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  1. Let me family is a problem but Libby's family is or has a lot of problems. But.....andre brings it all on. He is so obnoxious. I have to tape this show now so that I can speed through andrei and his krapp and angela and her crapp! Yara is unreasonable. If I were Jovi, I would have taken my family to a nearby restaurant and left her at home with the baby. This show is becoming unwatchable.
  2. Sandy and malea suck. I have a feeling Sandy is attracted to malea. Lol you sure do!
  3. I will not watch the series with yawn on and malia. Btw, When I 1st heard John or reddit I didn't realize that was the captain's name I thought it was a description of her. I'd like captain Glenn and I like Lee a lot, and I had hoped to like a female captain but they went and chose this idiot. Anybody else giving up watching this show while she's on??
  4. I don't understand why you just like a me so much. I think she's fine. I think she put up with a lot from matt over the years and Zach is just beginning to realize that.
  5. I don't agree. I don't think she should get married at the farm but that is her decision. It may be because of Chris he seems to want to get married there. But we all know Matt will do something to drive her crazy. This seems unable to help himself.
  6. I don't think I can watch the show anymore. Too much anger, too much conflict, just not enjoyable. I don't sympathize or agree with anybody on this show: Andrei is a jerk, But Libby's family are all the jerks. Angela's horrible. but goodness knows what Michael of doing. I think Michael married the Ukrainian, so he could stay on the show and pay off his $30,000 debt. He is such a jerky momma's boy. I think kalani married Asuela because he was bigger than her. The only thing they have in common are the 2 kids. II don't like any of these people. And for a show to
  7. I really like Amy and I don't care much for Matt. The past year Zach has been more on his father's side camera but I think hes learning How Amy was kind of bullied into certain projects. I hope Zack stands his ground. Why snark?
  8. Looking back at the episode I think that Chris wanted someone slimmer like his ex and wanted someone not so dark. He's that shallow. Paige looked and acted great! Jake is just pathetic. He will never admit he was part of the problem. STOP SAYING SHE DIDN'T TRY...she SLEPT with you, you are delusional and a jerk. And the faux hawk looks absolutely stupid on a grown man. Absolutely agree.
  9. It's June 2021 and I read that malea in Sandy Yawn are back....😱🤬🤑. I cannot stomach them and I will not watch them. I can't believe Bravo brought them back!
  10. His crews all in leg warmers & big poofy hair.
  11. Yep. They should have taken him out of the show right away when he started to get physical. The fact that the other guys held him back, is not reason enough to keep him in. He is scary mean with a short fuse. Does anyone else think that Chris fabricated the baby business? I do and she conveniently had a miscarriage. He is a certifiable nut case.
  12. There's a reason why Jake is still single and almost 40. And it has nothing to do with Hayley.
  13. That is the sad part. Page follows him. The people who go on the show and have sex right away, are people who have one night stands. So it's not foreign to them. But OMG, not me.
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