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  1. They were working on season 5 so season 4 will have a cliffhanger and filler episodes. I wanted to see the war between hell vs heaven, Lupercalia-like stuff, Sabrina's superpowers and - I'm petty - Sabrina growing up a bit, being badass and then to see her and Nick being together. Now we have 8 episodes and nothing can be changed or added.
  2. I love Justin. My boy!
  3. tabularasa


    Unfortunately, only the weakest characters. Who is staying? Cayetanna, Samuel, Guzman, Rebecca, Omar and Ander. Gone? Lu, Carla, Valerio, Nadia, Polo. I just don't understand the writers. They surely must have seen the fan's reaction, they had a lot of time to think due to covid-19 and yet they still fired the better part of the cast. For me season 3 was terrible, Yarrick character annoying. I missed the chemistry of Samuel and Carla. It's unpopular opinion but I even missed the "aftermath" interactions between Valerio and Lu. Yet they made Valerio a bridge in yet another nonsense threesome.
  4. tabularasa

    The Great

    I didn't like the most gruesome scenes but I definitely enjoyed the show. It was fun for the most part! At first I couldn't forget the real story and well all the things they got wrong and also the ethnicity thing but then something quickly switched. When you remember the history it kind of makes the show even more fun because I'm Polish and we spent so much time in school learning about this time period and Russia. I won't get offended by what will happen to my country in the show, how they portray it. I know that's the point but I was a bit disappointed that lovers weren't taller/more handsome! Do you think they will kill Peter in S2 right away? Is there any chance that her lover will survive or he's gone? I wonder how they'll depict Katherine from now on. Any renewal news?
  5. Boring finale, it's like we know what to expect. No surprise and intrigue. Not even that cute. The prince came back and it was a saving grace, I don't like how they vilified Guy because KO can't act at all.
  6. For a minute I liked Alexis and Jeff together. I don't care about most of the characters. I'm in the minority but I always wanted the original OTP Michael and Fallon. Now they dumbed Liam down and Fallon is so cartoonish I really don't want them to get married. I have so many "what ifs" if the writers didn't listen to the Falliam fans who now find Liam boring as well. I'm simply bitter. Around Michael as a friend Fallon acts more mature and like her old self. Liam brought nothing now and brings nothing, he's missing in many episodes and no one cares.
  7. What happened to the show if you could name it? Episode 1 was good, if I remember correctly second and third as well. What went wrong?
  8. I worry that Carina's preference for Michael might be detrimental. In the OG I liked him and Max got on my nerves but in this version Max is an OK character. I even believe he and Liz get too little of storyline now. Also I kind of accepted long time ago that Max was the special one and that's how it is. Honestly, I'm not sold on Michael's actor, the previous one worked better on me. Maybe it was because I was young.
  9. We're in the minority but I want Fallon with Michael too. I'm scared Falliam gets married, pregnant and that's all. Boo, writers, come back to the original story please.
  10. I really would prefer if they went to heaven next season instead. I'm so done with love triangle. I want power and magic. Wish the coven was more than 20 people.
  11. Two Sabrinas, how it will work? I hate the human friends and Bexter High.. I'm very disappointed by this season. Also there was no humour no fun (in a non cringey way) anymore. I'm also salty because of Nick. Terrible retelling of Bunny & Angel without the love part and the fun part.
  12. How to measure if the show was watched/big enough for Netflix to give them a proper budget? I'm totally spoiled, read books, played games.
  13. Agreed, killed Logan for nothing. I know I shouldn't be but Kristen and Rob didn't liked LOVE, didn't think he was as huge part appeal of the show. And they ended up with nothing. For me it's justice and I'm going to pretend Logan survived.
  14. So far don't even interact. I hope new Alexis is great and it becomes the show about dynasty again.
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