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  1. Princelina ~ you're my new best friend!!! Everything you said~💯% accurate!!
  2. I wonder if Jesus rolled his eyes and thought "sit down Mary".
  3. IMO, TPTB love Kat. Period. They love her personality, her entertainment ability~ the way she draws people in. Kat has to know by now that from her first solo, the cane should've been splintered into firewood-that's how much they disliked it. She has enough confidence in herself though, that I feel she went in hot with that cane with humor- which is why we only saw the first few seconds of it........ God I hope I'm right - I can't help but love her though. I personally think she's improved vastly as a DCC since her rookie year. She has "star" power- not in technical ability, but she shi
  4. DEFINITELY two of my favorites ~ love watching both Claire, she's just amazing.......I have to add Melissa Wallace ~ Just. Unbelievable! They both have that "it" factor!! And adding Ashlee to this group ~ I think she's finally appreciated and getting her comeuppance!! I wish I would've realized and paid attention to just how great Bridget was, I didn't really notice until her last year and she was such a dynamic dancer yet precious and joyful at the same time. Does that make sense? I think it was the twinkle in her eye and how much fun she always seemed to be having! And of course, I'
  5. Love, Love, Love to hear this!! I'm dying to make another visit to NYC ~to take my daughter this time~ it's been tooo long
  6. I agree with you on both Kat and Ashlee!! I personally love both!! Rachel just bores the living hell out of me, I could care less at this point how pretty she is~ she's terrified she's going to get a hair out of place and maybe sweat? Just to watch Ashlee and what a dynamic dancer and how beautiful her body language is when she dances ~ IMO, she deserves Rachel's spot!! I do love Gina being the other half of the point !!!
  7. I'm wondering the same thing when it was mentioned! I sure missed it ......... I don't know how!!
  8. Is she really? Not doubting you at all.....I just haven't had the opportunity to see her singled out and be able to shine (on that caliber)~ I'm going to have to pay attention. I do remember when one of the choreographers (my mind went blank and can't remember his name for the life of me) had crushed hard on her though and Kelli was teasing him, lol So I'm also just picking up on the rumor about Armani possibly being a "mean girl"......is this something new, or has this supposedly been going on since last season? Details please!!
  9. IMO........ Claire, Armani, Dani, Elli~ McKenzie (equal but different style), Darian, Marissa, Jada, Jessica
  10. Ya know, if only the era of "Victorian Cherub" was honored and revered once again, I would rock the point every. dance AND be on the cover of the calendar. Not to pat myself on my soft, padded back
  11. I sooooo agree!! Love them both!!! Which is one of the many reasons I thought Kashara was so fabulous and happy that she was point ~ because she had CURVES!!
  12. I've always thought Sydney was cute, at best. Dani is absolutely stunning, IMO, one of the most beautiful in DCC history ~ and she has that "it" factor. I see her as point in the future
  13. YES!!!! I agree with you!!! I wish they would swap Armani with Marissa ~ she's sooo much fun to watch!!! (Armani) And I absolutely love to watch Claire!
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