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  1. While watching over Stan's shoulder, at his normal looking, deceased 🙏wife, all I could think was - did she milk his prostate? 😲🤢
  2. At the end, when the singing stopped and they panned out from the island all I could think of was Roanoke. I was surprised they didn't make some allusion to the vanished colony, for me they could have gotten away with it. Just a random observation.
  3. Can you imagine Ed crawling up between your legs?!?!?! 😱
  4. 2 completely different definitions of "strong". 😕
  5. @magemaud thank you so much for taking the rewatch bullet for me, now the record is straight. I so depend on you people and you never fail. 😍
  6. Back to Angela's "fashion" shopping. I will confess this here, because I know I can trust you all, I weigh 195 and wear size 20 pants and 22 shirts. There is no way in hell that at 273 or whatever she proclaimed, did she wear a size 22. I call bullshit! That really irked me. 😠 On another subject, correct me if I'm wrong but weren't Asuelu and Kalani living in mom and dad's house but looking for their own? Did they move out and I missed it? Why didn't anyone correct Tammy saying this wasn't their house? Maddening. 😵 One more...did you catch Brandon mentioning condoms? They finally saw
  7. I can't believe he dragged almost all his neighbors to court over this, that and the other. That's an awful lot of money to be spent on legal fees to defend yourself against a shitbag. That would have made me move!
  8. Yikes! Her make-up in the last picture! 😳
  9. Found this on reddit. Poster asked a good question, when was there time for their 3 dates? I'm guessing the last shots are why she looks like a boy and needs wigs. 🤐😆
  10. I've watched this show since season 1 and it sure has made me cautious of dealing with the neighbors. In the afternoons, I enjoy listening to police calls from my hometown and when they get a neighbor call I know how it will go and I wonder when I'll see it played out on ID. There are neighbor vs. neighbor calls about every other day. Scary. 😬
  11. Dang! I needed a long shower after this episode! 🤢
  12. I noticed that too so I came here to get the scoop! I thought my tv broke.😁
  13. Again, producers, you mucked this one up: the group was sent to *bring everyone in Vegas together in the same place* so Flagg (and they) would all die in the explosion. Glen's death at Flagg's hands gives Larry and Ralph/Ray the strength they need to Fear No Evil. Flagg orders all of Vegas to attend the spectacle and then TCM pops up with his brand new nuclear friend and the Hand Of God etc etc etc. But in this version, everyone is in the Party Palace all night every night, so ...yeah, makes no sense. Ugh. It's one of my favorite books because it's absolutely terrifying but th
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