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  1. Or stumbling around the building drunk as a skunk!🥴 OMG look at the grease in her dirty hair. How does she lay her head down next to her husband this dirty.
  2. What the hell is wrong with QVC! She's dirty! I wouldn't buy anything from her. Her hair, face is so flipping shiny, she has had her filthy paws, pawing everything she's selling. She must STINK to high heaven. What a disgrace QVC, what a disgrace that you allow her on the air this dirty. I resent it!
  3. OMGosh it's disgusting! I don't care for anything in a cream sauce though.
  4. Shawn would never have thought to give Leah or anyone else anything, even though she tells everyone she generous to a fault🙄She's a taker not a giver! Welcome @Fritopaws😊
  5. I wonder if she pays for the gallons of Wen, or are they given to her? She's seems like the if it's free its me type.
  6. He didn't drink it though, much to Shawn's disappointment. She acted like she hit the lottery she said they'll keep filling our glasses...crickets from Leah!
  7. She shouldn't have said this "little Philly" she should have said this big Clydesdale #call it like it is xs
  8. She's crazy. She's a health coach! those #'s are ridiculous! She's just like Shawn with the #'s.
  9. I saw that too, she loses it too quickly. If she were home it would have turned into a crying jag in her basement about poor, poor me and she would have added religion into it someway.
  10. I don't think he was wearing that ring when he passed it looks to big for him. She probably but it on him for the photo.
  11. She doesn't make a big deal about her birthday! Since when.
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