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  1. Haleybug

    S06.E11: A Stormy Affair

    Babs felt like an alien had kidnapped her during her surgery? That is the highlight of the whole series for me. 😂
  2. Haleybug

    S06.E11: A Stormy Affair

    Twit said something about Todd not showing up while they're having an amazing "guest choreographer" visiting (or something like that) - umm. He's teaching them to twerk. Todd is probably not showing up on purpose. It's hard to take someone seriously who is the "king of twerking" or "twerk king" - whichever it was. I'm in a hotel and can't rewind. 🤓
  3. Did that include the talk with her trainer about prepping for the Whitathon in last week's episode - a week and a half before leaving for Alaska? This caught my attention as well. Trained for 6 weeks, my arse! Had she actually trained for 6 weeks - wouldn't her trainer be aware of said trip to Alaska, and its activities, prior to a week and a half before the trip? Riiiiggghhtt, Twit. I'm sure you really trained. Bonkers. In other news - when Twit was on the phone with Buddy and Heather was in the room, was Buddy aware he was on speaker phone with Heather listening in? If not - that was a real d*ck move on Twit's part. She is supposed to be his best friend who allegedly cares about him SOOOO much that she cries when he's struggling through life - yet she doesn't consider his privacy? Had I been on a call with my best friend talking about a recent breakup, etc. and later found out my ex was in the room listening in - I would be livid. I was secondhand pissed off for him and I'm not even a Buddy fan. That was very 7th grade of Twit. I guess I can't say I'm surprised. Without Heather there the drama factor would be minimal and she would have no immediate audience to her grand display.
  4. Haleybug

    S06.E07: Big Girls Don't Cry

    How am I only just now starting to think it’s kind of odd to install some kind of “wrap” on a RENTED RV?! I guess I can understand it somewhat but returning it without removing it first? Am I missing something? Lol. I guess I just don’t get how RV rentals work. 🤓 Someone please educate me.
  5. Haleybug

    S06.E02: If Heather Finds Out ...

    Do we actually know this/how do we know this? I promise I’m not challenging you - I honestly just can’t remember. 🤓 All of her drama and lies are starting to blur together. I can’t remember where her having PCOS even originated.
  6. Haleybug

    S07 E24 Shakinah & Chris

    This! I came to the forum to see if I was the only one with this thought and I’m glad I’m not. As soon as she said it was Chris Brown I questioned her grasp on reality. Why on earth would someone seek that out?!?
  7. Haleybug

    S07.17 Derek & Annabelle

    Yesssss! I was wracking my brain the other day trying to think of anyone. I LOVED iO!
  8. Haleybug

    S07.17 Derek & Annabelle

    Agreed. As a person I have nothing against her. She seems like a nice person and a decent match for Nev as a partner in life. I do not, however, feel like she's a very good fit for the show. I think they need someone who is pretty outgoing, sarcastic, and/or a realist to offset Nev's optimism. She seems to be far too chill for the position.
  9. Haleybug

    S07.17 Derek & Annabelle

    Get out of my head! You basically just said everything I was thinking. The lack of mention of Max weirded me out. Almost as if he never existed. The waking up/bed scene made me feel really uncomfortable for some reason. It seemed super awkward - I could have definitely lived without that and seeing them discuss things after they were up and going like usual. I almost get the feeling that Laura is just placating Nev. He has probably been nudging her for months (or longer) to do the show and she's hoping he'll shut up about it. Sadly, she's probably going to end up stuck as the co-host.
  10. How convenient that her cat just happened to be lying at her feet so she could stop dancing after just 30 something seconds to "pet her cat" aka hide that she has zero stamina. (I'm sure that's a run-on sentence but I cannot brain after that video)
  11. Oh my! Do you guys remember the Orwellian nightmare that was those flesh-colored spandexish pants she had to wear when "working" for the Greensboro Grasshoppers?! It was such an awkward situation overall.
  12. Haleybug

    S03.E22: Town Hall

    Jerusha - its an Old Testament name which fits perfectly for someone Glenn would be married too. Its definitely an annoying name to hear repeatedly.
  13. That's exactly what I'm thinking.
  14. And today someone asked if she is still converting to Judaism! Yassss...I hope she has some crazy hair-brained excuse considering we all know she was only doing it for a guy she barely knew.
  15. I had never seen this photo and at a few glances (before getting to the post) I thought it was Twit and I think that’s exactly what she’s going for and hoping for. That just for a second people think it’s her (a much thinner her).