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  1. Bows on babies don't bother me but that bow above bothers me because I think it is backwards. I want to pull it off and turn it around. Or put it on the other side of her head because the emblem also bothers me sitting on her forehead. I have a serious headache now just looking at it. This is a thing for me.
  2. Why doesn't Amy have any feet in the last picture of the professional birthday or fourth year anniversary date or whatever the heck those pictures above are?
  3. UKDailyMail has two articles about Chrishell, DWTS and the split company. It also has one article showing pictures of Christine in the south of France or somewhere. Doing yoga on the beach. Grrrgg. Jealous. The article also has Christine's age listed as 54 so that alleviated the jealousy just a tinge because it probably will mess up her yoga oooohhhhmmmm for a day or two
  4. I have finished all three seasons and I really hope that there are many many more seasons to come. I haven't felt so in shallowly in love with a show since the premier of my beloved RHNY/RHBH. I have sadly (self pity here) quit BH (several seasons ago) and if Ramona quits NY I will also stop watching that show. Selling Sunset is just so much fluff/stupid drama/friendship-coworker stuff that isn't a part of my life at all and I love watching it. I came across this from the Y&R threads https://wornontv.net/ but SS isn't featured yet and the suggestion page for shows is temporarily closed for now. I hope she does start doing this show soon. I have like just about every single thing that has been worn by everyone. One thing I was happily surprised at about this show is the off the cuff humor that Heather comes up with each episode! She is funny as hell and quick with the one liners. I loved: "I picked out a lot of pink artwork, like Christine's shoes but not as bright" "This area is mostly men" without missing a beat "I blew up my Playboy centerfold spread" Then "I mean, I haven't scared Tarek yet" during the "undercarriage" upkeep was hilarious. It's her deadpan, serious delivery that makes her funny. And I say I love this humor as someone who does not discuss these kinds of things at all in real life. I did give her the side eye with how quickly she got involved with the kids but other than that, she is fun to watch. Mary is freaking me out with her melting twitchy face.
  5. Random and scattered: I have just started season two of this sort of trashy show/not creepy trashy show. It is almost like a Knots Landing soapy good mess. I do watch for the houses shown and loved the house that Mary said was her dream house, the one with the ivy on the front. Her mannerisms, pointed out here by a poster, were in full display during the sit down part with the homeowner to pitch for being the agent. I quoted the post to comment that I agree completely. I came in watching thinking that these twins were bozos. I quickly pushed that away when I noticed that the twins don't really play around with the business and are very interesting, business wise and with their bachelor ways. And they seem genuinely nice while not being pushovers. I have loved every interaction they have had when talking business with any of the ladies. Your instance above, they were with Heather but they were also with Amanza and it was Amanza that the twin was teaching. And she did need teaching on the differences of what was there versus what she thought was there since she pointed out the doors were pocket doors and he said that they were less expensive accordion doors, which would bring down the price point of the home. The doors, the wine cooler that was not a wine cooler but a wine display, the floor planks being the same length (not just wider) were all details that would get overlooked by a dazzled by the glam uniformed buyer. And back to the nice part, he was really teaching her, not mocking or belittling her. Another instance of what I like when the twins are involved in the real estate stuff: When Davina brought to one of the twins the 80 plus million dollar listing, I rewound and watched it a couple of time just to absorb the information the twin was giving out on how to price a home. (Sorry for the use of "twins" instead of their names. I haven't gotten a good take on telling which twin is which when they have scenes. I am going to make a point of knowing the difference between them going forward. I still don't know if it is the same twin who built a house and also has the condo where Heather thinks she has a room. And who has the little house where they had a party at last year.) Then, in a talking head I think, he explained how the marketing money works, which is a question I have pondered while watching the MDL shows. He also explained the nuances of even having a high dollar listing, how it would not be a good fit for his business model. The scene did not play out like Davina and Christine said it would, that his ego would be involved. He laid out the facts and gave her the go ahead to have a listing that wasn't ridiculously priced, while also being higher than his highest listing (busted their ego theory). I like Davina and her pot stirring but she irked the hell out of me with her simpering pitch to the seller. I was expecting a cliched tissue to be offered to her from the eye rolling seller's assistant. I don't get caught up in the class envy/haves have nots side of things when watching glitzy shows so I am completely happy and understanding of the $200,000 Bronco. His Bronco is everything Bethenny Frankel wants her SG monstrosity vechicle to be. (Sorry, I hate BF and can't resist a put down when given the opening. Gah, boo, yuck, get gone you monster!) My first thought when I saw Christine, and made me like her, was she is playing her life as Brianna from Grace and Frankie. Then it was yep, for sure, when she came back in season two with her geek fiance. That's not a dig, Brianna was my favorite character on that show. The actress nailed that part. I like a brittle lady.
