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  1. Re: Angela’s track marks. If it was just henna, she wouldn’t have the indentations that she has in her TH, which was filmed much later. I did a lot of research into facial laser treatments, and in the end, decided to do nothing, as the horror stories are awful. Those track marks are an unfortunate common one, with a less trained technician + too high of heat. Those marks are the head of the laser unit itself. Many people have those on their face, and the indentations remain for the rest of their lives. One message board I’m on, a girl committed suicide (her mom found the account & told us). You can’t sue for this either, as it’s cosmetic, and you willingly sign that paper.
  2. Angela has the worst Fraxel (or other device) laser track marks on her chest. She must have used a Groupon at a really cheap place. The sad thing is, in her Talking Head Interview, which must have taken place much later, she still has indentations where they held the head of the device for way too long, and had it turned up too high. She may never fully heal. Wow.
  3. While I thought Brandon's cake-grabbing was silly, I think he was just going for some fun in the moment. I liked that he didn't then smash it into Taylor's face, as I abhor that "tradition". At first I was like, but but but.....you're supposed to save the top for your 1st anniversary! Of course, 4 out of 5 couples will probably not make it that far, this couple included. I did like Taylor's response, which was just to laugh. I mean, you can't put smashed cake back, so she just went with it and didn't let it ruin her night. Liked that about her.
  4. A huge percentage of the high priced condo sales have gone to foreign buyers, who are now being scrutinized more than ever. How many episodes have we seen where the buyer has a hired "representative"? Or where the realtor says that their team will reach out to their "foreign buyers"? The U.S. government is looking at these buyers with a lot more scrutiny, as many of them are using them for EB-5 Visas (where a foreigner invests in a U.S. business in exchange for a green card). So the condos themselves that have been purchased end up sitting empty, as they're too high to even rent, and the unsold ones are too high for local buyers. Yet the developers can't lower their prices, as they'd go bankrupt from their huge investments in building. All they can do is hope to sell what's available and stop building insanely priced condos. There has also been an insane amount of foreign money laundering through these properties, of which the U.S. gov't is keenly aware. Thus, the NYC realtors' days of millions and millions are coming to an end. It's not surprising to me that Frederik made the decision to move to L.A. He's made gazillions, and he now has this adorable family, plus he knows exactly what's going on in NYC. So he can sell a nice house here or there in L.A., while focusing on his (OMG super hot) husband and cute kids.
  5. That, to me, would be the compromise, and the show of a truly supportive parent. Maybe they're not willing to appear on air, but to at least be there, behind the scenes, as a show of support. Not just a random lame asking by the dad to text her a pic. When Rachel was a Bachelor contestant, her dad couldn't appear on camera, as he's a federal judge. But from what she said, he was "there" in most scenes, just not being shown. Be a dad like that.
  6. It's actually quite an involved job. It involves a lot of analysis via spreadsheets and loads of calculations to figure out exactly which items go on sale, and for how long, and when to move those items in price back & forth. The difference can be pennies, which can add up to thousands of $, which can add up to a lot more. I worked in a slightly different industry, but I was a merchandise analyst, and it can be extremely stressful, as one wrong move can cost the company a lot.
  7. Yeah, I'm always suspicious of vow renewals as the ones I've seen (Reality TV shows, FWIW), have always ended in divorce. But I'm wondering if, in this case, it was producer driven? A way to get a contestant hopeful to Peter's house, to allow her to charm his parents, only so we can later to see how heartbroken she'll be if/when he doesn't give her a rose later on? Remember Arie's season, when Krystal (who later married Chris from BIP) had a one-on-one, and they flew to his parent's house in Arizona for their date? She was truly hopeful that he chose her for that date, only for him to ditch her later on in the show, creating "true heartbreak". So yeah, I'm wondering if the producers didn't set up this whole thing. I mean, who would want such an intimate occasion televised? And they also had to get releases from all their guests. There had to be a huge crew of cameras, lights, grips, cables, etc., and the setup for something like that is no picnic.
  8. Agree with your entire post, and yes, this was a whole pizza box of garlic bread! The funniest part of the whole 2 hours was when she took 2 slices of pizza, and put them on a plate, so I was like, ok, 2 slices is fine. But no, she handed that plate to her daughter and she kept the rest of the pizza for herself! Then she added in about half the garlic bread, and the brownie box was an entire box, and she just dug her fork into the brownie box, rendering it useless (or gross) for anyone else. My mom had a food addiction. She'd buy a half gallon ice cream and eat it with a spoon. If she didn't finish in one sitting, she'd put it back in the freezer, which even as a kid, I thought was too gross to go into. Plus, we knew she'd come back wanting that later. She also ate 1 lb. bag of M & M's in one sitting, only giving us a small handful if we asked. She (my mom) would be up all night most nights, as she was a night owl, and her tortilla chip crunching was so loud when I'd stay there (as an adult), I'd have to wear earplugs to sleep (not kidding). She'd go through an entire large bag around 2 am. She died a year ago, with diabetes, heart disease, barely able to walk, and had a nasty, selfish demeanor. I'm 1000% convinced that her diet played an enormous role in all of this. So when I see the Bethany's of the world, inflicting their habits onto their kids, I shudder for those kids.
