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  1. He’s not? Could have fooled me with that Talking Heads Bowie rip-off performance. I’m not sure what vibe they were going for with Usher, stripper tribute maybe?
  2. dbell1

    Figure Skating

    I taped the Philly station. We got 90 minutes of coverage at Kobe’s old night school, interviews with people whose father played hs bb with him, shots of flowers, a jersey and basketball outside a gym, and shots of people taking cell photos outside the gym. No top 6 men at all. It’s a tragedy and my heart breaks for his family. None of that coverage was breaking news.
  3. Catching up with episodes this weekend. The dog fighting pups were so sad. Caught the first Earl episode yesterday, he’s come a long way. Johnny Wobbles, I remember him from a few years ago. Kills me how there are so many pups there, the 2 older dogs the couple considered, there’s so few people out there looking for seniors. Not surprised Frank washed out. No family in the area. Feel bad for his son. 13 is too young to be trying to get your dad employed and telling him to not blow it. Glad they’re spotlighting Toney again. Guy had a rough few years with the accusations against him. He’s been in the background in a few shots, but no interviews or talking heads.
  4. Okay, I’ve turned off the Bro’s. I’m now binging on Pit Bulls and Parolees for my reality check. Saving the cash, thanks.
  5. Talk me out of the Property Brothers mattress. I’m tempted. 😯
  6. So, Sergio’s client is a 40 something rich woman interested in political statement couture? Sure. I had no idea who Ashley was, but she was a blast. Brittany winning could have been a cool moment for her, but she’s too openly annoying about being the most extra extra that ever existed. Dayoung gave props to Victoria on the runway for helping her. That was sweet and totally something Sergio didn’t do the prior week. Poor girl looked really pale. Vic wasn’t going home, but glad the judges are recognizing her coasting on the same cutouts. There’s a “signature style” and there’s a one way monkey (tm Dimitri). I think she was mad at herself more than being a brat. And when some people get mad at themselves, they need time alone, hard to do in a fishbowl.
  7. How and when did Bjorn fall in love with nameless groupie (yes, I know it’s Ingrid)? Gunnhild gave a speech that rallied Kattegat to Bjorn and he leaves to go to the hut of shame with what’s her name? I’d castrate the guy and walk. I guess she got hit in the head during the battle for Lagertha’s village, because nothing else makes sense. Glad Ubbe and Torvi noped out of Kattegat. Floki’s land of doom is probably a better place to be than home. Will Floki be popping out of the volcano as a changed man? Or will Viking Edge become king? When Ivar is the nicest guy in the place, there’s something very wrong. I loved the visual of the broken king carrying the broken puppet king. They should stop giving us flashbacks to Ragnar. Travis just killed every scene he was in.
  8. Binged this yesterday and could not stop. I was like a meme. Went from “I’ll give it 20 minutes“ to “Monica, put Jerry on that damned mat” by the end of the first episode. 😂 Just so freaking good. PS, Gabi, I know you love those people, but damn, sever the umbilical cord and stop being your family’s cash cow.
  9. I hear there are 800 Olympic gold medalists trying out for the team this year.
  10. So, Kat has God approve her posts? How exactly does that work? It gets sent to @thealmightyone #doingtheLordswork @JesussavesKellicuts
  11. Snowing and crappy here today, caught a rerun with a bridesmaid from hell. She’s picked 14 gowns for brides and was a back talking dress pulling extra mess. It had to be a “get on tv” setup she pulled a dress $3400 over budget and then blamed the consultant for not stopping her from bringing it into the room. I found myself talking to the tv with that hag. 😂 Now watching Colorado bride. Sweet, but weepy. Raeshandra is extra and I’m kind of enjoying her. But I’m only 30 minutes into the episode. My mood might change.
