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  1. Wow, that is a fabulous picture above and the writing is much better than the usual blabbering. She looks great.
  2. Back when I devoured books like it was my job I started reading Lonesome Dove. I used to work at a newspaper and I would go out to the stores with proofs of ads and an eccentric movie theater manager and I would discuss movies and books. When he asked what I was reading I told him I had started reading Lonesome Dove but was putting it aside. He said stick with it! Get passed the first 50 or so pages and I promise you you won't regret it!". So that night I started from the beginning again and once I got to his marking spot boy was he right! I couldn't put the book down and it is one of my all time favorites. Then I almost died while watching the movie because it was so true to the book that, well, shivers. It is something that you will have to dedicate to immersing yourself in to really enjoy it. Don't forget Diane Lane, Danny Glover and Robert Urich. Every single person was perfect, even the small parts. (eta, to clarify, those three I listed are major parts, not small parts) Sigh, I miss those days.
  3. @geauxaway Have you played UNO with your son? I picked up a pack (old school kind not the bells and whistles gadget one) while Christmas shopping and have played 8,394943, 4857373 hands with my 7 year old granddaughter and her 3.5 year old side kick sister crashes the hands while taking breaks from being a rug runner/curtain climber. I think the 7 yo is going to have a gambling problem because I explained cards for money and she won't stop talking about poker now. We play while watching Rust Valley Restorers (another obsession of hers). The 3 yo is just a climber since she was born so I don't know what she will be doing. Probably become a Wichita Lineman out west or something. @Capricasix Have you watched/read Lonesome Dove? It is looooooong but worth it, the book and the movie.
  4. I have cut them a lot of slack but I was Whoa! when I read the "when we remember" about the eye glasses above. You can't remember that??
  5. I haven't caught up yet but I had the show on in the background and I loved seeing the jet scenes! Submitting that freaky pose on the bed as one of the worst memories I have. I will never figure out how MS managed to make it look like she is actually some kind of two piece robot and during that Welcome back to the hotel room! love scene she managed to make it look like the bottom piece was left in the prop closet. It for real freaked me out. I am beyond sick of Chance and Abby behbeeez I needz dem behbeeez story arc.
  6. I hope that the Amanda story winds up bringing in her family. I can't recall now if this family is in GC? Or close by? I hope it is that way so there can be another pillar in the Abbott/Newman/Chancellor established influential family trope. Shallow note, Amanda is looking super skinny the last couple episodes. I keep wanting to leave fattening snacks out for her to munch on in her scenes. I flipped forward all the wedding scenes. No interest at all in Sharon being married to Rey at all. I wish upon wish that they would send Rey into Victoria's orbit. So much potential there, imo. I am going to love Kevin and Phyllis being up to shenanigans, it is what they do best. Phyllis is looking really bad lately though. (full body shiver) I am beyond sick of Crimson Lights, Society, hotel rooms. Please bring back GCAC. If someone will give me a way to shout it to the ones in charge, I will. Why can't Nate and Elena have some scenes at Nate's house? And fluff you show for getting my hopes up with Elena's talk about finding her own place then her immediately being Nah!Gotcha! I want a character overhaul for Mariah. I like her/the actress and yet I can't stand her. That is Arturo? Huh. He can go. Please don't put Sally and Jack together. Please fix her hair. I will be so glad when the world actually embraces an actual hair cut and style. Beyond sick of these flat ironed or fat droopy rolls being a style. That might be why I love Elena's new doo, it is a real hair cut.
  7. I got as far as them making avacado toast and had to just delete. I am not a fan of these HH investment episodes at all anyway. Caught the tail end of the Florida episode and didn't bother to dvr the later showing just for that reason. I did catch a rerun of a recent episode, back from Aug or September, a Dallas episode I think. She looked at two condos then a single house in the suburbs. She chose the second condo. Changed the faucets to black matte. I missed the first 15 minutes and wonder what she did for a living. She and the agent were pretty cool and not annoying, both beautiful.
