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  1. winot

    After The Tap-Outs, Inside The Show: Give Us The Dirt

    Mitch is one of the biggest bsers ever. He claimed to have lost only 12 lbs, when it was obvious on the show that he lost more like 50 lbs. He lost his net in a storm , yet claimed to have gathered/caught more food than the others. Sam lost like 80 lbs in 55 days. Wow. Carleigh, in season 3, caught/gathered almost nothing, but lasted 50% longer than that, just by knowing to stay in her sleeping bag and conserve calories. If you're going to be out in the wind, rain, cold, you'd better be getting back more than the 2000+ calories per day that you are expending (beyond the 2000 calories that you burn just lying around. Fish, with the exception of salmon and lean meat offer only 800 calories per lb (ready to eat). So catching a lb sized fish once a day just does not cut it. Not even close, cause half of the fish (or animal) is not edible flesh. 400 calories per day, when you burn 4000? You'll lose over a lb per day, cause some of the lost weight will be muscle. A lb of fat is 3500 calories, while a lb of muscle is only half that many calories. in Patagonia, they got only the 10x10 tarp, so they were forced to use up a pick on the 12x12. Because Vancouver has so much more wind and rain, they are given a 20x20 and a 10x10, which is a major advantage. they are not allowed to cut up the 10x10, nor make it a permanent part of anything. It's supposed to be reserved for protecting the camera from rain, while you are filming. You can and should cut up the 20x20, tho.
  2. winot

    After The Tap-Outs, Inside The Show: Give Us The Dirt

    the long term shelter thing is bs, cause wasting time and calories on building it is what causes them to starve out before the weather even gets really bad. That time and effort should be spent on making netting. Once you have a secure food source, lots of it, then you worry about the long term shelter.