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  1. I don’t understand why so many of the designers didn’t have their models wear the necklaces. Wasn’t that the entire point of the challenge? To design a dress that shows off the collection, not just the earrings and bracelet.
  2. I wish the mic didn’t pick up the sounds of the judges tasting and breathing so much. It’s cringey.
  3. Loved Thom on queer eye but here he was giving me Jon Lovitz vibes. When he screamed upon seeing the huge empty foyer and living room, it was like an SNL flashback.
  4. Unpopular opinion but I agree Manon deserved to go. In both the non-technical challenges she went French, not Danish. At least Rahul attempted to fit the brief. If contestants just start making whatever they are most comfortable with instead of the challenge set out for them, it wouldn’t be much of a show.
  5. When a contestant on a baking show has never heard of French meringue it does not bode well for her baking experience.
  6. I disagree that it has anything to do with looks. Manon is on a British show called the Great British Bake Off, yet she has on more than one occasion flat out insulted British baking, from claiming there is a lack of bakeries in England to commments on how much better the French are at baking. Any vitriol headed her way is of her own making.
  7. It bothered me when Watson said “you did the right thing calling us” to Norman’s brother, because he didn’t call them.
  8. Did anyone else notice the woman from the heroes team stick her hand right in the orange juice to get seeds out? Nasty.
  9. Can we talk about Joe? I mean seriously. What’s with that guy?
  10. A place to discuss episodes Is anyone else watching this? I love the camaraderie of the contestants. I don’t love the editing which gives away who is going home from the beginning of each episode.
  11. For an “exclusive” party focused on wine pairings, most of the guests surprisingly seemed to have no clue how to hold a wine glass. Including Eden herself. All the cheftestants do it right at least.
  12. I never thought I’d ever say this, but I miss Angus. Tom and Liam are not good hosts. I loved Liam on his series of Bake Off but he’s just not up for this job. Poor chap. When he describes the desserts, it sounds like he is reading off a grocery list someone just handed him. And Tom just grates. He’s fun on his new game show but this however is not enjoyable to watch.
  13. I can’t deal with this show any longer. It’s just torture porn at this point. Cutting out tongues, eyes, arms. Female genital mutilation. Fingernails ripping out from radiation. If I wanted to see that I’d watch Hostel or Saw. Are we watching in hopes that June makes it out? That Gilead falls soon? There is no part of watching the men and women of Gilead subject these women to horrors that is enjoyable to watch. There’s no light at the end of the tunnel, especially if they want the show to last more than another season. It’s grim and bleak and physically uncomfortable to watch. While
  14. While I get the argument that for religious reasons they don’t use ivf or anything. If they are willing to keep a handmaid chained in the basement to “protect” the baby, why would they willingly send viable handmaids to the colonies? The could just chain them up and keep trying for more babies, right? It isn’t like anyone knows whether who actually go to the colonies or not since no one comes back. And why did they send Jeanine instead of making the handmaids stone her to prove that they had the power to make them after the torture?
  15. This episode should have been titled The Great Australian Hug Off. I have never contenstants be so affectionate. It was adorable. I loved all three finalists, and it was a rare finale where any of them winning would have made me happy. I think the right person won based on her showstopper.
  16. I feel like holocaust jokes are always a desperate choice, so the Anne Frank bit fell flat. How many years into menopause did every one of those women at the baby shower look?
  17. It’s funny to me that no matter who the host it, they all seem to have the same haircut.
  18. The guy making it to the final round was total BS. His work was so unprofessional. On the plus side, Laverne toned down her robot/RuPaul impression and was almost bearable.
  19. So you think Johnny’s profession is former gang member and Andrew works as a chaplain’s son. On the A&E website, Angele’s bio emphasizes her track background. Being an electrician is not mentioned once.
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