  6. I swear to gosh that at the end of Jack's I have never been more alone conversation that I fully expected (hoped) for Ramona Singer to waltz into the Jabot Mansion. The actors of Theo and Lola are nailing their scenes. I can't wait until I get to the next episode that shows Summer's great real estate find!
  7. Whoa. I guess clothes do make the man. Theo is extremely lookable in that purple button down shirt. He was all kinds of cringe in those clothes he wore for his date with Lola. I loved Jack's crazy early morning entrance into Jabot Mansion. He still needs to fire his barber. With all this buildup, I wonder what his new story arc is going to be. Is this what women want club going to start being a story or is it just a one off episode and then just random talk about it? I don't know if I want it to be a story propeller, like the medical clinic is. I feel like I need to start a hashtag for Rey. #freeRey #Reytoria #VictoRey He has absolutely no chemistry at all none nope not with Sharon. I do see potential with Victoria. So are we done with Michael, Paul, Lauren, Jill, Kevin? One of the worst pairings of all time for me was Kevin and Chloe. I adore both of those actors and their characters, I just hate them together. I miss having a department store on my soaps so I hope there is a new Fenmore's set coming. Or if Lauren is kaput from the show then a Jabot set in the future. I am going to stop spitballing posts as soon as I catch up by midnight tonight. Then I will settle in and catch up on this thread for the last couple pages. The show just seems so much better now and I am more random than usual and want to post in the moment.
  8. Huh well that was odd. I found myself liking Nate and Elena with their easy she questions/he is annoyed conversation about Amanda at the clinic. I guess it is another case of it matters who an actor is paired up with. I hate Sharon's yellow phone. Victoria looked beautiful when she laid out the story for Billy at the hotel lobby. Not a crazy eyed look to be found. I caught myself wondering if she has had some cosmetic stuff done. She has always been a beauty but she looks a bit different, something subtle that I can't put my finger on. It might just be a case of a better makeup look. I still hate the Society set. It is so cluttered and awkward. Oh, great, there is Earl Chelsea in Kansas in that horrible jumpsuit. I like Lily in this business woman mode. She is so much more appealing now that she doesn't have to deal with DG/Cane.
  9. I am in the middle of a week marathon viewing and... Chelsea looks like Earl, from My Name Is Earl, with that pot belly in that horribly fitted jumpsuit while at the Newman ranch yapping at Victor about Adam. I liked Adam's little attempt at some facial hair during the Kansas scenes. I think from glimpsing at current episodes he has ditched it. Seriously, is boring Elena really a doctor? I want to like her but she just irks me. She's a doctor already? I swear I thought she was an upgraded EMT assistant or something. Loved Phyllis' garnet colored dress during the What Women Want episode. I was fascinated by the subtle tailoring bit that kept her boob from falling out. The episode was meh but I did find myself wondering if the new girl from BB is going to be Colleen? I guess I need to go to the media thread and see if there are updates. I still can't believe that I am enjoying Lola. Still hate Traci's hair and the color! It has been that horrible creamsicle orange-y yellow forever and I am sick of it. I swear she would look a thousand times better if she wore MTS's wig from those few scenes. Off to finish catching up.
