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  1. I wonder exactly the same!! Her profile pic was hideous (sorry Hannah-you're not) ~ it still pisses me off!!! There had to be something else, a different pose, something other than the pic they chose for her !! She has such a sweet, warm smile and she has such a simple beauty (and I mean that as an absolute compliment),
  2. I'm very intrigued and looking forward to "paying more attention" to Caroline through the auditions and tc. I was absolutely one that said "who's Caroline?!" I'll stand behind my first impression of her, BUT I'm someone who's always willing to acknowledge another who flew under the radar and happily be proven wrong !!
  3. Wow. I literally just commented on another post how plain and uneventful I thought Caroline was ~ and unimpressed with her dancing. She must be bringing something extraordinary to the table that I've missed. In this picture, she's very striking !! More power to her !!
  4. Not a fan of Caroline. Not impressed with her dancing skills and somewhat plain in appearance......the same way I've always felt about Miranda !
  5. I totally agree ~ after seeing her dance in some of the most recent prep videos, it reminds me of what an amazing dancer she is and she's beautiful.......I personally think she's worthy of being point !!
  6. I agree with Madeline being a one and done, but not Ashlee. IMO, Ashlee is absolutely beautiful and everything finally just "clicked" and came together for her at the right time. I love her style!
  7. I agree 100 % !! I wish the best for both Lily (I thought she was precious and would've continued to improve every week- I thought she was already far better than a few chosen to stay) and Tara. I hope that whatever was going on with Tara, I hope she takes this time to perhaps get the rest,treatment, or whatever is necessary, if she's having health issues. Otherwise, polish up-whatever it takes to get your groove back, and get her spot back !
  8. It was very unsettling! You're absolutely correct ~ she should've handled herself better! That was really hard to watch. When she was walking off the field and getting in the cart, she already looked half pissed off/half potential nuclear meltdown. I can't understand why they kept her to the end when they were clearly informed that she couldn't even grasp the choreography in NY .....and she proved it every week!!
  9. Hmmmm, Let me think....... Tasha, KaShara, and I had to juggle between Alexis and Lexi, but I think Alexis has the edge. (IMO)
  10. This ^!! So very true. Just as much or more re: the jealousy factor. I love to see comments from from others that have danced their whole life as well ~ I absolutely did. This is one reason it brings me to watch religiously, season after season of DCC:MTT. I run on adrenaline watching the sheer talent of these girls- it brings back so many memories of just being able to get in a studio and dance my &** off. For all the amazing skills of so many- it's enjoyable to just sit and watch and be mesmerized- there are the ones, well, many that just aren't ready for several reasons. VK was one of them.
  11. I didn't realize that Khalyn has had several injuries, I hate that for her!! (This message is also directed to Kayce who had responded to my post )
  12. I think Khalyn is absolutely deserving!!! She is absolutely stunning and she can M.O.V.E !!!! She definitely has Point Presence! !
  13. Possibly Madeline. IMO, she's still dances so awkward - I can't even watch her!! Her facials are also unappealing. I just get the vibe that she's not a "favorite" .
  14. Totally this ^ I could never imagine Brennan in any three spots of the triangle. IMO, at the most, she's a blender.
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