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  1. WTF is this mess! Just watching first episode now. No pumpkins? No carvers? Where's the fancy blown & spun sugar? No small scare? Even the scary music is gone! Entire new format, zero excitement, zero fun. Did covid do this? Did I say NO PUMPKINS, yeah I guess I did. Who's the host, the steampunk looking dude in the tv? Nice to see Shinmin but sorry, I'm not a fan of Eddie Jackson, the beefy former football player. Always looks & sounds out of place to me. Like he does on Christmas Cookie Challenge. But the FN sure likes him, so..... I hope they play some past sea
  2. Well let's see. She's nude (of course), forcing (multi-named) dog's paw to her breast, dog straining it's head away from her, "croissant" ring (I thought that style was called a shrimp ring, but that doesn't sound French so Whit just renamed it LOL), that dollar store "best friend" dog toy strategically peeking out & finally, one of the famous facial expressions we've all come to know & appreciate so much. Wonder if she made those macarons (straight outta Texas via Walmart) yet? What's wrong with Chase that first of all he would sell his soul by even agreeing to act as love inter
  3. You summed this episode up really well. What big steaming pile of boreshit.
  4. There's that bottom lip, does she do this on purpose? Let's see how much actual labor the fitness cow actually does. She's got a damn nerve doing this to her parents, this is total bullshit. Go fuck yourself Whitney. She's just so disappointed that mommy & dadwe aren't just thrilled that their morbidly obese lazy maladjusted single daughter who's never had even a somewhat normal relationship ever wants to have a baby. My question is...how far will she actually go in order to hold onto this show? Would she actually pay someone to be a surrogate next season?
  5. The gym scene was so obviously scripted, what a coincidence that gal just happened to be interested in weightlifting. Looks like Whit bought herself some gifts at the Walgreens down the street from her house & they're supposed to be from Le Blur, oh stop, you're killing me🀣. Shouldn't "best friend" be in french on that cat toy?
  6. Orange leggings & a crop top is a look that's gonna be tough for anyone to pull off well, much less a 350+ lb woman, but that's besides the point. Standing by the side of the road in that outfit looked like it was a complete scripted set-up - I think the comment was rather tame, I mean "fatty"? πŸ˜‚. If a jerk was going to make a comment like that, wouldn't you address it to the entire group? Sure you would. But even these scripted moments are only about her, hence the singular "fatty". Twit obviously can't dance like she used to, her mobility is obviously much less than it used to be
  7. Because actual dancing & moving is becoming harder for her. For example, on tonight's episode although the retreat leader asked if she would lead a class, all she could do was lead them in freeform ass shaking & twerking. And what a sight it was. In & out of the pool. In bikinis.
  8. WHAT AM I WATCHING????? 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
  9. One word: DESPERATION. Desperate for a storybook relationship. Desperate to prove she can attract young handsome "normal" guys. Desperate to prove she's healthy. Desperate to keep this show, the lynchpin to her empire. Desperate to control everyone around her (Buddy, her parents).
  10. "Thanks for finishing my sentences" LOL πŸ€£πŸ˜†. I've had sexier conversations with my neighbor. Next week.....6 morbidly obese ladies in bikinis on the beach.
  11. I freaking hate her bossy I'm in charge attitude when it comes to her parents. Truth told, she's the family's biggest fall risk. Wish mom would just tell her to STFU. If they want a stair lift, they'll get one. Anyone notice the cool product placement/commercial with the Command strips? First she complained about her wobbly pictures on the wall & used them, then all of a sudden woop there's a commercial for Command strips. Will we see a menstrual cup commercial next? She's fabricated as relationship out of a few Skype calls with a dude that doesn't seem interested at all.
