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  1. I am too busy looking at the "cakes" he keeps bringing to every party. Sigh. LOL.
  2. I am SO SO sick to my stomach that this damn channel allows this expert GASLIGHTER Chris to continue abusing this woman on this show!! Don't get me wrong she is responsible for her actions, but boy is he just an AWFUL human being.
  3. That's what I am saying, I am going on 50, and I am no oil painting with a hardbody BUT, she HAS, she HAS to be at least pushing 60. And watching her is getting so disturbing to me that I may not watch anymore.
  4. I AGREE, I don't get why people don't see how low key cutting this was (or could have been perceived). That's so xxxx of you, when I did something clumsy or stupid would make me feel like you see me as clumsy/stupid.
  5. I couldn't decide if I was annoyed about his narration or *elated* that it wasn't in a monotone like the rest of them.
  6. And, "two edged sword" which yes, I know is technically correct but....
  7. She looks like one of those aging ladies (no flames, I am almost her age) that doesn't move a MUSCLE above the neck, and walks around gingerly for fear either 1. fear of making skin sag 2. b/c she can't b/c of fillers. There's a woman in my neighborhood like this she reminds me off, she wears one of those like facelift-braces to jog so it doesn't make it sag.
  8. Yes, she gives me very dirty sheets vibes. Just always looks kinda dirty.
  9. She reminds of Mork from Ork. But, Mork was happy!
  10. I was getting a little Munchausen's-by-Proxy vibe from her!
  11. I admit, I did. And probably for longer than I should have. I was(she's an adult now:) a totally single mom, 24/7, just us and I had to work FT, sometimes sleeping together was a nice way to bond and cuddle and have a little us time before we passed out. Plus, she was sooo cute and snuggly, LOL, A living stuffed animal. But, in all seriousness, I can say that's probably why I did it. Wanted all the time I could get, even in sleep.
  12. YES, she looks SO different this time. And it's like she has two speeds: Coquettish or Crazy and neither one is a good look.
  13. Yes, anyone on here who doesn't think it's a big deal has never had it done. DO NOT TOUCH US, we are not your "possessions" ANYMORE. It feels as if b/c they once had agency over Black bodies, they can still do whatever they damn well please when it comes to us. You nailed it, like an animal.
  14. YES. I can't stand that and the way that she, and some younger women today, end every word with "Uhhhh". Like "Hiiiiii_uhhhh", "Bye---uhhhh" "What are you doin_guhhh". Sigh. I sound old. LOL.
  15. My two cents is this, I am bothered by the continued characterization of Black men as "thugs" and "playas". It just distasteful and something I am thinking us AAs are actively trying to avoid being characterized. I am troubled by my thinking that if we were talking about White men, we'd be using terms like "cocky", "playboy", "confident", "arrogant" which are not racially motivated terms.
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