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  1. Of course, he doesn’t want Chloe with Brady either, but Brady works for DiMera..and he knows their history and will do what it takes.
  2. I love Victor. He’s old and he’s not going to change. I’m ok with that. Also, he’s watched his son played upside down and all around by Chloe for over 20 years. Brady is involved, as well, and he was not forthcoming with his true intention with Chloe. I’m no fan of the name calling. But can look past it from Victor. It’s who he is and always will be. I just want to see Gabi and Jake go down
  3. Probably Tripp and Kayla. 😒 They have access to the records and Tripp walked in on a convo between Gwen and gone too soon Dr Snyder
  4. The exorcist movie is the scariest movie I’ve ever seen in my life. And it’s my favorite! As far as horror, because it’s something that scares the living crap out of me. I find the horror movies with zombies and stuff actually funny. Don’t know why. I’ve not heard of the show on Fox 🤔
  5. YAyyyyyyyy!! Victor..he’s baaack! And Maggie!!! hopefully talking Philip into dumping his Chloe/Brady obsession and take down Gabs &Jakey!! And Rex coming back to town..wish he would stay and take Chloe away from Brady. becauae I’m not a fan of Sara/Xander, and Brady is just getting on my last nerve! I’d rather have KL back in the role of Brady.
  6. I said in another thread that I think it should be “”revealed” that he’s actually Lucas’s son, instead of EJ’s. I was hopeful at first, but now, like always, these days, of my life, I am so so disappointed in how this is playing out. Show needs a real bad boy..and a hot one at that!
  7. Yep, until she sees Johnny and Chanel together again…won’t be even pretty cute. She’ll go into devil mode..she seems to have quite a possessive personality. 😱 Will and Johnny are good interacting, at least via Skype
  8. Absolutely would…just in case..you know..😃 👹👿👹
  9. Plus. Heck no, she looks nothing like Sami at her age , or even now. it would make more sense if Allie turned out to be EJ’s (the height) and Johnny, Lucas’s. just my opinion. I know trickle down genes.. Agree..if it were about possession..Allie may have a good part in that. The voice over to hide her annoying voice and acting skills.
  10. I’m off and on about Johnny and the actor, though Johnny IS acting like an entitled brat with his dad. Yes, a parent should be supportive, yet I understand EJ’s concern. I think Johnny could have at least given his dad that 1 day, but whatever. If he was a teenager, I could understand his behavior more. As far as Gabi and her manipulative ownership of the mansion..she could have kicked all the DiMera boys to the curb, yet she chose to leave to keep her bitter Jake, so for me, she really should stay out of it. Funny, she plans on bringing Titan down, rather than the DiMeras. Not a fan of
  11. @tribeca and @sas616 I seriously think I wouldn’t remember them if they were written down for me. My short term memory is shot. maybe I might remember them a week/month later…in a dream, but probably not in order. Or knowing why the words were in my head. Lol @ Doug came through the test until he didn’t. It would have been funnier if it were Marlena though. Doug/Bill story is making me sad
  12. I’m hoping this moves on quickly. The 20+ ongoing thing with Chloe/Philip /Brady is just cringe worthy. Repeating myself again, but I’m sick of Philip always getting the loss and looking bad. The jealous, anger..I get, but am so tired of it, especially over Chloe/Brady. It hashes up old unresolved feelings.. Throw in scheming Gabs and idiotic Jake..making Philip look so fucking clueless as to what’s going on, is what’s going to make me stop watching ..again.
  13. Jake was never , ever interesting to me. Just thirsty, very thirsty. He’s no DiMera Bro..(even hated his “twin” Stefan.. stupid story, IMO) However, if they insist on keeping him on, he and Ava may be a good pairing, since they were both in her{The God} Fathers “business “ And since similar thirsty Gabi, hates Ava, that would be kinda cool..until they decide to kill off The Kiriakis/ DiMera fam. and lose!! we could get rid of Gabi and Jake. Wont happen..writers too dumb 😞
  14. It’s all so clear to me now!! That in a previous life, that fucking asshole Ben was a previous slave owner!! What else could it be? Makes sense given his personality! Que Doc Marlena intervention , Ben needs some past life hypnosis!! I haven’t watched the ep though.
  15. Last on Sami’s list. Lucas puts Sami first and unfortunately it’s not just because of their shared parentage. She always runs to Lucas because he does support and comfort her..and is easily pulled on to her scheming. He knows it and that’s sad However, I would think that Sami really does love Lucas and they make a great pair. But Sami has always felt herself better than Lucas, like she can do better, always chasing after who she thinks the higher class guys. I feel she finds him beneath her, when in reality, deep down, he is such a better person than she is..when it comes to support
  16. I concur!! Ha haha! Lucas doesn’t even come in at 3rd or 4th pick(and Sami would plead the 5th). But what’s more laughable is Allie in the role of Sami! C’mon, man, she SUCKS ( the actress and character) and the only spark that would match Sami (which may inspire her acting skills) is when she gets all jealous of her brother dating . Chanel.Maybe, just maybe, she could use that anger to get her mom right. Highly doubtful. Maybe Trippy (he looks more like the young Sami) could play Sami..use his anger @ Chanel and jealousy that his “girlfriend“ seems to not be into him. The boy is Tripping ou
  17. This Julie/Doug storyline is most sad. I think Bill did a phenomenal job at the pub with Roman. Unlike what I saw at the Eric/Nicole fiasco. He was clearly struggling. My hope is they will let him act when he can, but I wish they’d wrap it up quickly, if just can’t do it on screen. Please let him go with dignity. I didn’t know John Aniston had a HA. Damn..I miss Victor, and feel the same. Want to see him on screen..but JA does seem to know his limitations. My hope is they’d keep the Kiriakis legacy going with Philip taking the role. JKJ can definitely fill in..take over where Vict
  18. Drake’s best skill used to be that one eyebrow up look. Don’t know if it’s the Botox, but haven’t seen that in ages. Miss that. Love and family! I remember. Days can’t, or won’t, do it anymore. 🙁
  19. Lol, yes, like those stick-on tattoos, in the crackerbox! Also LMFAO@ Jakey being “smart”. Sure, whatever floats writers boat . He needs to do what he’s best at, fixing cars. He’d make loads of money. Yet, he’s so butthurt over being ousted by the DiMera bro’s( “my own brothers,”) yeah okay,for like 5 seconds). 🙄 Make no mistake, He plans on taking over Titan…he thinks himself that clever!! Gabi, watch out . (Not that he could do it without her, just like he couldn’t do it without Kate) And, I don’t think Philip was off for blaming Brady , Gabi and her boy toy put that in his head.
  20. Yeah, and even if he heard all of it..he’s smitten, over the top with Paulina..so he has “selective hearing” when it comes to Paulina and won’t put 2+2 together to figure it out 😣🙄
  21. Yes, you are correct!! I just despise CIN so so so so much that I used the hurricane to justify my reply. Their existence is useless there. (Here, there and everywhere!!) Plus, I’ve always wanted to go there, and haven’t ..yet. my prayers are with everyone suffering there right now❤️🙏🙁
  22. Damn! I am with you..but nope..looks like we’ll have to endure their very very boring nonsensical shit! Lani/Eli..FAIL But harmless Unlike CIN..huge fail, and harmful to my soul.
  23. So true. And frankly, family should never be your therapist. @RedElf I’m always worried about her mental state. If / when she comes back..Chad, daddy/new sister issues unresolved, maybe it best she isn’t with the kids if she hasn’t been in counseling.
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