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  1. My husband slept in my hospital room every night after both of my C-sections. A neighbor kept our toddler for my 2nd. The hospital has a double bed specifically for this purpose, so the partner can stay with the Mom. It was hugely helpful because I couldn't get the baby out of the bassinet without help at night. I needed him there. Especially the first where I had general anesthesia and couldn't even sit up on my own for a day because my recovery was so much more difficult. I would have been furious if he went home and left me with a newborn when I was recovering from surgery. Your second point- hell yes. Honestly, I'm not sure I believe anyone is having sex 5-6 times a week, children or not.
  2. I think telling someone you had AIDS then was a pretty massive deal... even today it would be and it's no longer a death sentence. I get the idea of the song. I really love RENT. It meant so much to me in college. I'll Cover You was our first dance at our wedding. I remember previewing it with my parents to see if they realized it was two men singing... I was worried it would freak out my grandfather.
  3. The costumers for Something Rotten really had fun with those. I don't even recall his being the most ridiculous one. That was a great show. I only saw it on Broadway, so never got to see Adam do it.
  4. It's almost certainly a fad in the US; but the whole "greet the house" and having gratitude for your things is a very Shinto-belief. I suspect, that her religion influences her method heavily. Calling Shintoism a fad would be odd, certainly it has lasted much longer than pet rocks. Marie doesn't have you thank things to anthropomorphize them elf on the shelf style; but because you should have gratitude for all the things in your life. By thanking them for serving you, you can then release them.
  5. Do the Duggars read American Girl books? Felicity with the nickname Lissy? I wanted to do that but my husband told me I was crazy to name my daughter after my favorite book character...
  6. I've never had Popeyes before. We have one down the road from us, but honestly, I don't eat a lot of fast food anymore. (Though both my CFA and Hobby Lobby boycotts were companies that I did at one time spend a lot of money- HL especially. I just liked the fries at CFA, not the chicken.) My (gay) coworker LOVES CFA and calls it "discrimination chicken" whenever he eats it.
  7. The local CFA here always donates to the PRIDE parade. I wish I could support them just for that, but I won't send my money to their corporate office. I haven't had CFA in like 20 years. I used to eat it a good amount in college.
  8. OMG I love the name Felicity. Re: Ultrasounds. I posted more in the Kendra thread (which one is she married to?) But in my first pregnancy I had ultrasounds at 5-, 6-, 8-, 12-, 16-, and 20-weeks. Every single one was normal (5 weeks didn't show a heartbeat, but that's not abnormal, hence the 6-week one). All showed small fetal growth, but apparently the OB didn't think that was a flag. My integrated screen (serum/blood) was "low risk". My 24-week ultrasound follow up showed a cleft lip and no nasal bone, so I got sent for a level II ultrasound. My 25-week showed an extraordinary laundry list of abnormalities (see Kendra thread for list of specialists we were then referred to). Early ultrasounds completely missed that my son had severe genetic mutations (confirmed by amnio) and was incompatible with life. With my daughter I got a CVS early on. It showed a fairly rare chromosomal mosacisim, of a trisomy that is incompatible with life when non-mosaic. The amnio confirmed it was confined to the placenta (yay!). Confined placental mosaicism can cause interuterine growth restrictions though, so I had frequent scans to check for that up until 28 weeks (every 4 weeks) when they decided she was fine. Those ultrasounds took about half an hour each; her anatomy scan took nearly 90 minutes.
  9. I think it is irresponsible of a doctor to not mention when termination is an option; but I agree that doctors need to make sure patients understand the options to carry to term and get referals to get information to care for a potentially disabled child after they are born. Do you mind me asking- you say "diagnosed", did your child not have Downs syndrome? Or is it only because an ultrasound is not diagnostic? In my case, when I found out my child was incompatible with life (they suspected trisomy 13 or 18; but it ended up being an incredibly severe chromosomal deletion) the doctor told me "It is unfortunate you are past the point of time where it is legal to terminate in our state. If you want to terminate the pregnancy, here are two clinics in the US that could do it. I wouldn't judge you if you choose to get on a plane tomorrow, but I'd recommend you get the genetic testing done so you have some answers about exactly what is happening; and we can better determine if the life expectancy is a few hours, a few months, or a few years. If you'd like to do that, in the meantime we can make seperate appointments with the pediatric cardiologist, urologist, neurosurgeon, plastic surgery team, nephrologist, opthamologist, and gastroentologist who will be part of your son's management team in the NICU and first year of life if he is born alive. In a few weeks, we will talk about convening a panel to talk about life-" That conversation could have gone either way "well, it's too bad your previous OB never mentioned anything was wrong until 25 weeks, what a weird coincidence, can't terminate" or "wow- you have no choice but to fly out of state and terminate this pregnancy, there is absolutely nothing we can do for you." or "oh man, that sucks- this baby is gonna die. Well, see you when you deliver."
  10. Why was Tobias not wearing pants for so many of the scenes? Just to remind us about the denim shorts? Because he was just wearing them as shorts this season, it was never a "nudity" cover.
  11. (emphasis mine) Eugenie is a princess everyday... I do wonder how she reconciles that. Does she think "today is my chance to be a princess?" like other brides might? Because, she always is one... I wonder how Beatrice and Eugenie feel about basically being cut off once Charles becomes King. I know their father isn't amused, but who knows- maybe they are OK with it.
  12. If anyone has the resources to find a good match... They are out there- but it is difficult for someone with darker skin to find a match. Especially if she doesn't typically wear them, she may just not have found the right ones yet. I expect this gets better. Honestly, it is difficult even for light skinned women sometimes (wear them too dark). Kate has a flare for perfect hose- to the point that you often can't tell she has them on except her legs show no definition around the knees. And even further down the line once George, Charlotte, and Louis have children! Harry's kids, as great-grand children of the sovereign are even further removed than Beatrice and Eugenie were (who were grandchildren of the sovereign, so were titled Princess). I wonder if he and Megan will go the Anne route and decline titles for them. Unless the Queen says so, they won't be Prince/Princess. (Even William's were not automatically.) They basically aren't relevant to the line of succession even if they are in it.
  13. I don't think either of those are problems Meghan has :) (I mean her thighs probably touch, but general life doesn't usually chaff on muscular legs.) I did not care for her garden party outfit. Or the hose, which seemed too light for her skin.
  14. Oh man, this was pages ago... but this isn't correct. William is not heir apparent, Charles is. Williams wedding was not a state affair. Obviously his wedding had more prestige, as he will near certainly someday be King and Harry (6th in line at the time of his wedding) will almost certainly not. People really seem to forget William and Harry's father is still alive and in line for throne. William and Catherine may have had some family pressure to invite prestigious people, but there were no such requirements because he was next in line for the throne, since he wasn't. With their choice of location (which Harry and Meghan were offered, but asked for something smaller)- they had a lot more room for "political" invites- 1,900 attendees vs. 600! William and Kate could have had the "smaller" wedding too if they wanted, though the large grand one was probably what was expected of them. And, this was very much a "royal" wedding, no technically about it. Prince Harry is, by birth royalty. His wedding was a royal wedding.
  15. I thought some of the 90s jokes were as good as the Harry Potter jokes. From the laughter in our audience, many of them were lost on the kids who grew up with the books (vs. being in high school or college when the books came out.)
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