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  1. Bingo! My first thought ,when I read the gushing, silly, teenage-like love stories, he's a con artist. Does he work? If so, where? He was in Hamptons when she first laid goo-goo eyes on him. She seems to spend more traveling to Florida than he does to PA. When I read the helicopter story ,I thought, he's watched all Fifty Shades.
  2. Watching Dan today. Don't recall seeing him in any slot besides early morning. Dan is always so professional, dressed well and is a reminder of how QVC WAS.
  3. I'm curious about Sharon Faetch. Totally disappeared.
  4. Geeez! Remember when hosts dressed like professionals? WTH has happened?
  5. I think Martha's photos, are heavily filtered. Jane's a case of trying to hard.
  6. Wonder if Ginger Puss is on her way out the QVC door? I don't recall seeing her very often. As a matter of fact there are a few I don't see often. IMO, anyone who hasn't graduated to daytime isn't on the QVC keep list.
  7. My late MIL always smelled like she took a bath in Youth Dew. BUT she stopped wearing the fragrance sometime in the 80s. Do women still wear this stuff?
  8. I've always wondered why Clinique requires their sales ppl to wear the white medical coat. Does anyone know why they wear them? Lancome and EL in area dept stores, they have both male and female sales people. They wear black jackets.
  9. Why does a bride need pockets on her wedding gown?
  10. Jen is all about Jen. Shame all those spread eagle and back bend yoga poses, she doesn't seem to be able to keep a boyfriend. Poor Courtney. Watched last evening with Basso. She looks like 40 hells. All that long stringy hair (or extensions). Has she looked in the mirror lately. MBR has 10 people living in household. Did she raise her children to becoming independent adults. Who's living in the Roe home? Where does MB's husband work?
  11. The one and only time I wore corduroy was probably around the same time. I would walk down the hall at work and everyone would say 'here she comes'. The thighs rubbing together, the corduroy would make a noise. First time last time I wore them
  12. LOL yep, thanks for clearing that up. How in the world do ppl live anymore. The whiners who constantly get their feelings hurt. Perhaps they needed a mother who told them to shut up, toughen up and grow the heck up. I have no idea what make believe world so many seem to live in now days.
  13. My mother and aunt had cancer a few years ago. Social media and the web gave them many happy days during their journey. They networked with other patients/survivors, asked and answered questions. They were an inspiration to new patients and ones going through treatment. They had each other and expressed concerns and emotions with others who were going through or went through the same thing. Back in the old days, before social media, there were cancer support groups. Patients and survivors had to attend meetings. This is social media and web days. I think Antonella is simply
  14. I can't stand the PLW gal. Who the hell wants to walk around in some over priced garb with a love and peace message. I outgrew that shitz back in the 60's and early 70's I may come up with a brand that says 'raise hell and smoke a joint'. Wonder if I could sell my stuff on QVC?
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