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  1. Tom gave Darcy a house key but not the address. Smart guy.
  2. Am I the only one who noticed the strange guy who walked Puppy Craig into the party until they neared the cameras and he gave the leash to Shep? Is that the dog Nanny so Shep looks caring and loving but someone else really has all the dirty work? The Douche persona is complete!
  3. Jasmine is one of those women who believe that “high maintenance” is a compliment.
  4. Am I the only one who remembers what Luke's mother said about the show? She disapproved because it "made a mockery of marriage". She knew Luke had an agenda. She knew Kate was serious about the marriage and was not in on the joke and tried to steer her to reality. She seemed cold but what she was, was disgusted.
  5. Am I the only one who saw Luke's mother say she did not approve of the experiment because it "made a mockery of marriage"? That told me everything about Luke's intentions and certainly explains why she was trying to prepare his wife for a let-down. It is all a big joke to Luke but no one told Kate.
  6. They indicated they wanted a water view. Those lots are very expensive so folks usually build up so that more rooms have a water view. A large ranch house might require two lots for the same water views. In Florida, one story houses are common because of the elderly population and elevators are not uncommon in larger homes. As for the kids, yes, they are immature in their behavior. Will is seven and has been in school so he must have learned how to behave and what is appropriate language. To accept this foolishness is because the parents don't want them to grow up. What is cute at three
  7. Dark circles/under-eye bags are also a result of sinus infections and smoking in addition to lack of sleep. I had terrible ones while I was working and getting only five hours of sleep and also smoking. When I retired, I got lasering under the eye, slept more, quit smoking, and Voila! white, tender, baby skin and no bags. I quit using all make-up because I did not need it.
  8. I bet the guests already had a few drinks before they boarded but that does not excuse their acting like one day gambler cruisers. They acted more like Celebration type guests with unlimited drinks cards. Bet they try to tromp around the deck in stiletto heels and way too small bikinis. Bougie all the way.
  9. Are we really spending this much time criticizing someone's food preferences? Bethenny is over-bearing, to be polite. Carole is chill. Bethenny should be happy anyone wants to spend time with her pushy, shrill, demanding, self-centered self.
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