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    It’s back!! What a brilliant first episode. And yes the priest is hot. He was also hot as Moriarty.
  2. Just fyi, Asia uses the pronoun “they”, not “she”. They are non-binary.
  3. It’s an easy way to get acid into a dish. But I agree, not a fan.
  4. Agreed. Glad to know I’m not the only one who felt this.
  5. The song choices this week did nothing to show off how good these singers are except for Lion, which seems like producer manipulation since she’s obviously the only non-professional singer. She has no stage presence and seems to slide by because of the appealing huskiness of her voice. JB Smoove jumping up every time he wanted to stay something makes me wonder what is in those drinks. It ain’t water!
  6. I don’t understand the judging on these shows. It’s like GBBO where the middle challenge doesn’t even matter in the outcome. But I think the woman with bad technical skills should have been eliminated over the man who screwed up in lining up his patterns, because in clothes, ill-fitting is worse than a pattern which doesn’t match up perfectly.
  7. This was the first episode that anything really interesting happened this season. Two fights: one instigated by a participant (don’t pretend you didnt push Amber, Vivian) and one actually involving a participant. On other forums people keep feeling sorry for the “kid” AB hits, but it looks like he has multiple arrests for beating up and even strangling (!) his girlfriend, yet no prison time which is unfortunately common for domestic abusers.
  8. I find it interesting that Chidi went to the bad place because he could never make a decision. However, his indecisiveness was a result of considering all the repercussions of his choices, like the blueberry muffin. Yet not considering repercussions of your choices is what is sending everyone to the bad place? Ahhhhh!!!!!
  9. Glad the show is back. I enjoyed this episode for the most part but felt like it was lacking something.
  10. That episode would have been more fun if not for the description being a huge spoiler. Glad it’s back.
  11. The problem is the husband almost never sees his kids because of his long working hours, which he has to work so they can afford the wife being essentially a SAHM who outsources the housework (or just doesn’t do it at all). And it’s blatantly obvious he resents that. Plus, can you imagine working those hours and your wife won’t even let you use any of the closet or drawers IN YOUR OWN ROOM?? I laughed when wife said she teaches “intercultural communication” because the first thing she did upon seeing a Japanese woman she’d never met before was insist on hugging her. Maybe learn about othe
  12. I disagree about her using her country’s fashion as an inspiration, let alone it being a disadvantage. Most people in Trinidad and Tobago are of East Indian or West African descent. Those provide a huge variety of clothing styles. Instead Anya designs the same sundresses and jumpsuits over and over again: the kind of thing a tourist would wear when visiting Trinidad, not something based on her background.
  13. When the therapist asks Stephan if this were entertainment shouldn't it be more entertaining, I yelled at the screen “Yes!” Because my god, that was by far the most boring episode of Black Mirror yet. The concept was clever. The writing and story were not. Choose your own adventures were adventures. Watching someone’s writing code is not an adventure.
  14. I found the special disappointing because they made it a team challenge. I wish they’d had fewer bakers and done it individually. Also, saffron in dessert was never going to win. It’s such a tough flavor in anything let alone a cake. It was nice to catch up with the previous winners. Interesting that one isn’t baking anymore but traveling across the country in an RV.
  15. I stopped liking him the first episode of All Stars when he kept plating after time was called. Rather than be eliminated for blatantly cheating, he just wasn’t eligible for the win. Which he was then salty about! How many cheftestants have packed their knives for running out of time? But Richard ends up winning the whole thing when he should have been out that first episode for being a cheater.
  16. They are called godets. It’s a very old-fashioned style that some designers tried unsuccessfully to bring back about four years ago. You also see them on flamenco dancer dresses. None of which explain Lorraine’s dress, which was hideous. Agreed. I was shocked to see Lerome use the hazelnuts after they were so obviously burnt. And his design was just bizarre even with it being an homage to his daughter. I was rooting for him. Oh well. Since Doug was covering his cake with a chocolate collar it would have made much more sense for him to have painted the stripes on the acetate firs
  17. Benjamin’s designs remind me so much of Brandon from season 16. Dangly bits and all, only without the aesthetic appeal that Brandon’s had. He could have sent the models out nude and he would have won. The judges were so enamored of him from day one.
  18. I am not surprised Lord Sugar chose Sian. Camilla seemed like a sexual harrassment lawsuit in the making. She doesn’t see the line between “cheeky” and totally inappropriate. Her website looks like it’s an ad for soft core, not a nutritious vegan beverage! Can you imagine if she was a man how that would go over?
  19. She replaced last year’s host, Curry. Not a joke. Ayesha Curry. I am rooting for Tina to win. She has a great personality and seems very talented.
  20. Both she and the chef eliminated last week don’t make being a chef their life, which makes me wonder why they thought Top Chef was a good choice for them. Natalie kept repeating how she hasn’t worked as a chef for ten months. Why would you think you were ready for this? And last week’s chef kept bragging about spending so much time with her family. Also why go for Meyer lemons? Meyer lemons are not only far more expensive, they aren’t “lemony” no matter how many you use. How did Eddie not figure out his lamb was too expensive before ordering it. They were cooking for 48 people. You
  21. I feel bad for Annabel, but not for the reason I should. I don’t feel she was ill so much as she has an untreated eating disorder and was starving herself while standing for hours in front of a hot stove and oven. She has so many of the classic signs of anorexia, likely from her time as a ballerina. Did you hear Madeleine ask if they could get her something to eat and she refused anything except “her shakes” which likely have no sugar in them, which is what she needed. The judges have pegged her as the winner from day one, so no surprise they kept her even though her “illness” was having to si
  22. While Beatriz did not capture the theme as well, she put a lot more hand work and detail into her gingerbread. This was for a $25k prize. You need to pull out all the stops. She made her own gelatin windows, sculpted all the toys, and hand piped all those decorations while high heels merely used premade edible paper and a hole punch, slapped on some red frosting and drew lines through it, and painted cookie cutter cookies as her elves. Beatriz’s team also hand sculpted her figures which is why they didn’t have as many. She had lights and a working crank. It was amazing down to the smallest det
  23. Did Jess just provide us with the world’s largest camel toe? I think she did. Loved Peni. He has such a great personality. Hope he finds success.
  24. Glad Jackie is finally gone. Did we ever figure out what was up with her accent? Also who thinks: oh everyone else is wearing a suit, I’ll wear my pyjamas and next week a singlet.
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