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  1. What has got me thinking is, that during the regular show, there was so much attention and care given with the terminal patients and then when Covid hit they had to make that "call" over and over again. It just kind of rattled my brain how life can change so quickly and unpredictably.
  2. That's kind of what I thought and then the 2 hours!!!!! Jeez.........Thanks for the heads up @humbleopinion
  3. I'm not too concerned. I remember, on their honeymoon, Danielle of Ricky Bobby fame almost panicked at the thought of being a stay at home mom and look at her now. I can't decide if I should watch this. I hate seeing what's going to happen, I avoid previews like the plague, so for those who watched it should I do it? Will it ruin the season for me or fill me in on extras? Thanks as always for your help. 😁
  4. lu1535


    I came here to ask the same question. I don't know if I can watch this season without some sense of hope.
  5. After last night's show, my prediction is Kenneth is going to sob every episode and drive us nuts.
  6. Hey all. My routine is to watch the show and then read your fabulous live snark afterward but tonight I just had to pop in and say to @Angry Moldovan I am absolutely in love with your avatar! The only problem tho, I keep reading your comments with Lisa's voice. My head is officially messed with. Thank you for the joy it's giving me! 😁 Carry on folks, sorry to disturb your masterful reportee. 🙋
  7. I audibly gasped when I saw David this week. 😵
  8. You mean to tell me that the hours I spent listening to Usman drone on and Lisa explode on the leaked Tell All was just a waste of time?!?! Damn, I'll never get those hours back. 🥺
  9. Interesting, a couple of these profiles have been taken down and on one that is still there she says her English skills are intermediate. Are we being scammed? 🤔
  10. Someone on Reddit likened Tom to Hyacinth from Keeping Up Appearances. I knew he presented himself like someone I was familiar with. Hyacinth is on point! https://www.reddit.com/r/90DayFiance/comments/gojv8x/tom_is_a_wannabe_hyacinth_bucket_from_keeping_up/
  11. Wow! The leaked Tell All was 10 hours of unbelievable and surreal drama. My big take-away was that these people really enjoy hearing themselves talk.
  12. In the Tell All leak, I found both Usman and Lisa rage inducing. Usman just talked and talked and talked and talked, saying the same things over and over again, giving lengthy examples and then crying because he wasn't allowed to talk. If you can simply say "I plan on only 1 wife but if Lisa can't produce a child I will take a second wife for that purpose." why drone on and on with some 15 minute explanation that I could barely understand. And then there's Lisa. She is vile and nasty and a master of deflection. Multiple people out right ask her if she would be okay with Usman having sex with wife 2 considering emojis make her rageful and she never answered!!!! She deflected each and everytime!!!! We're talking 5-6 times!!!! I was impressed with her skills but ready for blood at the same time. I wanted to know!!!!
  13. I have the typical 60 year old woman's haircut which has not been trimmed since March. This morning, while drying my hair, I realized my hair looks just like David's toupee! Oh the horror!
  14. I loved Elena's car phone. What a chunk of hardware. There were a few phrases used that were not around in the 90s. The one that sticks in my mind was Trip using the term "friendzone". I don't remember ever hearing that back then.
  15. The over-the-top music and Esther's hat were killing me.
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