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  1. This ad has been around for about a week or more as a banner ad. It goes from about an inch in size to about four or five inches and does not interfere with reading. Just now it became a popup ad. I had to manually drag/copy this url: https://forums.primetimer.com/forum/314-the-real-housewives-of-new-york-city/
  2. I am probably going to start watching again this season since BF is gone. I recorded all of last season and only watched spurts of it live. I just couldn't tolerate BF anymore. I am going in knowing nothing about the two newbies and looking forward to a new dynamic between the regular gang. I hope we have a lot of Hamptons stuff. I liked watching Luanne going around the town getting things for a brunch. Would love to see a party at Ramona's updated (for her, I know!) Hampton's home because she has fun with her guests. Deep, happy sigh...BF is gone.
  3. https://forums.primetimer.com/forum/351-everything-else/ Whole screen pop up ad for a mattress (can't remember the brand) Samsung Google Chromebook, updated and as the above poster stated popup ads only happening at Primetimer site. updating this post for another full page popup ad now: https://forums.primetimer.com/topic/20496-pet-peeves/page/366/?tab=comments#comment-5669452
  4. Recently returned viewer after a several year hiatus. I came back just as MS was returning as Phyllis and while I grew to despise and ridicule MS before I left, after returning I am enjoying her now. She seems toned down since her return and back to how she was when she first arrived in GC. No jazz hands. Another UO is that I would love to see a slow return to Phick. Or Phack. I think she does well in a romance with those two. @JasonCC I like the Phyllis and Adam dynamic also! UO: I don't especially care that Cane/Traci fizzled. They had her so darn frumpy that while I didn't mind the age difference, I did mind the frumpiness factor. I do think post Cane they have oomphed her up a bit, wardrobe wise. I would love to see her paired with Michael or Paul.
  5. I can't even justify BF getting her nine year old daughter privately all caught up in shapewear, which is for adults. I wanted to say if they were just being silly at home it was fine but even then, bringing Bryn's young self into a body image slash sort of sexual (women making their breasts appealing) situation is just icky to me. To blast it on the internet is beyond bad judgement. I can't even imagine the conversations between those two on why mommy had her pubic hair lasered. Bryn is well on her way to being as transmorgified mentally and bodily as Brielle and Ariana are from the crap that Kim has done to them over the years. Boundaries, they are a very important part of parenting.
  6. I rushed into the den from the kitchen when I saw the pumpkin face ad last week to rewind it. It has become one of my favorite seasonal ads.
  7. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-7516735/Karlie-Kloss-lists-gorgeous-2-bedroom-New-York-bachelorette-pad-sale-whopping-2-75M.html This home is like an updated Barbie dream townhouse. All those up and down short stairs! I also had the thought that the home is staged for sale, not her personal style. I wish I had a stash of cash, I would run to Ryan Serhant and tell him to get me this home and leave my little town behind.
  8. https://forums.primetimer.com/forum/239-project-runway/ I hope that is the URL information you need. Amazon Audible popup ad takes over screen. I also had one for the Blunder# for Fisher Investments ad but clicked to another page before capturing it. Google Samsung Chromebook, updated. I have come across several pop up ads in the last week on this site, which has never happened before for me.
  9. I agree with your whole post but the above reminded me that while watching I wanted to know what a boutique community meant. I did like that couple, the episode seemed to be a bit more like they were when the show first started.
  10. After posting that I came back to the show several months ago after a long hiatus, I got stayed caught up watching 20 episodes, then deleted about 15 episodes because I got behind and chose that over deleting my beloved James Spader on The Blacklist (truthfully? I am always behind on my shows!), watched about 7 episodes, am now about 8 episodes behind but I am hanging in there and not deleting again because I am loving YR since my return. I only ff that insipid Lola, which means I also ff Kyle, which is a bit of a bummer. On topic here, I have a question: I am kind of smart but also extremely dense on obvious things, a lot. Are Sharon and Grossman dating in real life? Being coy about it or being silly in love about it? I can't tell from the posts here. Ugh, I hate Daniel Goddard. So slimy and manipulative in real life. When MS first came on way back when, I loved her/Phyllis. Then I went to extreme hate during her "jazz hands/huzzzzband" stage. Since returning I have fallen back into looking forward to her scenes. There is a bit of, control?, something in her scenes now that is such a relief from the above jazz/huzzband schtick she was doing before she left. I did like the article linked above even if she does ramble when she talks. I was around when Hillary came on the show but left before it went sideways so her coming back as a new character is going to be interesting to me. I love her new hairdo! She is pretty dumb though in that little blurb link: I'm a lawyer, actress playing a lawyer, so I am living my dream, no long hours? Surely as an actress you could have winged the candid speech a bit better. Off now to catch up and find out if Victor is alive or dead!
  11. My favorite uplift Dorindaism is "We're not crying over this!"
  12. Ooooooooooh... I now want a new franchise, Real Housewives of the Platinum Triangle. Somebody tweet Andy, stat!
  13. I can't find a good link but Netflix is showing Norm Macdonald Has A Show and Judge Judy was a guest. It was pretty interesting, mostly because I am a fan of both.
  14. I saw small circular patterns all along the door of the car. It looked to me like the door was in the process of being buffed in that picture. Like you I quickly deleted so I can't go back and check what others say they saw, something on the actual paper that created an illusion of something on the door.
  15. I couldn't get a handle on the where's the dog defendant, that Byrd had to stand beside. He obviously has a lot of issues but underneath it, he came across as human and had a sense of humor. I got the worst case of sad watching and wondering what happened to the lab that the creep used as a service dog. I hope he is okay. Dogs are may weakness. Coparent guy to scam society case. I can't help but think that these people wouldn't be able to do these things if they weren't enabled to scam by the government that they are scamming. Laws and regulations need a safety net to guard against these types of people. One can dream I guess. I hated all of the litigants in the 21 day notice of damages rental case. Hated him the most but I think all of them would be horrible to spend time around. The wife was so thrilled to show her little ballet slippers and never peeped a word, standing there next to Mr Personality. Barf. And the plaintiff looked like a no neck troll who used wide eyed innocent expressions to get her way. The couple in the business rental/clothing store case need to get more professional with their landlord duties. More face to face time with them, the renter and the person doing the (in this case) heating/ac work.
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