  10. Jeffrey has one of his properties on the market but I can't tell if it is the one he bought and wanted to live in or one of the two that he bought while waiting for the one he wanted to live in was finished. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-8678197/Jeff-Lewis-puts-Sunset-Strip-investment-property-market-5-8million-following-renovation.html
  11. I came across reruns of the last season of Flipping Out on BravoTV today and watched a little bit of one episode. I didn't have time to sit down and just watch all that was on today, which is what I really wanted to do. I got excited that there were even reruns being shown and my mind immediately went to "He is coming back in some format, to my television!". Man, I wish he was still on a show, any show.
  12. Stay at home Dad Georgia episode: I am not even finished the first house segment and I already want to grab that woman, open those french doors and throw her out on that unstable deck. I just can't with her aggressive hand movement along with leaning into a person to get her anger across. I can't imagine having to spend more than a moment with her in real life before just rolling my eyes at her and walking away. He will be the next one out those french doors with his holding up of his finger to interrupt her and say dramatically, with a larger closet!, schtick. I already hate these two twits. Popping back in already with that annoying realtor: Can it be a sunroom if it has screens and not glass enlosed? I don't think so, you liar. Why not just say it is a screened porch?
  13. I completely thought you were going to say Krystle Carrington.
  14. The only thing I liked about the pregnant lady episode was those open stairs and the space under them being exposed. I would put a comfy chair and a table there and read the day and night away. I am thrilled that the he got a real estate license just to buy a house episode couple bought that beautiful 1967 home. The only bad part of that house was the garage and that could be fixed at leisure. I loved that she loved it. I felt my heart melt when I saw those multiple storage closet doors in the upstairs hallway (on the episode). Nobody does that nowadays and they are so useful. The brick first option was also a nice house with a great floor plan. I had a moment of dread when they went to the crappy new build that they would pick that one, in a classic fake out. That house was horrible and cramped. I also hate with the hate of stepping on tiny hard toys that rustic/sparkle/reclaimed/cheap look that is so popular. "Gather" in scrolling type is a trend that can end anytime. That house also had one of my least favorite floor plans where the living room and dining room line up with a small hallway going towards the back isolated kitchen and den. The front lr/dr/hall always reminds me of a commercial office space instead of a home. I only caught the last bit of the Dad lives close by episode while it was recording but wow, that lady was beautiful. I have to go back and watch the whole episode to get the backstory. I don't think it would be too terrible to live close to her Dad. He seemed like he was fun to be around.
  15. Gah, yeah, me also! I still want to love it though. I hate that now I think of it as those dresses I wore in kindergarten, first, second, third grade. Bummer. Seriously, I am so bummed to know it is a dress and not a skirt. I have no life. I was a casual viewer of BB back in the day. I saw the post about her coming to YR in the media? thread and wondered what she would bring to YR. If she does come back as this Sally character, what will she be like on YR?
