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  1. I'll echo the lack of food as an issue. Taaaaaacky, tacky, tacky. Never in my life. Oh, and I was raised in Dallas, been in Texas all my life, been to hundreds of weddings (and had a few of my own, lol). This is NOT how we do things in Texas....or anywhere. And if the invitation did state that there would be limited food, why that's even tackier. Who sends out an invitation like that? "We invite you to stop at Sonic on your way to share in our joy". And please bring a reusable cup with which you can fill up water from the bathroom. You can take the girl out of the carnie life.....
  2. Good points, and since I don't know CA law, and I'm going to make the assumption that she certainly wouldn't do anything illegal on camera, that she was within her rights to drive her car that day. Re: Emily's continued marriage to the wormiest, most unsupportive husband ever.....I do believe that since her kids are so little, it's got to be hard to consider divorce. Plus, she has a bad/no relationship with her own family, but Bravo-thirsty Parry is "there" for her, both physically and, I guess, financially, so there's that. When Shane pushed the bread towards her and tried to waft the scent towards her, I wanted her to spill a drink on him. Preferably one of their oft-ordered spicy skinny margaritas, just so I could see him in pain from the sting in his eyes.
  3. Interesting about Ian. I had just heard him on a Sirius talk show (Jeff Lewis), where he talked about his great marriage, how wonderful his wife is, and he even shared the sweet story of how they met. That was around when Episode 2 of the new show was just airing. You wonder....was that all just for public? Or what happened in his marriage?
  4. Re: DUI's: I drive a company car, and we are constantly re-told the company policy regarding DUI's. A DUI means automatic license being taken away, hence you can't drive, and if you can't drive, you can't do your job, soooooo.....for me, a DUI = job loss. I saw Gina with her cockamamie explanation on WWHL, and I still don't get it. Maybe her blond bleach has seeped into her brain.
  5. That's actually the best explanation I've heard for why they seem so unnatural around each other. Re: Rich talking about other women, at his own wedding. Sheesh, dude. And no, I don't think D'Andra should have told LeighAnn with cameras rolling, but I was with a guy like Rich. Where there's smoke....
  6. Also....I'll sit alone at my table for one in that I love Tyler. Not like, but love. I find his authenticity, his openness, his vulnerability, just all so refreshing. It can't be easy to show those prior pictures of himself 200 lbs. heavier, especially as a gay man in NYC, which can be brutal. I love that he's willing to show not only his workouts, but his shoving a muffin in his face during stress, as that's part of the deal: his go-to is food, and he's allowing us to see his weakness. I also love that he's up-and-coming, like Ryan was when the show first started. And he's not afraid to show the difficulty in securing these large listings, and in losing sales. He was on WWHL, and a caller asked if the show has helped him get dates, and he smiled and said something cute like...."well it hasn't hurt....wink...;)"
  7. I'm not a Steve Gold fan, but in defense of the name Rose Gold, it was his grandmother's name. In Judaism, one is always named for someone else who passed away prior to their birth, so that their soul can live on through future generations. Rose was once a very common name that has gone out of style and come back in, like Grace. My grandmother, too, was named Rose. That being said, it would have been perfectly fine (and preferable, IMO), for Steve to have given the name Rose as a middle name, so that poor child isn't saddled with ridicule, which it will be.
  8. Chrissy Metz looks like over 400 to me. Does anyone know her real weight? On the show currently, she looks even larger than before, but I wonder if that's prosthetic? I'm wondering if she will show her rumored 100 lb. loss later in the season, as they remove prosthetics, as the current story arc is her insecurity surrounding Toby's "loss"/hotness. We all know that Toby is not truly an overweight actor, but has been bulked up with prosthetics this whole time, and now they're running a storyline about his CrossFit/weight loss journey, so I'm wondering if they'll layer in Chrissy's attempts at weight loss and reveal, later in the season, something that's being covered up now with prosthetics? Just thinking out loud here!
  9. Pens with pharmaceutical names are now illegal, as are all the other pharma company perks. No more golf outings, trips, or even coffee mugs. Federal Sunshine Act. Methinks Dr. Brian saw an opportunity for free advertising, but he just couldn’t put up with crazy-ass Kelly.
  10. Why didn't Vicki take 2 minutes to wash that cake off her face before getting in the car? I'd have hated having all that sticky stuff all over my face, much less being filmed with it.
  11. The key gift is ingenious on Tom's part. 1) It's a skeleton key, so it doesn't even really open his house. 2) It's in a used box from a cheapo store. 3) He gave it to her just hours before she was to board a plane to the U.S., so even if it was real, she'd never be able to use it. So he got to look like this great guy, with this great "gift", when all it was, was something to shut up ol' sloppy-drunk duck lips.
  12. Yeah, something's definitely off about Braunwyn's husband. How many straight men wear a "statement necklace"? He was in the audience at WWHL, and Andy pointed it out, and yes, he always wears one. Not to mention the hair gel, the botoxed face, the over-white teeth. And all their talk about lovemaking, taking us into their "love shack" apartment....all just.....gross.
  13. I've done quite a bit of online dating, and I always use pictures that are no more than 2 years old, and I date them. It's shocking to me how many people (yes, including men) use decades old pictures. I had a date once who complained about a woman he met, as she was at least 50 lbs. heavier in person. But the guy was 10 years older than his profile! I called him on it.....as I could tell! He said, "well, yeah, I shaved a few years off my age, heh heh heh"......as I "heh heh heh'd" right outta there.
  14. If it hadn't been Carly, it would have been someone else. Heck, it was many someone elses, as Jim was sexting others and probably cheating the entire time. Carly was just the convenient ho living under his roof. Maybe Carly will do a Schwarzenegger housekeeper and turn out to be pregnant and go after Jim for money. I've never liked Meghan, but she doesn't deserve this. Plastic-faced, horse-veneer toothed, short man Jim isn't worth crying over.
  15. That couples shower was so over-decorated, it made my head spin. Waaaaay too many table candelabras, you couldn't even see the guests. Guests should be able to chat with those sitting across from them, not staring into some blinding blinged out metallic monstrosity. Plus, one big long rectangular table does not lend itself to conversation. You know, events companies make tall skinny table candles and decor for a reason: so you can view the guests, not stare into globs of glass and metal. Mommy Jimmy: Fail.
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