  8. This might merge in posts but it is a second thought about her post with the scrub lotion. I get being relatable, not everyone lives in a perfectly arranged world. But seriously? You are offering to endorse a relaxing item with the background being a bunch of dishes/pans on a drying mat? Why not set it up on the kitchen table in a neat display? Or even clean up the bathroom counter and (fake) demonstrate it in there? I get being real, I do, but there is real and then there is just not trying. I can't believe she has any kind of business degree. On a positive note, I don't know exactly why he does but I do believe Chris does love her and wants to marry her. Unless he is a total psycho pulling a long con. Which I don't believe. I don't think he is in this for the money. He connected with her and went for it and I hope that they both wind up living happily ever after.
  9. Over priced yes! Go to any discount store, Ross, Marshall's, TJMaxx, Homegoods, Maxway, Cracker Barrel, hell even a grocery store and you will find so many other options. Even at the specialty boutique places I don't think they charge that much. I do love using those scrubs for my feet and hands so I am always picking up a jar from somewhere. She really does put a lot of over priced options on her site. I got into the routine of using those scrubs at my bathroom sink, several times a week. I can't tell you how relaxing it is to scrub your feet, put on some Snoozies (my go to for ordering them is at Noah's Playpen on Amazon) and then read in bed for a few hours. When I have a restless night I usually get up and do a scrub and it helps me fall asleep. Yeah, I am a weirdo that has feet issues, ha. Many years ago I discovered the connection that relaxing my feet leads to me being relaxed.
  10. Sooooo I thought 86 meant to kill something. 69 to me is a sex position (blushing, I am a shy sex person). This talk reminded me of a family gathering back in the late 70's when my younger brother was walking around just saying "96!" in that I'm 12 and discovered something to annoy the oldsters with and my much older aunt finally yelling across the room "It's 69 you stupid idiot!".
  11. @bichonblitz I had the baguette in my cart and saw that Martin's bag of cubed potato roll was on sale (they are at a store that I visit in the nearest big town from my little small town) so I got them instead. Cool how the substitutes work for this meal! And @readheaded Ha ha! I love your response about Joanna! I have the same response when I come across someone I can't stand and can't understand why anyone would like them.
  12. Someone mentioned here watching Joanna Gaines' new show on that new Discovery+ channel (streaming) and I happened to catch a two episode preview on my regular cable schedule Sunday and recorded it. Joanna is probably just as unpolished with the cooking as Amy is but she is definitely not nasty at all like Amy is on her demonstrations, pictures, what have you. That is what turns me off with Amy, the sense of nastiness. To your point above, Joanna eats her food! Plates it and shows the camera just what it looks like and then devours it. I actually took the time today to get the ingredients for her Friendsgiving menu and had it for supper tonight and it was as good as what Joanna claimed it to be while she was eating it. Well, I didn't make the cranberry stuff because I had a jar of Trader Joe's but she made her's seem so easy that I am going to try it soon. I also have the ingredients to make the meat pies and salad thing for tomorrow! So to explain even more, when I watched Joanna one time, I was inspired to go get what I needed for two meals, felt like I was in the kitchen with her along with her crew and loved her interesting stories behind the food and I am even contemplating signing up for Discovery+ just to be able to watch her show. When I watch Amy I just come away exhausted and have no desire to make anything she puts out there.
  13. @SmithW6079 Ha, I have a fabulous head of natural blonde hair (slowly getting the blonde type of grey which is sparkly!). It is just a struggle to get it to grow, unless I am trying to keep a pixie cut, then it grows inches every single day. Mine is finally at one length, between my shoulder blades and I just always loved AJ's long, healthy looking hair on the show. I was amazed and as usual, I was probably the only one not privy to the obvious. Back on topic, I haven't watched this season because I don't want this show to be the same show set up, minus Chr-eye!- sty (that will always be the comedy gold comeback of any season). If they would have the same actors in a whole new show I would probably watch it. Plus I have been on a slow weaning for about one and a half seasons anyway because the show seems to have lost its focus and isn't cohesive from plot to plot. So I came here initially to see if there was any news of Anna Farris having anything lined up. It would be cool to have a spin off with her at the college.
  14. Huh. Just for the record, that huh is loaded with emotional baggage. I am sitting here stewing in a simmering sauce of betrayal, distraught that I wasted so many seasons admiring (jealously?, yes of course it was based on jealousy!) that head of hair.
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