  16. Is it just me or did the episodes seem disjointed from one day to the next? I watched the whole week of episodes at one sitting, in order, and yet I still felt like I was missing chunks of scenes from day to day. Scattered ramblings: I found myself loving every single outfit, men and women, this week with the exception of the one shouldered annoyances worn by Chelsea and Phyllis. I loved all the colors and weird fashion gimmicks on the ladies. Chelsea's go to color should be that apricot color she wore to confront Sharon. I wanted to hate Victoria's white halter type blouse with the black choker but I loved it. I also loved her weird cut out jacket during her press conference and the black and white outfit. I have always liked Theo, I think the actor is playing him in a hammy way and it works. I like that they are moving in a different direction with him and also dressing him differently. He is a very handsome guy and he looked really good in that loose sweater, new clean hairstyle, smooth shave. Jack also had some different type suits which was cool. Traci looks refreshed and is wearing less frumpy outfits. I wish she could find a better color for her hair. From the previews of next week, it looks like Nikki has her old hair back? Stop putting Adam in that wine colored dress shirt. He continues to look better-ish while also looking horrible-ish. To go along with my opening sentence of disjointedness, out of order: I am hyper focused on the men and their facial hair. I swear I thought Adam and Nick were growing their facial hair from one scene to the next and then coming back clean shaved for the next scene. Mariah was gorgeous while talking to Kyle. I don't know if I like the lack of extra's on the sets. I miss the background people. Hopefully that will stop in the very near future. As mentioned above, I am a Theo fan and I found out this week that I am a fan of Lola now. Pretty sure it is because I don't have to watch her eat Kyle's face. If she and Theo ever get around to kissing and she eats his face, I may change my mind. But the actress does seem to have changed up how she presents her character. She is more relaxed, less perfect bot as before the breakup. I used to hate her in her chef's clothes (I know, ridiculous right?) but now I like it. Looking forward to the Newman business shenanigans. I like this business woman Victoria more than simpering scattered eyed hunched shouldered Victoria. Victor had several throw away lines at the end of conversations that were funny in a grumpy old man way. I am interested in Chancellor media interactions with Billy, Lily, Amanda, Theo, is Traci still in the mix?, but I do wish they had spent more time on that Chancellor set. It needs to be laid out differently instead of always just that tiny office. Is the lighting different since the comeback? Or are they filming differently? The sets look different and sometimes there is a lagging of movement of the actors. I am surprised that I am so glad the show is back. I still dislike Tess, immensely. Yuck. eta I forgot about Amanda's cool skirt! I kept wanting a different color blouse for it but realized that the white was perfect.
  17. @CrazyInAlabama I have that episode on now also while doing other things, it's recording, and I wondered if it was one of those House In A Hurry episodes even though it is listed as HH. When I was doing my weekly check of what to record at the beginning of this week I thought there were a lot of new episodes for this tonight (Wednesday).
  18. I have watched a zillion house shows and I don't think I have ever seen a dishwasher under a wall oven under a microwave. Would that even pass a building inspection? I am flabbergasted at seeing that dishwasher right under the oven.
  19. I see all of you here. Yeah, all of you. Every single one of you who failed to mention that damn belly button staring at me. I was so damn startled it isn't even funny.
  20. I can completely relate to this sentiment. My childhood/teen/adult show was ATWT. I sadly had to give it up about 5 years before it ended. I just couldn't anymore. I never ever ever missed an episode. Back in the day I had a rotation of four vcr tapes just to make sure I never missed anything. But then one day I was just eff it, this show sucks and I can't watch another minute. I was a casual viewer of YR and it filled the void that was left of not having my daily story fix.
  21. @lgprimes I was the opposite. I thought I would love the retro episodes but after the novelty wore off the first week I just looked enough to see the sets/fashion/hair then deleted. I was bummed that I missed some of the new episodes and can't wait until for next week to start. I actually embrace the ridiculousness of soaps, it is part of the charm for me. I love just having a daily thing that I watch quickly. Or if I am telling the truth, I intend on watching daily but let them pile up and watch a bunch at a time. I do have actors that I just don't like but the more campy a soap gets, the more I like it.
