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  1. I have watched this from 1st ever episode....not a lot of weird things discovered like we were lead to believe. Some of these guys in program DO NOT like each other either...and it shows...especially that one idiot they call "Dragon"...he hates the scientist that is in each show because the scientist wants to dig on the property and Dragon is scared of the possible 'hoo-doo' ( evil spirits ) it can bring to all there....so I expect just more very minor findings, etc...nothing like we were lead to believe. In fact yank this guy named Dragon off the show..he generally has a scowl all the time an
  2. I too have been watching show from the beginning. I tire of all the cereal and re-showing of things we have seen from past. I learned that the Laginas are listed as the producers and to me that puts it all in perspective. Instead of just filming and following a treasure hunting group of men and then showing us what they find, etc....the Laginas being producers can create all kinds of side shows like the travels overseas, going to labs with small objects, etc and showing us each small darn detail. Just drill, dig, whatever get your butts down there and find something worthwhile. I used to
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