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  1. The names they give cereal to avoid copyright issues are a riot. Flaky corn? Fruit rings?

    How are there still bakers who don’t blind bake the crust for a pie? Every time it trips someone up. The tropical fruit sounded delicious. Too bad the crust was inedible.

    Tomato cake? Seriously? I know it’s a thing, but have they ever had such an out there ingredient for only one contestant? His vampire story in the first round did not make sense to me.

    Surprised a pumpernickel cake beat out cake flavored cake. Her decoration was my favorite, so I guess I can see why. I was not a fan of tooth tentacle thing. It felt like sci fi to me more than horror, literally the sarlacc from Star Wars.

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  2. 15 hours ago, TVbitch said:

    If this gets a second season, they really need to jettison the "my door won't open" offing. Who thought it would great TV to watch people being humiliated like that?!  

    That’s how Hell’s Kitchen does it for the finale, too. It’s painful to watch. 

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  3. 11 hours ago, Grizzly said:

    Yes MerBearHou, the heat winners have been very clear. It's the person going home that has me scratching my head.

    Absolutely agree.

    Also, why show the rankings when the person who was at or near the bottom of both challenges stays over people who did well in the first round? It’s so confusing. 

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  4. 3 hours ago, GaT said:


    I don't know what Shenyu's design was supposed to look like, but it couldn't possibly be what it turned out to be. It looked like she just threw some paint on her pots.


    Siobhan’s voiceover said she was using hakeme, which is really beautiful when done properly. Simple but elegant. Shenyu’s design was just messy. And she didn’t follow her own advice of not going over a stroke twice. 

    I don’t understand why she refused to put her things in the drying room. Keith’s face when she claimed two minutes of a heat gun does the same was priceless. If not for Peter’s help, I wonder if she would have even had pots to glaze. 

    Poor Adam. Keith does not like his aesthetic. His mushroom house was stunning a few weeks ago, and his tiles this week were the best by far.  

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  5. Very excited about this new season. Interesting  they added Alan Carr’s name to it. Maybe more people will watch this series. 

    Love Micaela, former doctor Peter, and Jon with no confidence who gets his inspiration from drag. 

    The sooner Charlotte is gone, the better. “You need the designer to build the entirety of your plan for the room? No. I need him more to screw something basic in and remove plastic as I lie on the mattress recovering from all the energy I expended being so passive aggressive. I couldn’t possibly do physical labor myself.”

  6. Anyone else watch the covid special?

    Elaine was still trying to control how DeSean gets to feel. It was heartbreaking seeing how she thought he should just comply and to see how much emotion DeSean has been repressing. His Hulk metaphor was so apt. He lives his life pleasing everyone to be safe in a world where people’s implicit biases and attitudes make him unsafe. 

    I am glad Sam and Lauren are still together and even gladder they decided against a baby as a bandaid on the relationship. Seeing them in their backyard of their new house felt like a happily ever after. 

    The new couples didn’t suck me in but it was only an hour long. The cop felt like he was trying to stay distant and didn’t want anyone to see any vulnerability, including his choice to play the xbox all day over parenting. It was great to see how he finally bonded with his son though. 

    The actress was annoying and emasculating, but given her husband’s multiple affairs I can understand how she would feel negatively towards being physical with him. But seriously who thinks sex after marriage is going to be in fancy hotel rooms with rose petals every time. I guess a girl whose been with the same guy since kindergarten. It was interesting to watch them realize time apart wasn’t their problem. His supporting her half marathon was cute. 

    Wish we had gotten an update on Mau and Annie.

    Also, it would have been nice if the show introduced on the gay couple they kept showing shirtless or any of the other couples at the beginning. Can you imagine finding out your relationship problems are so boring that you didn't make it into the episode?

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  7. On 12/2/2020 at 5:59 AM, ElectricBoogaloo said:

    Why were Justin and Adam not even considered for elimination? It didn't look like the guys did more work or better work than the girls did.

    I don’t know how many episodes you’ve watched yet. After watching the first six, my explanation is


    The judging is absurdly sexist with four women of color being eliminated first, and even after that the judges are reluctant to eliminate any of the men no matter how much worse their work is than the women’s.

