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  1. THANK you! And don't even get me started on The Pelican Brief. Grrrrr. The only two films that I ever thought were as equally pleasing as the book were Lonesome Dove and Bonfires of the Vanities.
  2. @NYGirl I wanted to dislike them both when the only thing he could come up with was that she never met a cuss word she didn't like. And she then said a cuss word that was bleeped out. I use a variety of cuss words daily (mostly muttered to myself) but don't brag about it and I don't cuss at inappropriate times. I can't figure out why that was what they came up with to share. I thought the second historical home was very well laid out and just odd enough to be interesting and still usable. I hated the first house upon sight when I saw the huge add on at the back. That was the house they chose and once I saw how she furnished it, it didn't seem so bad. He was handsome and she was pretty but if I spent any time with her I would want her to change her hairstyle. And yes, her dopey smile was annoying. They were both that annoying style of "we're so laid back chill that we're edgy". They might be that way but it is annoying.
  3. Haha Me also! Color is much improved. It doesn't look like she got a good cut though (if she did get a cut). But I can't help but wonder, being the nosy Rosie that I am, what was off?? haha Looking again at the hair before hitting reply and I think maybe she did get it cut in that razor-y style. I hope she posts some more pictures so I can get a better look.
  4. This is from her (shutdown) FB charity page (I was dwaddling on the link above about people selling on her site and wound up there for just a few minutes). She looks fantastic here and the picture is only a couple years old. I hope she does a makeover soon because she has the goods to look fabulous.
  5. I was 10 seconds in and I had to stop and post that I hope for my future YR happiness that there is some kind of boutique back in GC and I see from the posts that others also had opinions about the Fenmore set. While Fenmore's will never replace my beloved Barbara Ryan Original's, it did fill up my department store/boutique tank. Sigh, I spent a big chunk of my childhood idolizing Barbara Ryan. I also hope that they find a way to bring back Gloria. If not the actress, then the character!
  6. I held back the barf inducing soul patch sight long enough to realize that the lady was an easily influenced stupid person so I just stopped recording. It is tit for tat for me in the I'm so cute versus We have to announce that we need to make family memories so both of these episodes were bad for me.
  7. I was positive in a distracted way that the DC couple was going to buy that million dollar plus monstrosity home. That.home.was.horrible. I was so glad that they chose that brick normal layout house. And I loved that they painted the cabinets to upgrade them. The lady of the couple thought that she was the cute funny of the two when she was just annoying. The dude was the true hero in the quietly funny angle. The scooter brakes mime at the beginning and the We're making a baby...so get out song lyric at the end of episode gathering sealed the deal that he was the one I would like to be around. There wasn't anything wrong with the lady, I just hate when someone is so aware of wanting to be cute.
  8. She looks nice in that video. I like the color of her top and her hair is a bit different since the motorcycle pictures. The color is lighter, streakier and there is a whiff of wings and fluffy-ness in those (slightly shorter) bangs (I am and will forever be and eighties girl). Maybe she is seguing into another style already. She is still a nasty cook and I would never eat anything she fixes. Molly has the daintiest hands.
  9. I too was startled when scrolling since I thought, cool she isn't...oh geeze there she is popping up all wonky and unkempt looking. I am not unattractive but I photograph horribly so I feel for her. When she is caught in candid moments (like the one I mentioned above with Chris and the motorcycle ride) she does look great, it is just those up close selfies that do her no justice. I do hope she has a makeover in the countdown time before the wedding. She has shown in the past that she can have attractive hairstyles so I don't know why she is attached to the stringy, bad color hair now.
  10. She looks great in the last picture of the two of them standing outside. Looking at the pictures I found myself wondering if she crashed in on a guys day out? The only thing I know about an Indian motorcycle is that Mike Wolfe on American Pickers will pay tens of thousands of dollars for a rusted out frame of one. Just the frame, nothing else. Granted it is from the way back times so it is probably worth it for a collector. I think it is cool that Chris has an Indian, it adds a bit of depth to him. Don't ask me to explain that reasoning, ha. eta I just yelled to the other room to the hubster How much is a new Indian motorcycle? It's according to which one you get. About twenty twenty five. How about a Harley? About the same. Oh, so it's mostly a brand preference? Pretty much. All that to say that I don't think Chris is being outlandish in his choice of an Indian.
  11. Ahhhh, my beloved Lisa Vanderpump. You wrote words that are completely true about her and yet, here I am with my soft spot I save in my heart for her because she is also genuine, straight forward, intelligent, caring, and lives in a world of fancy whimsy. I do agree with being glad that Tracy doesn't play that kind of game (what you said in your post). Oh I am sure she pays quite a bit of money to occasionally look that dorky, ha. All her stuff isn't odd or unfashionable, just some of it.
  12. I always wonder if there is something written in the contract that if you (the seller) ditches the realtor that you have to reimburse for the expenses. I get that you have to spend money to make money but I don't think DE is going to just lose out on hundreds of thousands of dollars because the seller walks away. I have no clue, for sure, but I always wonder about it when watching. I was iffy on Tracy when she first came on but I look forward to seeing her now. I love how she is so feminine and girly while being smart and level headed in business. And that the guys seem to respect and support her for her brains while also having a soft spot for her as a woman. It's a fine line in the business world and I think they have all managed to work it. The bonus for me with her will always be that she wears dorky clothes. And that she loves her dorky clothes.
  13. I think Audrey is a beautiful woman. Annoying, but beautiful.
  14. I have always wanted NeNe to thrive outside of RHAtl so I am looking forward to her new show. She does have a shady side yet I still wish her well.
  15. Got around to watching the California magician? comedian? episode. After I saw his choice and that he followed through on doing renovations but had not completed them during filming, it made me wish again that Where are they now? was still a show. Re-watched the Austin architect wife/mortgage husband episode and she was even more annoying. I think that husband will never please her, nor will any co-worker/boss/client. When the husband was giving out his thoughts on what could happen to improve the second home I saw it as the perfect set up by him for her to "shine" and give her highly educated input on if that would work or not work and also if it wouldn't work, what would work. Nah, she had to go to her spoiled brat answer.
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