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  1. I had this episode on in the background so I spoiled myself on the outcome and have just a couple random thoughts before going back to watch. I hope Stephanie is in the final three after next week! I see Kevin did another ball thingy. He just isn't up there with Bryan and Melissa in my opinion. Padma is the only one who could wear that darn ridiculous fluffy coat.
  2. Oddly, it makes me so happy that someone else gets Jeffrey. I adore everything about him, all his moods and his ridiculous humor. I also have a thing for Chris Plante so I guess I have a type. I would like to be in his orbit just so I could be one of the characters in his life. I am sure he would find something to either like or dislike about me and blow it all out of proportion, which would be funny as heck to me. I don't have a clue how to listen to his show but would love too do that on the regular. Maybe I should check his twitter and see if there is a link. As far as Jenni, her actions were the catalyst in breaking up that friendship. I hope they patch it up but she would need to admit that her blaming him for her lack of a career was not valid. I also hold out hope that he and Gage will one day reunite. I really miss seeing him on tv and wish he would be able to come up with something to get back on my screen.
  3. I will be here when you feel like getting your game back on. I know it wasn't as easy a process as it came across each day so I appreciate your dedication. You have a knack for it. Maybe you should start an app and make zillions on it...
  4. Does this mean a new game will start on Tuesday? Thanks in advance for the new game!
  5. I did not expect this to be top three. I have not picked sharon once to gtfo but have picked mariah and traci every chance to gtfo. I will keep that pattern of voting and let Traci stay.
  6. I am mesmerized by Ashley's breasts in that post above. Mariah gtfo
  7. Traci gtfo Plus also, I forgot about the can't open a box scene! I needed a chuckle today and that was surely a chuckle scene.
  8. I am not sure about the origins of the cabin. My starting timeline is that Nick and Sharon lived there when they first got married, with it having the same furnishings it has now, minus the couch and chair that is there now. They both lived there together and also at different times each stayed there alone, then it was empty at one point, maybe during Sharon's and Jack's romping. At some point, before the cabin became empty of Sharon and Nick, Victoria moved back into the tack house, it might have been when she originally broke up with JT or some other dude years ago. But she needed to move into the tack house and she took the yellow couch and dragonfly chair there from where she was living. Then during the time that the cabin was empty she needed to move again and moved only the couch and chair into the cabin and that is the couch and chair that is in the cabin now.
  9. Mariah gtfo Tessa played a big part of that dismissal.
  10. Yes @JasonCC Liz Foster's family were the poors of the show. I meant that their house was a contrast to the wealth of the other families. I remember a front porch and living room. I haven't had any success in finding any pictures of that set. I suck at googling. If I ever wanted to become an investigator I would starve if I had to depend on a web search for solving a case.
  11. I also miss the revolving doors at GCAC and the foyer @bannana along with Lauren's store Fenmore's. Fenmore's and Barbara Ryan's store (ATWT) were two of my favorite sets. If I am not mistaken I think the couch and chair in Sharon's cabin belong to Victoria. I have a vague memory of Victoria living at the tack house a couple years ago (this big mouth Victoria not smushed mouth original Victoria) a few years ago and then moving to the cabin and taking that couch and chair with her. I also miss the bowl of nuts at the GCAC bar. I remember the new Newman Ranch set built after after the fire. It had the entrance foyer and they used the original ranch doors for that set. The front living room was attached and now what they are usually showing in scenes at the ranch is what I thought was referred to by Nikki a couple of times as the den. So I guess in imagination land the front entrance/living room still exists. Again, I might be mistaken. I never knew Lola's apartment was above CL. I get what they are going for but I don't like Lily's frosted in the middle glass doors at her office. I wish they would configure that set to show two across the hall offices, one for Lily and one for either Billy or any other people who are going to be working there. I would like to see a throwback episode featuring Liz's house. It was, in my opinion, on par with Chancellor Estates as far as iconic sets. Count me in on the Brad/Ashley house set being a favorite! It always struck me as a house you would find more in the upper northeast coast states than Wisconsin though.
  12. Those mom's were complete loons. I did a full body shiver when they kept showing them. Never ever ever would I want to go to one of those things if the ones on the show were a good representation of who goes to them. Seriously, those were some creepy women unleashed on Tom. I think it was an editing trip up and what we thought was the reaction of Tom to Leanne's donut was in fact a reaction to those looney weird ladies being around him. He was scared as hell, I am positive.
  13. I had to pause during the which one did she choose segment because from the front that was shown earlier I thought it was at most a three story building. I was wowed that it was actually a four story complex. I grasped that in her unit you had to walk up an outside stairway one flight to walk into her first floor and then she had a second floor loft. But I thought the ground level entry condo was just a one story. I loved the condo, it needed a lot of work but would have been worth it. That loft area was terribly laid out and needed to have a complete overhaul to remedy that part. I think I would at least want some kind of wall to separate the laundry closet from the open bedroom. After looking at the building from the river viewpoint, I had a lot of fear of heights thoughts come at me. That and if it ever rained I would be traumatized thinking of mud slides and the whole building falling into the river. I never guessed from the front entrance with the garage that it was built down a couple levels, into a mountainside. Also, that $400 plus maintenance fee? The realtor said it included landscaping but from the entrance there was only a paved parking area, no grass or plants in sight. To continue the ramble, these two ladies were so weird to me. The daughter had no personality at all. The mother kept acting like the daughter was mentally in the 7 year old to 17 year old age range. I have no idea how old either of them were but I kept wondering why they were trying to come across as the daughter was some barely legal age babe in the woods when she seemed to be in her 30's? 40's? She had that weird thing where she is probably in her late 20's but reads as older. I sound like an idiot but they were really odd to me. And shallowly, they had unpleasant mouths, even with the glaring teeth whitening they had invested in. I am being completely 100% shallow about their looks and personalities but they just gave me the creeps and I can't explain why in an understandable not shallow way. I forced myself to watch just because the houses were better than usual. I did like all three choices and think she made a good choice with her pick.
  14. Gotcha! It is less confusing now with the explanation above. Amy has her annoying qualities but I do love that she just goes for it in embracing dancing, wearing bathing suits, and her everyday clothes. Sure she is a slob, I don't think I would ever eat anything she cooks, but she cleans up pretty good when she puts in the effort style wise. I always think she looks great in blue jeans!
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