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  1. For some reason I really loved Alex's boyfriend bringing and playing bagpipes for good luck! Love when Phil's Dad makes an appearance, even if it's in "robot" form.
  2. Dead or out with Kevin getting food? I can't remember, is he older than her?
  3. We all knew he'd be named Jack. Cried when she asked her Dad to look over him. I had a feeling Rebecca wouldn't eat/go to vending machine because that's when Jack died. I know in stressful situations you aren't really hungry, but it would be on my mind. And I fell for Kate wanting to see Miguel first, too!
  4. Ok, I'm glad I'm not the only one who didn't like Cheyenne in this. I don't like watching uncomfortable situations (looking at you, Ben Stiller movies), so the whole academy thing was hard to watch. I agree, the leader should have said something during the skit. It was so uncalled for, whether she disturbed his break or not.
  5. Really Randall? Really? You do nothing but act on impulse and expect Beth to give up her dream? Hell no! Maybe he'll realize he needs to resign while talking to Beth in the hospital waiting room. Don't succumb to his shenanigans, Beth.
  6. Audiences tend to stay quiet on Broadway, unless there's audience participation or a particular awesome song/singer that just blows everyone away. Cheering is fine, but when it's almost constant and you can't hear what's being sung, is a big problem.
  7. I agree, the band is too loud to hear the singing and poor Angel didn't hit that high note. But seeing as this is the rehearsal, I can forgive it all. Still sucks though that he got hurt and it's not all live.
  8. I don't think it was technically cancelled. They were feeling out the show. If it had bad ratings and/or poor criticism, then they had to revamp it somehow.
  9. Yeah, I think that show "never happened". It was based off the Tim Meadows and his family, right? I'm here for Coach. I love him!
  10. On MB's instagram, he's posted plenty of pics of him with the cast including David Schwimmer for the last month or so. So I take it as he'll be a reoccurring character. This better not be all we got. I'm still bitter Amazon cancelled Last Tycoon. He was so dreamy in that!
  11. No, but in the movie Full Metal Jacket, or was it Platoon? There was a scene where the guys are getting high and tight hair cuts in boot camp. Then the barber says something all the lines, that they don't even have to cut their hair like that. I figured it was an unofficial rule. As long as it short.
  12. Can't be bio mom they are visiting. Why would that concern Kate and why would Toby need to be there for Kate if it's some random person she's visiting?
  13. So the question is did Jack know about Nicky? I'm guessing no, but he can be secretive, so who knows? Jack II for Kate, no surprise there. Glad it's not Deja they are visiting and sure seems like Beth and Randall aren't together. What was the item her assistant gave her? Seems like Randall and Kate are separated from their spouses in the future. Maybe Kevin gets the happy ending?
  14. This goes in line with my comment about why didn't he go to the tub and kill her. This (the pic above) definitely seems like a better ending than what we've got. There was zero battle royale. So disappointed.
  15. He aged 10 years over night, but was still mentally a child. When we see him crying over Meade and crying because he doesn't know what to do, and crying over everything else, he's mentally a teenager there. When he's in the outpost, he's mentally an adult. So while yes, he could be bullshitting her, he was still a child in a way.
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