  22. Two of my kids are having/have had barn weddings. I don't know what the third one will do once he gets up there nerve to buy a ring. There is money to be made for these barn type venues. One was permitted to have up to 100 people, wine and beer, if liquor needed to hire a bartender. They provided a beautiful setting, outdoor seating set up, an archway, parking section, pond and a tiny gazebo on a little "island" with a bridge for one choice or under a huuuuuge old tree for another choice of where to have it set up. You had access to all. They chose to have the ceremony under the tree then took some pictures of just them at the gazebo. At the barn, tables and chairs were provided, heated and air condition, bathrooms, small room for bridal party to hang out and dress. There was a catering kitchen where caterers could set up with a sink and small fridge. The catering crew pretty much needed to have their own cooking source. Ours had a trailer to cook in while they were there and started the food prep when the ceremony was over and people were waiting for pictures. All that was $3,500 plus $500 refundable cleanup fee. It was beautiful and easy. They lucked up a bit because of two things. The price quoted was for Saturday/Sunday. If they reserved Friday for set up or having rehearsal it was another $1,000. The lady told them if there wasn't a reservation for Friday she would let them use it for the Sat/Sun price. That worked in their favor. Then also when they went for the final payment ( you paid half by a certain date, then remainder by a certain date) and to finalize details she asked them if they wanted to rent the long sheers that were hung from the center and then spread out to the support poles. It was an extra $200. They were already up from a previous weekend event. My son asked why the charge and she said they take them down, clean and put back. He said why don't you just leave them for another week. She said it didn't work like that. He said they would skip the sheers. But...when they went to set up the sheers were still in place so they got by without that upgrade cost. The other wedding is coming up at a different location. This one has 250 person limit, outdoor seating, tables and chairs inside, those portable heat thingies that you use on porches but no air condition (they won't need air but might need heat). It also has a little horse stable with the option of a carriage ride, a big farm house next to the barn for rehearsal/bridal party room. We did the other rehearsal at a local joint, this one will be held at the venue. Catering kitchen/bathrooms. They have access for the whole week to set up and this one costs $3,800 for Friday/Sat/Sun. Both places and others that are around here are booked up more than a year in advance. I think that Caryn is kind of a smart cookie to move towards this type of business plan instead of the pumpkin/kid plan. It seems like with the amount of land that they have they could have more than one wedding each weekend and offer different size plans. The venues I have been to (I don't think anyone does a church/fellowship hall wedding anymore??) in the last couple of years have been at barns and they aren't cows/pigs/goats have been living here barns but newly built ones. I did go to one beach wedding and the hotel was right on the beach dune. That was a miserable wedding. Beach venues are highly over rated in my opinion. I have rambled enough I guess. I hope Tori and Caryn do well with this venture. It is a job job, not just an I use this stuff so buy it and I get credit job. Oh, my gosh I almost forgot...there are also those (full body shiver) paint parties! I am surprised that they haven't started doing those yet at the farm.
  23. I randomly spent most of Friday night listening to those twins. My favorite was when they heard Johnny Cash's Hurt. They went through the gamut of emotions with that one, old man lived/hear it in his voice/manly man, at the beginning then you could tell they were mesmerized because they just listened and then it was Oh that's cold! He just stopped! I have subscribed to their whatever you call it. I hope they prosper because they are super cool kids. They did Sweet Dreams but I wish they would do Here Comes The Rain. I listened to that song a zillion times during my younger years. Annie Lennox is haunting, haunting I say, with her voice.
  24. Scattered: I didn't realize it was new shows this week so I didn't think anything about the kid automatically skipping the recording to watch another show two days this week. I have refused to watch any virus adapted shows but I guess I will watch YR. There is a stilted demeanor among all the actors which kind of reminds me of amateur plays but I can deal with that on the short term. I liked Chelsea's poofed short sleeve blouse but there was too much Chelsea in that episode. Plus also, man those white pants were tight yet nary a camel toe in sight. I think I might warm up to her a bit if she were to do a shorter fring-y hair with cool bangs to match. I guess a bit longer version of what Adam is sporting now? And if she would learn to breath less noticeably. Adam looks better-ish while also looking worser-ish. He is sporting some sunburn it looks like on his nose and cheeks. And is he growing a goatee? Hmmm. I only caught the opening scene of one episode that had Nikki. I love the color but dang, could she not see how horrible that curl was that was spread across her cheek? Or feel it? It is like she forgot to do that eighties thing of flipping head down, shaking out the curls, then flipping head back to get the perfect amount of poof. Also, have they done some tweaks to that set during shutdown? I seemed to have noticed some wallpaper that I didn't notice before or something was odd. Jack, fire your barber! I did love the Jack and Victor at the bar scene. I also hate those bar stools something fierce and wish they still had GCAC around. Summer's head looks like it shrunk a couple sizes. I haven't watched Friday's episode yet to see any of the other actors.
  25. Be still my heart. I will never get over my beloved ATWT... ...although this dude did help with the grief.
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