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  1. I'm not a survivalist by any means. I am an expert on getting lost. At the very least you have a fixed object, the sun for at least a rough bearing that would get you to the water. You leave marks at every bend. I think we saw the effects of starvation playing on her mind. She was lucky to survive but not sure if this won't take her out eventually.
  2. I disagree Stephanie from season 8 was successful with her match due more to her effort than him being Prince Charming. She is closer to Jake's age than Haley. She would have taken the time to know Jake and make him feel at ease. Haley stated looking for the off ramp on her wedding night.
  3. I agree maybe he did suck (or didn't suck enough)...did she help? Did she put him at ease? Did she try again at another time? I don't think you can measure anyone's sexual performance based on a fairly awkward situation. Did she soon after ditch him? I'm sure many woman are a bit frightened on their wedding night don't we expect a decent guy to laugh have fun and put them at ease?
  4. When ever one person is bad in bed it means two people failed and she was one of those people. If she wasn't ready for sex with him she should have said so. As a new wife who agreed to this situation if he was nervous or clumsy she should have encouraged him to relax. She is supposed to be his mate in bed not his critic. Haley's a woman but has no clue about being a lady.
  5. I'm on the West coast so rather than tune into night I tuned in here. I don't think I'm going to miss anything by skipping it tonight.
  6. I'll watch The Joys of Painting instead....see you next week.
  7. I think he needs get down and give her vagina some sincere face time. Then finish the job...
  8. He did act desperate most of the time to jam that square into a circle. He sounded like he made up his mind to stay committed to someone really based on being attracted (and sex I assume) then on a good foundation. Yeah he'll probably get ragged on for being so pussy whipped. They really haven't budged on the many issues that beset them. He thinks just talking about it without strangling each other is progress. I hope he takes 24 hours to really do some serious introspection and realize they will be a miserable couple together. He should just look and say sorry baby two many irreconcilable dif
  9. She does have a nice smile...skin will clear up eventually.
  10. I wondered the same thing about Haley...she looked like a woman who got laid. The best I've seen her complexion. But it might have just been goodbye sex (if there is such a thing). Jake shouldn't worry a bit about being 40. Men's opportunities to date and lasso a good one only increase with age. Even Haley says he's loyal, always there, willing to help and she doesn't even like him that much. For lots of woman that means security and a damn good father and husband. I thought Brianna and Vinny were the only sure thing...maybe not. Ryan's babbling is incessant but it never leads to any
  11. I must have missed some parts. From what I did see it seemed like Jake and Haley were actually getting along and having a modicum of fun. Then I tuned out for a few and the next thing I saw was Jake heading out by himself early. I still think Jake is more genuine then Haley. But clearly decision day has come for them. It was probably decided right after the honey moon. Virginia and Erik seem mismatched, but also very accustomed to being single. If I were Erik I would have said okay you come to my room for sex then go back to your cats in your crevices...I think they'll stay married b
  12. Haley was pissed that Dr Pepper sided with Jake. I don't think it really matters at this point it would be like thinking rearranging the chairs on the Titanic is going to stop it from sinking. Hang in there Jake you'll find lots of better woman.
  13. Its always a mistake to project your values and morals to someone else. She was naive and gullible, but she was also played by a shameless devil who often dressed in sheep clothing. Its good to live by the golden rule but don't think because you do other won't take advantage. I hope she can meet a good man and put this nightmare behind her. His inability to admit any error is astounding. He blames most of the failure on those who picked Paige. I suspect will hear from him again after this is over.
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