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  1. libby80

    Post a Link to Your Blog

    Mine's a website builder. Check it out here: You can also create a blog here too. It's suitable for beginners and those without technical know-how. Create a free website - hPage.com
  2. libby80

    Extreme Cheapskates

    Super tacky and disrespectful when you look at it.
  3. libby80

    S24.E09: Beauty Is Movement

    Finally Tyra is back!!
  4. libby80

    Danielle and Mohamed: The Original Mess

    Danielle should really get a grip on reality. All the red flags were there before!!
  5. libby80

    Extreme Cheapskates

    This show is nuts. Just started watching some episodes online. crazy how far people would go!
  6. libby80

    Unpopular Opinions

    I don't like Jess. Is this an unpopular opinion?
  7. libby80

    X Factor 2017

    When's the one for 2018?
  8. I used to wish for a circus freaks type of season during season 1 and I got it!! However, I am not that much into the show anymore.
  9. libby80

    Hair Color

    I tried doing my hair color once and I have to say it's the worst decision ever. It didn't turn out the way I like so I would rather just hand it over to the experts. If you are getting a more complicated hair color style, let's say highlights or ombre, then better pay a professional to do it if you want it to look the way it should be.
  10. libby80

    Self Publishing Your Book

    I also want to publish my own book. But I have no idea where to start. Do they proof read your work before having them on Amazon? How much do you think I can possibly earn?
  11. Hello there. I am not sure if this is anxiety. I get palpitations out of nowhere sometimes, like when I am really stressed. Like my hands and feet get really sweaty especially when I am under pressure, or in situations where I am with other strangers. I also tend to stutter sometimes when I talk to another new person. Is this anxiety?? How do I cure it?