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  1. I just checked several medical web sites and yes somehow there is added sugar in cinema popcorn. I too just thought it was corn and oil. Maybe it is added to the oil?
  2. Homeowners insurance and PMI are two different things. Homeowners insurance protects the homeowners investment. Private Mortgage Insurance protects the lenders investment, if you didn't put 20% down on your home. It can only be removed once you have reached that 20% in making payments.
  3. My bad!! It looked like either Dayton, Aurora or Brianna. Now I see it's Janelle's boys.
  4. I guess being around the rest of the family, is no longer an issue as I see Robyn's children there at the movies with them.
  5. I guess different states charge different amounts. My brother used to own 14 acres in East Texas with timber on it. I believe the first year they owned it the taxes were $4.00. After that it was about $6.00 a year. Even when they built a house shell, it was only $67 a year.
  6. Agree. Any pair of tennis shoes/trainers can be used for a work out. Unless she needed specific shoes for the workout bike.
  7. Many apartments will rent to you month to month. They just charge you a much higher rate per month. The last apartment I lived in charged an extra $200-300 a month, depending on the size of your apartment. But if you needed it for at least 6 months, they encourage you to sign a 6 month lease as it was cheaper than month to month.
  8. I had a cousin who had to have all of her child's baby teeth filled, then when the new ones came in, all those were filled. Yes she gave her bottles with juice or soda and let her have candy. I don't know if she brushed her teeth or not.
  9. My niece who is a nurse said that eating salad every day is actually bad for your digestive tract. It's too hard on the system. My mom likes apples, but if she eats more than a few bites, it makes her belly hurt.
  10. Our Walmart is somewhat new. They keep it very clean and it's better than most I have been in.
  11. My daughter worked for Target around the time they tried to make a go of it in Canada. They were also not allowed to use the technology ( hand held scanners ) to make the work easier. Something to do with the local stores already there not being able to compete on the same level as Target. So they had to adhere to the same work standards. She said the stores they had in the US along the border, had a lot of shoppers from Canada.
  12. Most schools no longer allow you to take kids out of class. If you miss more than a certain amount, the child has to make up the days on Saturday. I've know a few parents who did and were upset their child had to go to Saturday school for 5-10 Saturday's in a row. Those schools want their federal dollars.
  13. Same here my " coats " consist of fleece jackets or a sweatshirt type jacket. Here where I live in Texas it's going to be in the 90's, for the next 5 days. If it get super cold I have a work jacket in my car that I can use if needed. Otherwise I just layer a short sleeve, long sleeve and a fleece jacket. I stay warm enough.
  14. It's the little jacket. The dress would probably look better without it.
  15. With it just being her and her daughter, the package are fine. No sense in wasting fresh veggies. Would be different if she were feeding more people. Depending on where you live those peppers can be very expensive.
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