  12. OMG this season's romance is just absurd, zero believability factor. We had a linguistic expert weigh in, is there a body language expert out there? Or maybe that's just unnecessary, we can just all see it, the total disinterest on the Blur's part. She's devoted to proving how an obese braying woman who often bares her midriff, can attract a handsome guy and/or a young guy d of she were model thin & charming as all hell. We know how much she's enamored with Paris, it's the City of Love after all! And she's all about that. And having dude live there would also make it harder for t
  13. First time I'm watching this season. Hmmm. How many hours do you think it takes her makeup people to get her hair pieces aligned & hairline filled in, makeup done & that bright orangy red lipstick, yikers. TC (toxic cow) was starting to cry when Will was being honest with her about the challenges she would face as an obese personal trainer. I'm sure her sycophants would have no problem signing up just to spend some time with their hero. Tell me that she didn't just tell Heather that she expected her to carry her baby. I think that would be an excellent job for her new as
  14. "toxic cow". πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
  15. Anyone else recall that last season I think, she & Buddy arrived early to yet another cabin getaway & were canoodling up a storm in the pool, & she got upset about Buddy "not respecting boundaries"? Or am I dreaming? If true, this leads me to only one plausible conclusion. Whitney just likes fucking with people.
  16. Oh crap, looks like I forgot this week's show again LOL. Based on what I'm seeing here, I didn't miss much. Wow, what a whole lotta nothing.
  17. Me too πŸ‘‹. I hope that for better or worse, they still stay real & honest.
  18. Just wondering if the reason they're keeping Whitney's "new guy" under wraps by hiding his face, telling us he's either from or in France & disguising his voice is because they don't want this hired BF to be outed online by a friend, neighbor, co-worker, casual acquaintance, etc. Not to mention that it has got to be such a humiliating gig. Just a thought. Her credibility had to have taken a hit with the Chase debacle, even among the less skeptical. She doesn't want that happening again. Wonder how many emergency production staff script rewrite sessions they had after Chase told h
  19. I forgot it was on, and after I checked out this chat I decided not to bother watching later. Last season I made it through roughly half the episodes & the rest I bailed on after less than 15 mins.
  20. The series did start off with a feel of honesty but sadly it didn't seem to last long. We could see it show by show, less reality & more dramatic acting & absurd romantic situations. Whitney must know that the older she gets she's really pushing her health further. She just can't physically do all the stuff she thinks she can without lots of assistance, sometimes to the point of being ridiculous & embarrassing, as in a crew lowering her down a small cliff on pulleys. Maybe she thinks she'll ride her "fat fame" till the end, then consider bariatric surgery? Risky move. And
  21. I hear ya. Sometimes I'm just not in the mood & don't watch, but I'll check here afterwards. Sometimes an episode looks promising, meaning the preview shows her falling on her ample arse or getting her comeuppance in some way, so I tune in. But it becomes unbearable to watch her, so I bail. I'm honestly shocked it's back for another season.
  22. Does the center "rock" in that ring literally look like an actual pebble or is it me. And it looks like a huge portion of this season will be set in France. You know, because she's so sophisticated & shit.
  23. Probably the only ride she could get her bulky self into, plus it has the advantage of covering up all her most bulky parts. That guy could be a member of the film crew. Anything to create interest. She is the queen of self promotion, nothing too much or too humiliating to try & keep show on the air s long as possible. Prancing around half naked, pissing in hot tubs, fake pregnancy, fake BF's, pretending to investigate weight loss surgery, pretending to investigate adoption, pretending her rented RV was graffitied, being pushed up hills, pushed over ravines, lowered down hills on pulleys
  24. Maybe she's doing the egg freezing because she realizes: 1) the chances of her finding someone willing to impregnate her are slim. 2) the chances of her becoming pregnant are slim, and her chances of carrying a baby successfully are less than a non-obese woman 3) she's too lazy, immature & doesn't have the mental fortitude to be pregnant, so she would rather pay someone else to carry a child for her (then likely hire someone to care for the child). 4) she knows that no one on God's green earth would ever let her adopt a child, but I think that storyline from a few seasons
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