  12. Dear Kat, God doesn’t have or care about an Instagram account, some dumbass filter, or your inability to spell. Sincerely, Real life
  13. Brittany sure seems to think she’s amazing. But, nope. Sergio last week was all about the “40 something women” he designs for. But wait, now he’s a designer out to enlighten the mindless masses with cheap model labor and some bs story. Does Victoria have compromising photos of the judges? Or is she the new Anya or Wretchen? I don’t get it. Once again, it came down to fabric choice. Wrong man went home. Sergio should have gone for that mess. I loved Chelsea’s design. Make that customizable and even I’d buy it
  14. I loved the progression of Lagertha. She was many things to many people. I’m happy she ended her life where it started, on a farm, taking care of family. I totally believe she knew she was dying and wanted to be in Kattegat with her family. Hopefully Gunnehild tells everyone that she’d sustained a pretty fatal blow in that sword fight. Lagertha seemed to have accepted her death and cleared Hitsverk of responsibility. Sucks for him there were no witnesses. But then he wouldn’t have run off to the woods. I know everyone wants the reunion with Ragnar to be loving, but I hope she slapped him upside the head when she got to Valhalla. He made some boneheaded moves at the end. Can the next act in Kattegat be to clear out the drug den of ill repute? That place needs to be turned into a rehab.
  15. I sniffled a few times tonight. That funeral was insane. Glad Bjorn made it back in time. My favorite seasons were the earlier ones on the farm before Ragnar blew up his family. Bjorn always had his mom’s back, and she had his. As much as they talk about “sons of Ragnar”, there was always a Lagertha holding things together in public while breaking down in private. And Winnick always gave it everything, no matter how crazy and crappy the script. Torvi was her pet project, so it was nice to see her take the lead in funeral planning. Is Gunnhild still pregnant? Is Hitsverk in rehab? And why are there only 2 episodes left? Guess the show will take another long break before wrapping things up.
  16. Trying to get through the Long Island fraud and the boho cop. I might not make it. “I’m seeing someone in white. It may be a person in your life who died. Or a bunny rabbit.” 🙄 Wonder if Randy regretted WV bride?
  17. Just caught up on the last two shows. Damn. OG shield maiden saved her village only to have mushroom mad red eye take her out? Guess it’s better than Bjorn or Ubbe doing it by mistake or as a mercy killing. Kind of explains the Seer trance talking to Hvitserk last episode. Why do people keep going to Lagertha’s village? First Torvi leaves her kids there, now Gunhild is hanging out. Guess Eric The Red’s boat tour pulls up for a cruise stop soon. Harald gets his throne. And might finally get laid? Guess Olaf didn’t dream up that kingsmoot ending? How many men did Bjorn lose by trying to rescue Harald? I remember ships full of them and now there’s only Viking Edge left?
  18. Bye Tyler, take your crap excuses and that hat and go home. I thought the crack about Karlie’s husband was just a bitch move. When you take Goodwill and make it worse, you’re the issue. Sergio wants his earth shaking opinions to live on in the world. Okay. 🙄 Victoria is growing on me, but she needs to break out of the bombshell sex kitten designing.
  19. I’m going to miss Heather. She’s always been one my eye goes to. And if it’s Christina’s last game, I give her tons of credit for making her dream come true. I know playoffs are coming, but honestly, the team sucked this year and won’t make it far into post season. The Cowboys are the Meredeath of the league, barely hanging on, and overvalued.
  20. Nothing says lyrical like dancing outside an entrance and rolling around on concrete. Was there no available indoor space? All I could think was “that’s one way to exfoliate”.
  21. Guess Rachel Hollis couldn’t wash her face and suck it up? I hate those boss babes and their mlm lifestyle. Girl, go away and take your poly blend with you.
  22. It was like watching “whack a mole” with the head pop. 😂 I thought Amy did great in the Christmas dance, my eye kept going to her.
  23. I’ve watched this show from the very first episode. This is not my Survivor. It used to be a show I’d watch with my son or talk about at work the next day. This year makes me feel like I need a shower. And a no pest strip. And a second chance for Kellee who had her game blown up by a pervert and two shady women. Fuck you Probst and CBS.
  24. Damn. Hope Gina heals quickly and bounces back. Or bounces away from this mess. The way the team is playing this year, there won’t be any extra games happening.
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