  9. Yes, I've been saying on the 90 DF board that the beekeeper lady needs to get her 3 huge moles removed. I don't get it. Derek's huge mole is a distraction and yes, we still see it through your beard. Doug tried to hide his as well with facial hair. Uh uh. U-G-L-Y. I cannot stand talky-talky Jamie Otis, so I don't watch their show.....has Doug had his moles removed? For those saying that mole removal might leave a bigger scar, I say find a better doctor. The right doctor can do it leaving, eventually, a flat white patch of skin that is barely noticeable (I have one).
  10. I don't find Zach attractive AT. ALL. I think Doug (of Jamie and Doug) is cuter (sans moles). I just don't like that windswept hair look, like he spends more time getting ready than a female, or that shirtless, muscles-on-muscles. Ewww. But looking at his family, I, too, wonder if Zach is trying to outrun his family's genetics. I have a family friend who is morbidly obese, as is her husband, and her daughter is a bodybuilder, obsessed with nutrition. Zach's stepmom couldn't even plaster on an upturned, closed-mouth smile for the cameras. It was really shameful that she couldn't even nod, or acknowledge, when Mindy was speaking. Something hateful about that woman. So between the obvious possibly dysfunctional family dynamics + the weight issues, Zach is running from a lot of stuff. Plus his own mom even said so.
  11. So true, especially the bolded. Yes, she was clearly an overweight child prior to her dad leaving. This could be due to angry fights witnessed between her mother & father prior to his leaving, which led her to comfort eat. We just don't know. I think Dr. Now should include therapy from the get-go as part of the treatment for all these poundticipants. When they first visit him and he hands them the 1200 calorie diet, which is a huge shock to their system, he should also hand them the therapist's number, even if it's one in their own hometown, which should/could help them to achieve his first goal. Lindsey clearly has some deep childhood issues that need to get sorted out, or she'll never be successful.
  12. Yes, Jamie was horribly, visibly upset when she first saw Doug. By contrast, he thought she was so beautiful. She almost didn't say "I Do", and yes, she crumpled right after the ceremony. On the honeymoon, she wouldn't touch him, but over the week, she got to know his personality, and she started to really like him. And thus, Doug the lap dog was born.
  13. "Here Comes The Bride" isn't played as often as movies would have us believe. It was written by Wagner, who was Hitler's favorite composer and a well-known Nazi. Wagner believed in the "perfect Aryan type", i.e. blond, blue-eyed, white, Christian. So, many couples today choose something else. One of my favorite weddings ever, they walked down to James Brown's "I Feel Good". It was awesome.
  14. Yes, the rotating support team. First her husband, then her mom, then a "stranger" (we don't really know how she met Irene). On one hand, I feel bad for Lindsey; on the other hand, she must wear people out. If Paul isn't having an affair with a woman, then he's having an affair with booze. In that, he can't wait till she's gone so he can drink in peace. No different than Lindsey, where she can't wait till he goes to work so she can eat her jumbo double giant post-breakfast nachos in peace. I do wonder why someone like Lindsey wasn't seeing a therapist from the get-go. She perhaps needs psychiatric involvement, as she may be one of those cases where her brain chemistry isn't connecting with her vagus nerve properly, giving her a full signal. Stretching her stomach out that much after one gastric sleeve, plus I'm sure she's giving this new one a run for its money, well I think there's more to it than "willpower". I also thought it was funny when Paul said, "I'm going to the gas station to get your breakfast". Gas station, lol. I'm in outside sales, so I'm in & out of my car all day long, and a lot of times, I stop at the gas station for coffee, as they have these awesome coffee setups these days. Usually, the "gas station breakfasts" are being sold to early-day construction workers, who might get 3 breakfast burritos, plus plus. But these guys are about to spend a full day of physical activity, and it's hard to find even a slightly overweight one. As opposed to Lindsey, who will eat that plus the nachos with barely any movement for the entire day.
  15. Paul finally helped Lindsay pack so he could get her out as soon as possible, to spend more time with his side chick, I'm sure of it. That first morning when they were to drive to Houston and he slept until 11:00 wasn't just because he drank the night before. I think his girlfriend wore him out. He was practically kicking her out when she came back and told him she thought there would be no way she'd get approved, and his mysterious "roommate" was going to move in. If I'm wrong, I'd be shocked.
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