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  1. More butter, more butter, more butter!😄
  2. WOW she looks like she could go down with those shoes they're so loose on her. She looks like she has a size 12 jeans on, which there is nothing wrong with a 12, just own it, and they look dirty, but so do the models. Her hair is so old fashion looking. I don't get why they still use an old video of her strutting around Philly in the dark when her hair was short & blonde, for the Find opening. IMO it looks 100X's better then it does now.
  3. Could she get any uglier! She should have done something with the ball on the end of her nose🤡She's such a moron!
  4. She sure has a dirty house. There's paper in the red lantern, an ice bucket with an old lemon in it, easter bunny ears on the floor! I don't think toys are dirt, but that big ugly foot hits you in the face as soon as you open her page🤢🦶🏻
  5. What was the point of growing her hair! It looks terrible, gray, dirty and has absolutely no style. Oh my gosh she's so ugly. I know that's mean, but so is she.
  6. She's always bringing up Donny! Let it go Donnie & Marie are OVER! Thank goodness she said last night was her last appearance on QVC!🥳 MO came out with a long ass story, to make a long story short she was coughing. She looked all spanxed up like she's still on a Vegas stage and talking incessantly.
  7. I think Martha always looks like a hot mess. I think it's her hair there's no style to it.
  8. I saw it with Caro fluffing her hair😂
  9. When she was selling with Toni, she was saying buy both they're so cute. She always so pushy the tsv was almost $90. and she's saying buy both! She's a very well paid salesgirl, a lot of people buying her wigs I thing might be retired. Who was that girl with the red hair she was dragging out once in awhile?
  10. She doesn't know how to style it. I saw Jayne Brown and she looked great in it
  11. I didn't like them. I don't care for CIJ either if I ordered anything I'd never remember the safe place I put it! I could never understand how anyone can spend thousands of dollars on a piece of jewelry that they haven't seen or touched!🤷🏼‍♀️JMO
  12. YUCK! She got the lips plumped up! She kept that smaller lighted mirror in front of her as much as she possibly could to up light that 🤡face!
  13. My husband and I were watching him last night. He's usually on with Rachel and they act like someone is going to take the food from them. I think they sample everything that's being sold. My husband always say's whatever they're selling burgers, hot dogs, fish, steaks, lobster tails, candy or whatever that's ridiculous for one. I said to my husband Alberti better watch out or he's going to blow up like Mr. Foodie himself!