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  1. What really makes me laugh at this........ which I AM proudly a 56 yr old Texan with all her toothuses, lol..........but if this was suppose to be real and/or offensive, it makes me laugh harder, that teeth are missing but the eyelashes and eyebrows are on.point. Come on girls, sometimes ya just have to take a deep breath and laugh shit off and have a sense of humor. DAMN
  2. Agree to disagree re: #1..........my personal opinion, and that's obviously all that matters, I still LOVE THUNDERSTRUCK !! I play the song occasionally on my way to work in the morning, and get so hyped up like I'm about to take the field the first time as a DCC !! but that's just me
  3. I recall a friend of mine mentioning her brother having psoriatic arthritis-such a serious case- that his doctor actually prescribed for him to have a tanning membership, it alleviated the pain (at least somewhat), and the itching. They finally broke down and bought their own tanning bed. It helped him tremendously. My friend had it as well, but not to the degree that her brother had- he really struggled with it.
  4. Yes, I agree, I love Ashton ~ and I really like Sarah. Never have been a big fan of Mia ~ she still has that whiny-sing song/bratty/ snotty tone in her voice......then there's Tina. She reminded me of Bette Davis in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?
  5. Referring to Megan C., ~ Yes, absolutely, she was an amazing, dynamic dancer. I thought the same of Melissa, she was actually my choice, but they were BOTH rockstars!!! During finals, down on the field, Melissa could've received her uniform that day ~ she kicked everyone's &** !!! I loved her from day 1 !
  6. I can certainly see why Chelsea continues to list herself on social media as Former DCC ! Regardless of the circumstances of her exit, she was in a position on a team that young girls and young women dream about and covet to be a member of- even if only for one year.
  7. I totally understand what you're saying although I personally think Gina's come a long way. With that being said, I feel that same way about Maddie and Amy. While Maddie has a cute, extremely young face and I just can't find the tactful words to say about Amy, without simply saying I think she's bland, vanilla and I personally think Gina is a hell of a lot cuter, again, JUST my opinion....... Neither is/was powerful enough to be point ~ it's all subjective.
  8. Although Robin was never point, Kelli always used her as a positive example and how it was unfortunate for any other DCC having to dance beside her (I believe she was referring to former Kat at one time) because she had that something extra/pop !! I adored Robin -she was amazing!! Another example who WAS a point and probably one of the very best-ever- is Nicole. To say that she had the "it"/something extra" factor is an understatement! IMO, Gina is very worthy of the point at the very least for this ability.
  9. This 100 % !!! And your post immediately before! Very well said !
  10. You couldn't be MORE correct !! It's just unbelievable~ it hurts my heart!!! I've thought since Hannah made the team that she had the ability to just draw people in and focus on her alone!! She is an exquisite dancer ~her technique, her natural raw ability ~ she made it look so easy......and we both know it's not.
  11. Me. Neither !!! She always appeared "matronly" ~ aesthetics AND personality. AND YES, those BOobs, lol
  12. Sooooo this. And I personally thought the same of her 2GL, Miranda. They both gave me the impression that they were so far up TPTB's &**, this is how they derived at their position ~ Pretentious, yet vanilla and boring as hell and Persnickity......if these two were neighbors, they would stand at the fence line and talk about the DCC who had natural sex appeal and whispered that they were "a ho"!
  13. While Kat's looking at her thinking "Oh shit, all I've got is this stick!!"
  14. Yes, that incident with Chandler made my stomach turn !! How in the ^&** can TK barge in, make such a crappy comment without any thought or consideration. Classless. In fact, she's an embarrassment to me everytime she's on the show in any way representing DCC - or Texas - for that matter. When she was with the other Alumni for the workshop a couple of seasons ago, again, she babbles with not a bit of integrity. While the others were giving feedback and constructive criticism, she really had no words of wisdom, but she was SURE AS HELL gonna have something to say. I usually mute her.
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