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  1. This is the first I'm hearing of this......fill me in please! Damn it, this hurts me heart!!!
  2. Ugh, the minute she said that, my eyes rolled so hard, they almost stuck in the back of my head!! If I had been a rookie this season, it would NOT be Victoria who would intimidate me having to dance beside or around her....... shut up Melissa. You couldn't be MORE correct ClassicPegg!!
  3. Waco Kelli, lmao !! But yes, exactly!! I think that one factor alone is what is so upsetting.
  4. I agree 100 % !! She is such a beautiful girl and I think she is way underestimated as a dancer!!!
  5. I couldn't agree more with everything you said! Lisa, uh uh. Just no. And I recall the comment on how chic and trendy Brennan's outfit was ~ but that doesn't mean it's appropriate in every setting! I don't dislike Brennan ~ I think she's a lovely young lady with class and integrity. And her performance ability, I think she's fine. This too being unpopular- with some of the rookies' rockstar performances- I'm not devastated or completely shocked that she was cut. I thought this is what this forum is about. The fact that it was said that I need to focus on criticizing Lisa instead or to leave Brennan alone...... if we can't voice our opinion, I have no intention to stop doing so!!
  6. Well, the difference IS, is that Lisa's choices in her wardrobe are often questionable and rarely impressive, so that didn't surprise me. However, as I implied originally, maybe not word for word - Brennan is known for her chic style. As the majority of the vets were dressed the first day coming back in what you usually see on their first "meeting" before training camp begins, I wasn't expecting to see Brennan in a black tank and jeans, so yeah, I'm criticizing Brennan. Sorry, not sorry.
  7. Just an observation, BUT, as much of a 'fashionista' Brennan appears to be, why on the arrival date of the Vets when everyone else are dressed as expected, is she in jeans and a black tank ? Just surprised ~ and imo, not a good look.
  8. I just can't watch Marissa dance. To me, with all her "facials" and spastic movements, she comes across as a ten year old girl dancing in front of her mirror trying to be sexy ~ and obviously not. Her moves are even extremely immature, regardless as to whether she's retaining the choreography!
  9. Spot on. I'm going to add that I was really impressed with Dani ~so far, she's my fave. She looked to have great power and her dancing skills appeared very "effortless".
  10. Not a fan of Marissa ~ at all. She may have "power", but her body language is soooo immature, and YES, spastic.
  11. Dorinda's a bitch, but I still like her........I would rather listen to her any day than Shannon's constant screaching, constant whining self-pitying bs!
  12. The one thing I'm thinking that hasn't been mentioning is the fact "Brauwnie", being a supposed alcoholic and tequila being her trigger........ perhaps she may have an alcohol of preference; however, my late brother who was an alcoholic and another close hs friend who is one as well have mentioned when you're an alcoholic, any alcohol, type and/or brand will feed their addiction. I'm not doubting she may have a drinking problem, but I think she has many problems -esp. her pos mother, she's just alot to take. I get sick of seeing her narcissistic high drama in full tilt every episode
  13. Have despised that shrilling crybaby, shit stirrer Shannon since day one!! WHAT REAL MAN could really tolerate her crap ~ or want to?
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