds out into a bed, why didn't she use that? In my opinion, it was pointless her being in this episode. The group certainly didn't need her caroling with them and she even had to barge in on the scene between Bonnie and Christy in the manger. I hope this is her last appearance on the show.
  9. Christy wearing the velour suits was funny. Adam should have put on one of the ones Marjorie gave him that had belonged to Victor, it would have been fun seeing he and Christy wearing them together.
  10. Jill seemed a little down in this episode, which was surprising to me, because. she has seemed happier lately, since starting a relationship with Andy.
  11. Bonnie said, the only time she saw Adam cry was when the Raiders moved, I guess she forgot about Samson's death.
  12. Yes, I remember the episode where Christy had dinner with Wendy and her room mates at their house, but, in the season after that, Wendy said she was living alone.
  13. I don't mind the three of them sharing the apartment, but, I remember on the last show of last season that Wendy mentioned that she was living alone. Maybe, at some point she and Christy could rent an apartment together to share expenses.
  14. Very emotional episode, tears welled up in my eyes during the scene with Bonnie and her foster mother and the exchange with Bonnie and Tammy on their way home in the car. On the lighter side, Christy playing with the controls in the police car made me laugh.
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