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  1. It's repulsive....I wonder how much snot was on her fingers🤢
  2. I think that's too much money for a teacher's gift.
  3. Me either. I think if he did have one Shawn would be relentless, cause that's the bitch she is.
  4. I really like Leah...but her new hair looks like it would be so hot especially this summer🥵
  5. She's such a moron. I'm surprised she's not on her knees...she has a thing for Rick, I don't think he can stand her.
  6. If sounds like the drinking is getting way out of hand🥴
  7. You're so right Carolyn is always trying to get him to sing. I was laughing out loud with Caro shaking her fist somewhere😂
  8. WOW What a fat ass! This is probably why she's getting so big. She's either sitting or lying down.
  9. They look like Mom jeans from a SNL skit!
  10. OMGosh she could bend steel with that voice!
  11. I think it's in your genes🤷🏼‍♀️I wish I had them. I associate them with being thin.
  12. I don't know how old he was when he got his tattoos, but he looks like an old man trying too hard to be mad cool.
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