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  1. Please don't insult Jackie Gleason like that. 🙂
  2. Rigggght??!! When Geoffrey told the driver to stop, I assumed, silly me, that maybe there was a wine shop, or a florist, or a bakery nearby, where he was going to jump out and pick something up. But roadside weeds???? With the dirt still all over them? Ick!
  3. First of all, what an accomplishment....21 years sober. Wow! I have a friend who is going into their 4th decade of sobriety, yet still attends meetings weekly, as it's such a powerful program. I did not know the traditions: "11. Our public relations policy is based on attraction rather than promotion; we need always maintain personal anonymity at the level of press, radio and films. 12. Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all our traditions, ever reminding us to place principles before personalities." So, thank you for pointing those out. You know, I've always despised LuAnn for her haughty, narcissistic personality, but when I saw her diss AA, it took my level of disgust for her to a new level. Now I realize that not only was she belittling AA ("I didn't need it; I'm not "one" of them"), she was violating an AA Tradition. We get it, LuAnn, you don't think you're an alcoholic. I'm not your judge. But for heaven's sake, woman, show some empathy and support to the thousands (millions?) of AA members for whom it's been a literal lifeline.
  4. Good point about a lot of it being sheer luck. If Jessica was paired with Zach, or last season's Luke, she'd have suffered the same fate as Mindy or Amber. If you've listened to "Dirty John", there's a segment at the very end of the podcast with his first wife, who is now happily married to a really good guy for 15 years. When asked how she "found" Dirty John, she said she put a lot of it down to sheer bad luck. Note: I'm not comparing these guys to Dirty John, but just the fact that so much of it is luck. There HAVE been many awesome guys on this show. This season, Austin and Derek both seem to be great guys. In prior seasons, Greg (of Greg & Deonna), Anthony (with Ashley), Bobby (Danielle), and I'm sure I'm missing more. This season, there are 3 hot mess guys: Zach, Michael, Brandon, and our hot mess girl award winners are Katie and Taylor. I think the other girls are great: Mindy, Jessica, Meka. Poor Meka has been given such a bad situation, that it's brought out the worst in her. But look how she lit up when she was having fun with Taylor. She just needs a great guy to bring out her light. Plus, I loved that Meka sat down with Michael's sister for some insight. Shows true character, and a true willingness to work it out. But ya can't do nothin' with a lyin' piece o' crap.
  5. Mindy showed such class throughout this whole thing. I hope the men of D.C. realize how lucky they are to have this single girl amongst them. I felt so bad when she said that her family was right about this process. They haven't been there to support her in any of this, and that's the most shameful part of this whole thing.
  6. I'm actually hoping that Mindy simply ghosted Lindsay. Just.....vanished. Not responded to any texts, turned off Read Receipts, not returned calls. Unfriended, unfollowed. Lindsay doesn't even deserve Mindy's words. Trust me, ghosting is worse than any words Mindy might have for Lindsay, because for a loser like Lindsay, watching Mindy get riled up probably fuels her. Like, ha ha, I got your guy to like me, and now you're upset....it's a two-fer! Horrible people like Lindsay don't deserve our words. They deserve our absence. I had a horrible friend like this, S. I finally ghosted her, did all the above. I even removed her from LinkedIn. We had many mutual friends, so she glommed onto another friend, and guess what....she did the same thing to this friend. This friend is now ghosting her. S. will just find another one, just like Lindsay will.
  7. I just read an article where Andy thinks he may have gotten it from someone in his building, as there have been people who have tested positive there. As simple as breathing the same air in the elevator, or touching the elevator button, etc. Up until he had symptoms, he was sheltering in place like everyone else, only venturing out to take walks & pick up food, and doing his show from his apartment. They also think he could have gotten it via the central ventilating system, which is scary. My dad had recommended a few weeks ago, when we were still considering to travel, to wipe down hotel vents with antiseptic wipes. I was like, yeah dad, I'm gonna get a ladder in a hotel room. He may have been onto something. In any event, I don't wish this on anyone. I wish Andy a peaceful recovery. I do wonder where Ben is. Maybe with Andy's parents?
  8. Yeah, I wondered that too, as I follow him on Instagram. My guess as to why he deleted those stories is because he'd get backlash. People saying, "well you say you're in quarantine, but clearly you're not". In other words, he meant that he was in quarantine the way the rest of us are: doing his work from home, but getting out to grab food or take a walk. He didn't feel great, but had no idea he had the coronavirus, so wasn't in "full" quarantine. Unfortunately, he's in a densely populated city with so many infected, he could have just gotten it from someone who walked close to him and sneezed nearby. I do hope he recovers well. Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson seem to be heading towards recovery (only mention that since they are similar age ranges, although Andy is a bit younger I believe).
  9. Oh, you know Nicole loves this. She hopes there's a travel ban.....forever. Ha ha Azan....you can't get rid of her now, and there ain't no way you're getting to the U.S. any time soon. I do wonder, with Covid 19, if/how it's affecting any of these current couples? This is terrible news for our star-crossed couples like Big Ed/Little Rose. Awwww.
  10. Oh I forgot, YouTube girl isn't "out" yet to her family. That's why she has to pack up all her meds, wear her mask (when she feels like it). She did have some sort of "story" for her family as to why she was being filmed, but I can't remember it either.
  11. Why doesn't YouTube girl's new girlfriend fly to meet her, if YouTube girl has this deadly condition?
  12. Wow, I didn't. But I found it. Yikes, she actually went back to her overly curled bangs and her 1980's curly poodle perm. So yeah, not a lot of hope for the Babylove/Lisa's of the world. https://starcasm.net/michelle-duggar-before-and-after-makeover-photos/
  13. Hey, I didn't authorize a photo of my home!
  14. For a 54 year-old no-necked, 4'11", overweight compression-stocking wearing, extremely sweaty guy who has to use mayonnaise in his hair, Rose is the prize of all prizes.
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