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  1. icur1096

    S31.E07: Reality Kills (Victoria Rickman)

    I am so glad the jury got this decision right! I'm a binge show watcher & usually spend time between episodes googling different aspects, opinions & trying to find more facts from the trials, etc. (It's way too hard to include every detail, witness, etc in an approximate 45 minute show) Ms Rickman seemed to be very accustomed to playing the victim & turning on the tears to gain sympathy, etc. Thank Goodness the court system saw her for what she is.. The show that was filming had nothing to do with it & is not to blame. As to the negative comments regarding Det. Benton, I can understand people's frustration, but 1, she was not on trial & 2, they could throw out all of her testimony & the defendant would've still been found guilty. (9 shots hit him regardless) As far as no toxicology on the 'true' victim, alcohol or drugs that was or was not in his system at the time of his murder would be irrelevant. He was not the one who committed a crime. & regarding the comment about the jurors, oh my, SMH. This case was basically cut & dry. (Not alot to deliberate) I also would never believe there'd be 12 citizens that were miraculously all picked for the same trial, who all agreed to shun their duty to give someone a fair trial & have a unanimous vote of guilty, just so they could begin their holiday weekend. (If that were the case, why not all vote Not Guilty) Sorry for my long comment, but I've become so frustrated w/the whole victim-hood mentality lately. (They're only making it more difficult for 'real' victims of abuse & rape to be taken serious or get the help they need & deserve) Peace to Will Carter's family & friends.