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  1. Kind of funny that Nurie is holding her belly in every shot. I guess she was worried about the baby falling out
  2. I don't mind the idea of a former contestant as host, but not Henry. He was funny at first during his season, but after awhile, he was very wearing to me, trying too hard for a laugh. Why does the host have to be funny? Just talk with the contestants. The show is about the contestants, NOT the hosts and how funny they are.
  3. I know. I guess in the minds of the new show runners, it makes for "better TV" ☹️
  4. It seems like they've really reduced the time to complete the activities. When the bulk of the bakers are throwing stuff together, that's not a good thing.
  5. I wouldn't put it past Jill to injure herself or one of the other kids so that they will have an excuse to be at the hospital while Nurie is in labor
  6. Yes, that was some of the most exaggerated vocal fry that I have ever heard. Most of the time is it much more subtle. Is it a result of vocal fry combined with her accent?
  7. The first picture is the only one where Kaylee looks like she has a true smile on her face :-(
  8. I play Candy Crush Saga (it's a good way to kill time, don't judge me 😄) and this week they're doing "Guest Stars" and guess who the first one was. Khloe. Mama Kris really does make sure they get promotions everywhere.
  9. My school did the exact thing for 8th graders the day after graduation, going to Kings Island. I still remember riding the Beast multiple times :-) Wow, that video was bad. 😯 His intro was 2 minutes long and I didn't have the nerve to count all of the ummms in it. Was he singing along to a recording of someone else singing the song? Or was it his recording? I swear I heard another voice in the background. Just very strange.
  10. I thought he looked better before Kaylee cut his hair. What is it about fundies doing bad haircuts.
  11. If you're into the Lord of the Rings, Kim looks like a Hobbit dressed up as a Nazgul
  12. I love the carefully staged photoshoot at Target. I wonder what the store staff thought of it, especially with none of them wearing masks.
  13. And she's doing the cupping the belly pose instead of holding her child with both hands...
  14. Because God will provide and they prayed for a baby, and one appeared...
  15. I admit when I saw the ads I was wondering if she had an atypical migraine. I had one once where the right side of my body went numb, but I could still read and walk. It went away in about 15 minutes. I got a CT and no signs of a stroke, but since I get migraines, that's what the diagnosis was. It's never happened again.
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