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  1. You summed it up much better than I ever could. Also the fact that Kody never put his foot down with Meri's behavior to the other wives. But also noticed on some of the other shows, the husband often leaves the wives to fend for themselves regarding treatment and hurt feelings by the other wives. If the husband is considered the head of the house, he needs to make sure his wives are at least treating each other with respect. Even if he has to lay out rules that all the wives need to go by. Several have pretty much said, they didn't have time to referee their wives arguments and perceived
  2. Yes and at this point I really felt sorry for her. She lost her husband ( don't believe for a minute that the divorce was her idea). Kody even admitted to Mariah that the situation was partly his fault, that he could have been there more for her.
  3. I watch a woman RV dweller on YouTube that lives and travels mostly in the desert Southwest. She got an URI that wouldn't go away and was having a lot of problems. They finally determined it was from all the dirt/dust she was around all the time. People who live in their RV's open the windows for air and ventilation. So it gets every where on the inside of your rig and then you also bring it in on your body and any pets you might have. It didn't go away until she got her rig cleaned well and went to stay in a hotel for several weeks. So yes you could easily pick something up being a
  4. That brand that she was feeding Axel is actually a pretty good brand and it has a southern seasoning flavor. Great if you don't want to buy a head of cabbage. I like cabbage but don't want to eat it multiple times a week, trying to finish it off. True, I think she meant from scratch. People always complain about the cost of food. But cooking everything from scratch will save you some money.
  5. Speaking of the Temple garments, they are a constant reminder of the covenants they made in the temple. 2nd they are when properly worn provides protection against temptation and evil. Yahoo had an article today about women petitioning the elders to have better fitting and more comfortable garments made. The material they are made from are not a breathable fabric and as a result many women have constant UTL's and yeast infections, I know TMI. But they even went on to say that the cut was very uncomfortable to be worn. That could be the constant reminder to be a good person and resist any
  6. I wonder how Janelle's RV/trailer made it through all the flooding that happened in Flagstaff? Or the other homes. It looked pretty bad, I read that a lot of the hiking trails were damaged and some of the roads.
  7. Not sure if it was the same season. But she was talking during one of the couch sessions and I remember one of Robyn's girls rolling their eyes at what she was saying. Maybe she saw it or she is just naturally shy. Sometimes you just don't feel like you are being heard, so you don't talk.
  8. Bad mom here, I would let my daughter drink about 1/3 regular coffee and 2/3 milk and a little creamer for flavor. At 37 coffee is still her favorite beverage.
  9. Very true about hauling it around. She will spend just as much on the truck to pull it as the RV itself. Plus from several people that own one, it can be very dangerous to haul. You really have to pay attention and keep your hands on the wheel. Not saying she can't do it, but it's not something you learn overnight. My guess is that they are getting read to build something out there. Don't know how well Flagstaff enforces RV's on property or if it's even an issue. Or being allowed to live on property long term in a RV. Those are pesky little details you have to find out be
  10. They could possibly get a temporary power hookup. I've seen several RV's on property with one of those set ups used when building a new house.
  11. True. I read somewhere that the only way they would get the show was to take on another wife.
  12. Getting it cleared off where you want the homes. Level out the land. Unless you hire someone to do all of it for you. It's a long process. I've been watching a family in Canada build a home. It's been a little over a year and their still have work to do. Almost ready to move in but not quite. They did much of the work themselves which has probably taken three times longer than usual. But they have saved a lot of money. Doesn't sound like she downsized enough. Everyone of these families needs to strive to be minimalists. Like most people, probably don't use 1/3 of what
  13. Could be she has found a place to rent, but is not available until after the summer. I see at least 27 rentals online. Some of them were cheaper than what she was paying. Unless they are planning on building on the property. As ever she is trying to be frugal. To bad some of the other sisterwives don't seem to be.
  14. I know it's the style with some young women, but it's just tacky looking. Then again being a busy mother/student/worker I have to give her a pass on her appearance.
  15. In the past week I heard something very similar on the radio. I have no writing ability at all.
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