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  1. Did anyone else notice during the final vote, the camera would be focused straight at each player as they wrote down a name.......except for Lauren. Suddenly, there was a camera above her staring straight down her off shoulder dress. Those who said there were too many suspect camera angles on Lauren were right.
  2. Here I am, hours later, still thinking “what the hell just happened here????”.
  3. That was such an odd transition from Probst talking to Gavin to talking about Sia and her cash award. I thought it was going to Gavin then all of a sudden the focus went to Devens. Poor Gavin, he looked so bummed.
  4. I think just the fact that Aurora is a physical threat for winning immunity challenges was a factor in wanting to vote her out.
  5. Wait, is this just a rerun of the season where Ben (I think) won simply because he kept finding immunity idols? i don't think the group voted for Aurora because of Devins' obvious bluff. I think they jumped on board with Lauren's suggestion and voted out the more threatening player instead of Julie. And yea, I'd love for Reem to win as I hate this whole season!
  6. See, I think he is getting the winner's edit. The jury was just eating up whatever he was feeding them. I am really starting to pull for Aurora and her give no f's attitude. Lauren had the saddest face I've ever seen on Survivor when she didn't get chosen to bring her dad back to camp.
  7. My mistake! Apparently Devin's shrieked "La Cheeserie", not "La Cheesaria". Some obscure reference to something spouted on ESPN? Is it still the golf thing? Mashed Potatoes!!!! That's what he needs to yell next time!
  8. This time last season, I was thinking that I'd be happy with any of the remaining cast winning. This time I'm trying to find just one person with whom I'd like to win. The pickings are slim to none.
  9. What in the hell does "La Cheesaria" mean and why did Devins shout it out after he won??!!!!
  10. I believe that after the merge, the challenges tend to be designed so that winning is not dependent on brute strength. They are designed so that whatever typical strengths of either gender is nullified so that either has a chance of winning. Hope that makes sense. This season is so boring. Regarding Joe and his ever amazing jury hair, I wonder who will have better hair for his wedding, Joe or the bride? Will they each have their own hair stylist??
  11. I'm sick of the two most overused words in Survivor: "Balls" and "Blindsides"
  12. Yes. Yes! "Haggard Sarah Jessica Parker"!!!! (although I'll bet that a haggard Julie is a helluva lot nicer looking than a haggard SJP). And yes, dichotomy. Aaaannnnnd, yes. Hard to choose someone I'm actually pulling for.
  13. I was really confused through tribal council. And yes, that poor stingray. Didn't need to see that thing wiggling on the spike and gasping its last.
  14. Question: How do the walkers know that they need to go south for the winter? I would hazard a guess that their decision making skills are a big fat zero. Also, what does it say for the show that I laughed, stood up and cheered when the big reveal came? For the first time since the show started, I chose to quit viewing and have purposefully missed the last three episodes. The only reason why I went back and watched the "heads on a stick" episode was because I read that there were some shocking deaths....and I was glad.
  15. I wish the powers that be would end the family visit. End it. I hate to see it being used as a touch point for the cast. Plus if I never hear "Ready for some Luuuuuuuuurrrrrvvvvvveeeee" from Probst's mouth, that will be too soon.
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