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  1. Michaela really fooled me. On the wedding day all the chemicals in her body must have lined up. She looked radiant with a joyous personality. She really seemed like a dream girl to me. Seemed reasonable about the situation with the honeymoon. But now she is off her meds. The politics between Brett any Ryan are a factor. I don't see them going off the rails about it. In this day and age the people who make these matches have to put much more weight into politics and lifestyle. It was the same with Erik and Virginia. Just to throw out a figure a couple should have 80% things in common. Reli
  2. She's gets a foot massage and whines about it. She is kind of funny but would be torture to live with.
  3. It's a relatively harmless function all living beings perform. Since I had Covid it don't even smell as bad...
  4. I still don't understand the selection process. Marriage forces you to go through life as two people coming to decisions and deciding whats best for each other and themselves. In what way is Mylra ready for that? Did she completely BS the people who interviewed her? The only motive I can think of why Mylra wants marriage is to find someone who worships her and is making a lot of money. I can't imagine children are anywhere on her radar. I feel sorry for them if she does have any. I believe Gil is taking this for a fun ride and making the best of it. His decision day has already been made.
  5. I think it was his idea for her safety and given the unusual circumstances of their marriage. I think her inclination was to stay with him... I like how he's taking it in stride. Not getting all hurt and wounded. He's not the needy type.
  6. Myrla and Gil can get the fork out anytime. I'm glad Gil is a very self confident man. He's not going to beg her and suck up or try to please her every way possible. He's being sociable for the time being but he already sees the writing on the wall. How could the experts believe Myrla is marriage material? In what way has she shown she really wanted this. I don't expect them to last 8 weeks. Why wait for the end of the season rush? Sorry for Michaela and Zack. I hope the producers make it up to them.. I don't hold out much hope for Brett and Ryan. Nothing I can put my finger on. Just
  7. I'm a 100% certain if he bagged a lion he would butcher it and eat it as well. He seems like that kind of guy to me. Typically losing weight is good for the heart. It would need to do a lot less work. However a rapid loss like that would no doubt have some physical affect. Its certainly having a mental effect. If he manages to catch one good size fish it would mentally elevate him. Same for Theresa just one large fish. I would like to know if her shelter is keeping her significantly warmer and if that is a major factor in keeping her in the game. She gets an A for attitude, grit
  8. I think that is what that was leading too. Very tough decision if she should isolate from him or be his wife in sickness and in health. I could support either decision. Some people do get really sick. I had it and honestly I've had colds that made me feel worse. I still have a loss of scent. Which has its pluses and minuses not everything smells good you know?
  9. I hope vanilla sex includes oral sex....and he's going gaga over her ass.
  10. I don't think she's a bitch..she likes the finer things in life and is will to work for it. That used to be called the American dream. I bet you there are no children in her near future. They are an impedance to the glam lifestyle. She should stop taking she's high maintenance as an insult. She could say right back I'm not low maintenance like some people.
  11. There is no plan B on that damn place. Most of the contestants who tapped out did so because after 5-10 days of no food after they tried plan B, C, D, E and F. They realized nothing is going to change. One lady ate her mucus! It didn't help. One guy is only hanging in because he brought his food with him. He should have conserved energy after he got those fish. He should have taken his time making the second net. His strategy was producing he should have ate two fish in one day and just sat around. I don't think he had to launch his boat out as far as he did. He did do good. Least now he can t
  12. I was surprised with Coulter also. I don't think his weight was the prime consideration. I suspect he got a bad BP reading that led them to believe his heart was under stress. I assume all the participants get whatever TV pays for visual and audio so even those who lose can see a considerable check. Bigger they longer they stay in. I guess those guys taking him back aren't supposed to say anything. He probably smelled to holy heaven that's why they kept him at the back of the boat. If Biko wins its not because of his survival skills. He simply had enough bulk to outlast everyone. I'm baf
  13. They did have sex first night and married...but later divorced. I don't think it was money issues or the bus. That's a mighty broad brush you're using. It's more nuanced than that. I wanted to be on married at first sight... To be on TV Promote myself If I stay married I might do some more TV 15 nanoseconds of fame I need money I filled out the application as a lark Someone filled out an application for me Obviously none have been successful in the romance department assuming the goal is to find the person to build a life together as husband and wife. Still some are
  14. Bao is a very beautiful woman. feminine and petite. Johnny seems like a gentleman. Seems like a solid couple. Will have problems most couples do. Michaela is my favorite this season. Upbeat, smart positive cute in the best of ways. Looks like their marriage might get tested if her spouse has Covid on their honeymoon. Hey they never last forever. I wonder if Lewis asked for a shorter woman? I get weird vibes from them. Brett has just about checked out when he admits this is a woman he wouldn't date anymore. And I don't think he's attracted to her to boot. It will be a struggle to
  15. I stand corrected but they share some traits of showing little emotion or affection.
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