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  1. I kept thinking the lead actress reminded my of someone. Jessica Alba lite from LAs Finest. Re costuming. Why on earth wear a tight white tshirt to work? And that it needs to be such a low u-neck? I find it so distracting and not in a good way. Hard enough to stick with this show as much as I have loved the book series. The Amelia Sachs character I know was a former model, athletic but bad knees, drove a bad ass car, and dressed in button downs okay, at least she isn’t running around I high heel shoes but put on a work shirt, please
  2. “Kelly” is also the vice principal on Burden of Truth. She’s a very busy Canadian actor.
  3. I’m glad that the manic energy and ego of the former hosts and designers are gone. At least with this first episode it appears they are designing for real life and not an impractical themed room. I’ve seen Jessie Ferguson on interview shows and he is a charming interviewer and interviewee. His role is most likely as the liaison/ point person with the family and the volunteers. Those originally houses were overbuilt show pieces and impractical to live in It would appear that these new ones are being built smart. Property taxes are what they are..
  4. Okay. This show is set in Canada. I would think that a hospital employee would have a drug plan. And sure it’s not perfect but buying street level drugs for his illness? Please explain what I’ve missed out regarding this. And the hazing crap by the senior nurse - give me a break. Nurses I know in hospitals have some fun but is this juvenile nonsense for real?
  5. In the UK it’s called a cooker. As construction workers are called builders Though why the back of a car is called either the tuck or the boot has still got me baffled
  6. I am just generally annoyed with the tv trope of the texting ticking sound. Good grief people, everyone turns it off. Or their kids do it for them. Why does the genius doctor not do it? Ben is an idiot in so many ways, crumpling like wet cardboard and blowing Vance’s cover.
  7. I am confused about Sam. I thought he was Muslim. But he’s been drinking beers and talking about wine tours. Did I miss something?
  8. kb3


    I dislike the character payed by Alana de la Garza. I’ve not really warmed up to any characters she’s played. I miss Sela Ward. Though she was the authoritative character there was still so warmth to her. Subbing in de la Garza feels like they went for a similar look but didn’t quite make the feel. They trot her out with her statement so that Sisto can shout out his lines and then put here back in her office until someone needs to see the principal.
  9. Oh my word about not needing head knowledge and turning down a scholarship. Their language skills are lacking. How on earth did Ethan and Olivia meet and how will the family survive her influence? She appears to be having to much fun introducing her husband to the worldly pleasures. Unfortunately rather than being innocent they seem simple, not in a good way when talking through that big grin.
  10. Is she supposed to be then 2019 Veronica Mars with a Scooby gang? The cynical wisecracking narration? Might not be watching a 3rd episode and just find the recaps.
  11. Am I missing something? Why did Quentin hesistate I throwing the container into the seam when Everett showed up? It felt like there was this long pause of waiting and then the whole tense conversation. Why did he not just throw the thing in? No one could cast without consequences so driven as Everett was he still threw a physical object. That thy could see he was holding.
  12. I've scanned through the comments. Did I want to watch my PVR and see for myself? Nope. I've watched this show from the beginning (excepting the junior version). And now I'm done. Deleted the series from the PVR and deleted the episodes. After seeing people like Mark, D-Trix, Comfort,tWitch, f'ing Alex Wong and the rest become named beings that I recognized in pieces and followed through the interwebz, I cannot give a rat's about this lot. Maybe it's the crammed and shortened season. Maybe it's the useless "critiques" from Vanessa, what hair am I wearing today, Hudgins. It's lost on my radar. Maybe it's watching World of Dance, listening to the judges comments, that the judges actually are working dancers and the quality of the dance is worth watching. The pairings that were magical with Katie and Joshua, Benji and Donelle, Fikshun and Amy. Mia Michaels. The dances that I have saved on a YouTube playlist. Yep deleting it was the right move. And that Kyle Hanagami/Ed Sheeran - on a loop. and this one at about 4:27 GROUP 5: Jade Chynoweth Evan DeBenedetto
  13. Vanessa Hudgens can go home now. The costumes,with the casually slipping off the shoulder and changing hairstyles are done for me. More tWitch, with helpful and hopeful critiques please. I have respect for Mary as she has a body of work to support her opinions. Disappointed in the judges that they couldn't appreciate the spoken word of Shane Koyczan and referred to it as a song. Wonder how Travis Wall would have reacted to that audition. https://metro.co.uk/2014/10/25/spoken-word-artist-shane-koyczan-has-written-a-poem-about-internet-trolls-and-its-utterly-beautiful-4920900/ I just don't get tap. Perhaps it's a different experience seen live. Watching it through the TV I see it as a something that would be an enjoyable activity as an individual. That the judges can have a detailed discussion of the rhythms and difficulty just means I most certainly am not a dancer.
  14. From a Canadian point of view - the driving premise of the show wouldn't fly. Hospitals are not driven by who has insurance or who is documented. Yes, we have our problems with staffing and accessing tests. Exploratory MRIs for non-urgent issues can take months to get. But if you present with an urgent problem you get treated and whatever background paper work gets taken care of. The disgusting horror of watching the (not so) CUTE consultant barging around and granting or removing tests like some sort of evil fairy is the epitome of the world's view of the US health system. People who are bottom line focused, with no understanding of the human implications of their "hard decisions".
  15. Darn, I will miss Mark. He's part of D-Trix/Dom's crew and they were supporting him. Unlike other years, where Cyrus's association with Dragon House crew, no mention of Dom was made ... or his crush on Cat.
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