    After the car challenge, Elizabeth rolling her eyes and calling out Kristen’s obviously facetious falling on the ground as drama felt very mean girl to me.

    The women were being judged against a much higher standard than the men, which was blatant during Schentelle’s elimination.

    Overall, it is amazing to see some of the incredible things the contestants come up with, and I enjoy the clips with advice from the judges. I would never reflex a tulip though. I much prefer how they look closed. If you want an open flower, use a flower that is meant to open, but I guess that’s just me. 

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  8. On 11/24/2020 at 6:33 PM, phoenics said:

    Cassie and her absolutely hideous style on full display over on Apartment Therapy: https://www.apartmenttherapy.com/winner-of-interior-design-masters-cassie-nicholsons-victorian-home-in-bristol-36837229#comments-36837229

    The house tour literally gave me Show PTSD and made me mad all over again at the show's outcome.

    Her hallway is the same vomit green as the paint she chose on the show. Ha. Looking at her color choices, it does seem like she might be a little color-blind. I truly do not comprehend anyone feeling “at home” in those garish rooms. 

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  9. When Laura said she was added to acidic juices to her gelatin, I yelled at the television that it wouldn’t set. How do people at this level not know too low pH denatures gelatin? Add to that how strange is was that Paul blamed her using “too many flavours” when it was the acid of the flavors that caused the issue. 
    I thought Dave should have won. Peter makes a good winner too since he excelled throughout the competition. All my favorites were eliminated week after week. 
    I still miss Sandy. 

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  10. Anyone else watching the new series? Usually I’m yelling at the judges about their terrible choices (although not as much as during Landscape). This week, however, I completely agreed with the winner. 
    The social distancing was subtle, like the judges keeping back from the artists and no handshakes or cheek kisses from the celebrity sitters. And I really didn’t mind the lack of spectators at all. 

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  11. I’m not embarrassed to admit I Was sobbing during Kwame’s hug and again as the credits rolled. Michelle Greenidge as her mother nailed that scene. 
    I thought Fleabag was amazing, but this show was on another level. Wow. 

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  12. 12 hours ago, hula-la said:

    Gail’s dress reminded me of the peacock outside. 

    10 hours ago, Quilt Fairy said:

    Gail's dress was gorgeous.  Total turnaround from last week's biker chick chic. 

    The fabric was almost identical to my eighty-year old auntie’s favorite shirt! She wears it to every family gathering. 😂

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  13. 15 hours ago, ElectricBoogaloo said:

    I get that some people like that loose casual look (usually the same people who spend 45 minutes creating the bedhead look and wear glasses without prescription lenses as an accessory)


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  14. Crickets scream the future. Rabbit I can understand. But veal brains? I guess as long as there’s a dairy industry, there will be veal. Might as well eat their brains. 
    When will cheftestants learn preparing something two or three ways is asking for trouble?

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  15. On 4/11/2020 at 9:48 AM, buttersister said:

    a look inspired by Hasidim was not going to be high fashion

    Yup. There’s no way Hasidic-inspired could be high fashion. /s

    1990s Gaultier would like to have a word with you. 

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  16. 44 minutes ago, TiffanyNichelle said:

    I'm really getting into this and I don't know if it's because it's just something easy to take my mind off the outside world or what.

    Right? I feel like if this came out a few months ago I would have watched the first episode and been meh about it. But the show has sucked me in now. 

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  17. 5 minutes ago, trudysmom said:

    I guess I'm in the minority here because I'm having a hard time finding anything to like this season.  The humor seems forced and silly, worse than the kids' season. Clinton (who I actually do like) gets on my nerves every time he opens his mouth.  Maybe it's the mental state I'm in right now, 2020 is not playing nice with the world, that I see annoying instead of the enjoyable.  But I won't continue to inflict my malaise on those of you that enjoy it.  Sorry to be Debbie Downer.

    I agree. The humor is not humorous. Last week with the keyboard cat meme circa 2007 was a low point. I’m tired of the constant forced puns. It does feel like previous seasons were just more fun. 

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