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  1. I agree and in reading Kate Herron's comments about Sylvie, I'm getting the impression that she was far more interested in Sylvie's character.
  2. I also believe that Elizabeth and Phillip lived out of the spotlight a bit at the beginning of their marriage while he was still in the Navy or am I not remembering that correctly?
  3. I admit that this episode wasn't my favorite of the series either. It didn't really add up to anything but to encourage me to watch the next season. I wasn't a fan of the dark setting while Loki and Sylvie watched Kang monologue. The Kang actor was interesting, but to me, that entire scene just was kind of boring. Two characters sitting there watching another chew scenery. I also admit to not being a fan of the Loki/Sylvie "romance" Why couldn't they just learn from each other without throwing in romance? Oh well, I know that I will watch the next season to see if there is any kind of co
  4. I'm in Central NC as well and am a bit worried too :-(
  5. Why does Spurg always have sweaty hair? Do they not have air conditioning in their house?
  6. So that the babies have the same daddy. Wasn't that their line earlier?
  7. My thoughts exactly. It doesn't even look like she has a food belly.
  8. Who's the moron out there in bare feet? Especially if they set off smoke bombs? It does look like the foot is being focused on.
  9. Since the article made a point of calling out where he bought the painting from and how he paid for it, I'm guessing he's shilling for them.
  10. My Mom and I were watching and we wanted to turn the Peke over and see if there were really legs under there instead of just wheels. It looks like an animated puff ball. I was pulling for the whippet because I live next door to one.
  11. See, I've found that many of the sulfate free shampoos dry my hair out while I'm still washing it. Sigh.
  12. I have issues with many of the plant essences and nut oils they put in hair care products as they make me itch. Or if I like a hair care product, they stop making it :-(
  13. I would think only at a friend's house. I'm wondering if they got Mario outfits at the thrift store/children's clothing sales they've been to.
  14. I'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt and assume she meant to type "good" instead of "food" and didn't bother to proofread.
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