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  1. I can see that, but what else would the masher in the drain board be for? Plus the correct showstopper in a previous episode was a ginger spice cake, so I’d hesitate to do it again. it’s super easy to be an armchair baker like I’m doing here. And honestly I think getting the decor right was probably weighted heavier on this task since they didn’t dwell on the cake flavor that much. Something definitive led the rest of the teams to guess banana correctly. I’m sorry to see them go.
  2. This is the first week that I felt like I would have been in way over my head if I was a contestant. I guess that's good since it's the semi finals. I'd like to think I would have gone with opera cake. I know what it is and the teams were right...it was the obvious choice. I've just never made it before although it's been on every baking competition show ever created. I know how to make tiramisu so I would have been tempted to do that. I'm sure I would have talked myself into it, lol. I have looked up several opera cake recipes after watching this. I'll be trying it before long. The
  3. Another week, another episode. I do wish there was more interaction between the teams. They just stand there and whisper about each other—weird! For the first round, I would NOT have made a wreath! I would have done orange rolls. I really don't enjoy making bread that much. However, when the mom did come up with the wreath idea, I knew she was right. There's just no way I would have gotten there on my own. And I would have screwed up the proving somehow. I always do! A macaron tower seemed really obvious. My Aunt Jeannette, the best baker I ever knew, taught me to use cream of tartar in
  4. She definitely looks different, especially around her mouth and eyes. she was really pretty naturally. The fillers plump up fine lines and wrinkles which theoretically make you look younger/fresher. She’s just gone too far this time. Kinda like what the lady that waxed my eyebrows did last week. I’ll be looking a little surprised until they fill in lol
  5. I thought the chart and lattice tool made it pretty obvious to make a blueberry pie. I am an over thinker so I would have been tempted to talk myself into an apple pie since it is the 4th of July episode. if buttermilk and vinegar weren’t enough to get you to a velvet cake, I don’t know what would have. Pies are so not my thing, and I have made many a soup-y/runny pie...but that apple pie was a travesty. It wasn’t soup-y; it was water-y. I don’t cook my apples first and-yeah they give off juice-but holy cow, not like that! I think the men should have gone home over the women.
  6. I have been patiently waiting for someone else to snark on Brooke’s face. It is so overdone and I can’t believe we have not been talking about it, lol!
  7. To me the tea towel was a dead giveaway for a roll cake. I love them and they aren't as hard to make as you think they would be. At least, I thought they would be harder (and I'm not in a contest where I'll judged either, lol). I wouldn't have noticed the expiration date but I love that clue. Gingerbread was obvious and the fridge clues were pretty hard to miss too. I think a dense spice or ginger cake would have been the obvious choice of what to make. I'm sure mine would have looked horrible, but I could have made one. Piping with royal icing is SO not my thing. I am an awful decorator—
  8. Well I didn’t mean to type in chow. That’s probably an auto correct but as I said last week I know how to make it but don’t know how to spell it. 🙂
  9. I couldn't believe no one got cheesecake. I mean, what did they think that weird potluck list was? Have they never been to an escape room?! Like dig a little deeper people. I think every baking competition show does a croquembushe at some point, so this one was no surprise, Pate chow and a measurement indicating a tall structure. That's most of what you need. This episode didn't hold my attention as much as the others. I had my own massive baking project underway. Russian honey cake...thank you very much! But I'm still digging it.
  10. Three weeks in and still liking this a lot. I like to think I would have made a lemon curd eclair for the first round. With pate choux (no idea how to spell that) cream puffs and eclairs would be the go-tos. But the tart pan would have me wanting to do a lemon curd tart because that seems more likely. I dunno. Could have gone either way. I did know princess torte. Not because I’ve ever made it but because I’ve seen it on the great British bake off lol. They are pretty and look delicious, minus the marzipan. Looks like I’m in for the long-haul on this show.
  11. Another fun episode! I am still super psyched to try and figure it out and see how these folks analyze the clues. I would not have gotten cannoli (didn’t know about the Marsala) but all those clues make total sense. I honestly don’t know what I would have made. Probably a filled donut dipped in chocolate? I did guess Black Forest. Kirsch/cherry was a no brainer. The coconut did make me think German chocolate at first but it wasn’t open so Black Forest won out. I don’t think red velvet was a horrible guess, but there would have been red food coloring as a clue and it’s cre
  12. Also, I think it's great that both desserts were actually accessible and familiar to most people. I think where people struggled was in picking more obscure desserts. As the week goes on, it will probably be harder, but the ones who missed, especially in the first round, picked things more pastry chef-y. I've heard of all of them because I watch every baking show on the planet, but I don't know how to make them. I wish I knew if they could have access to recipes once they make their guess. Even though I have made carrot cake and Boston cream pie, I don't have those recipes committed to memo
  13. I am ridiculously excited about this show, lol! I have worked really hard on becoming a better baker over the last couple of years and I guessed Boston Creme Pie and Carrot Cake. Go me!!! Now, when I make Boston Creme Pie, I let it sit in the fridge overnight so the pastry cream firms up and doesn't run all over the place, so making it in two hours would not have been pretty. And although I've made carrot cake several times, I don't like it so I've never actually tried mine. I've never put coconut in the frosting though. And, for that matter, I've never put almonds on my Boston creme pie e
  14. don't you mean in for a pennnnnny?
  15. Fright wig a-flyin'....that is absolutely the best description of Kody I have ever heard!
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