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  1. I thought the ending was sad. I was sad for the ghosts being left behind and forgotten. I was hoping that they'd cross over and get their happy ending. I love that Bertie was back, but would have loved her making out with Cody Fern better, seeing that they had that fun connection. Why the hell can Jonas leave the camp????
  2. Where is Bertie? Will the finale be longer than an hour? I feel like they can't wrap it all up with the crazy amount of commercials. I too, don't feel bad or like Jingles. I mean this season was fun and I'm not left with nearly as many questions as seasons passed, but Jingles is a killer after all, and I couldn't care less if his Mother forgave him or not, or that his life at Blockbuster was ruined.
  3. I have nothing to add except that I felt this episode was 20 minutes long. It went by really fast!
  4. With all the Satan talk, will we get a tie in to Apocalypse? Having characters play more than one person is Murphy's thing.
  5. I am so particular with Lestat as I love that character so much. The moment Cody arrived in last season, I texted my Mom that he needed to play Lestat for the new series coming up!
  6. Which reminds me, how was the oven working if the power was shut off? I'm guessing Jingles turned on the breaker for that area, but we didn't see it.
  7. When Jonas (dead camper) recounted the murders, and we saw Margaret standing, bloody, and starring out the window, I pretty much knew she was the killer. Her talk with the Night Stalker was also an indication. Didn't see the weird "love" story between her and Jingles though. Maybe Jonas saves the day, somehow. I'm really hoping that Trevor isn't dead. I loved his character and want more of him. Poor Birdie, but I'm glad she helped Xavier out of the oven. It's no secret I love me some Cody Fern. Now he can't be on the cover of TV Guide! Anyways, I'm loving and having fun with season, seeing I had a shit ton of questions/stories that didn't get answered in Apocalypse.
  8. Now I'm looking at all the other characters and wondering who's in on what. The frat boy not being dead as the car went off the cliff got me. That's a terrible story, but I'm glad he got his as he took off on the motorcycle. I love that Xavier finds Chef Birdie next week. I'm sure she's got a story to tell.
  9. Why is that at the start of all the seasons, I think Estelle (Bev) is dead in real life? When I saw her, I again thought "I didn't know they shot episodes before her death." I fell terrible, but I feel like every year I see it mentioned that she died. I thought Becky would name the baby Rosey or Rose, not as a middle name. But loved Jackie's response.
  10. As Dwight from The Office once said, "It's the one you most medium suspect."
  11. Well, I'm one of the few who seem to be liking it so far. I love 80's slashers and all the campiness with it. With the preview of the season, it looks like the whole season is taking place during this one night. Are there 2 or more killers present? Is Brooke seeing things? Why did Xavier get that message? Who was in the truck when Montana and Mr. Schu from glee were in the water? Can't wait to see how this plays out.
  12. For some reason I really loved Alex's boyfriend bringing and playing bagpipes for good luck! Love when Phil's Dad makes an appearance, even if it's in "robot" form.
  13. Dead or out with Kevin getting food? I can't remember, is he older than her?
  14. We all knew he'd be named Jack. Cried when she asked her Dad to look over him. I had a feeling Rebecca wouldn't eat/go to vending machine because that's when Jack died. I know in stressful situations you aren't really hungry, but it would be on my mind. And I fell for Kate wanting to see Miguel first, too!
  15. Ok, I'm glad I'm not the only one who didn't like Cheyenne in this. I don't like watching uncomfortable situations (looking at you, Ben Stiller movies), so the whole academy thing was hard to watch. I agree, the leader should have said something during the skit. It was so uncalled for, whether she disturbed his break or not.
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