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  1. What a CF......................................and I enjoyed every minute of it! 🤩
  2. But I still hate the hairstyle they've given her!
  3. I'm about half way thru and I remain incredulous. This is so far out of my realm of understanding. Just the thought of knowing my husband was in love with another woman let alone having babies with her would put me on an ID show faster than you can say "polygamy". You should read it.........for educational purposes, of course. All my husband said, when he saw the book sitting on the counter, was "I know you didn't buy this for me." I have jury duty in a couple weeks and I was thinking of publicly reading it during the selection process so that the lawyers would think twice about my ability to fairly judge.
  4. Janelle and Meri’s brother Adam were only married about 6 months. After marrying Adam she found out he wasn’t very interested in his family’s way of worshipping (they were fundamentalists and he converted to LDS) and that there was a disconnect between them in all areas. They divorced but she stayed very close with his family and that is how she became friends with Meri. Meri was 19 and Kody about 21 when they married and I think it was 1 or 2 years into the marriage that this girl came into their life. Definitely before Janelle. I got the impression the girl was 17 almost 18. Meri and Kody were married in 1990. Janelle (24) and Kody (24) 1993 Christine (22) and Kody (25) 1994 I can't remember any mention of college. He seems to be a job hopper until he landed in sales. I hope this helps.
  5. I just started this book (Robyn’s NY Times bestseller, don’t ya know) and I'm sure you all heard my gasps of disbelief. One gasp was when Kody described seeing Christine for the first and being very attracted to her, all the while being at a dance with his new wife and "love" Meri. His eyes were roaming that soon?!?!?! Another painful eye roll came when I read Janelle admitting that she and Kody weren't "in love" when they married but that sure didn't stop the Kodes from knocking her up over and over and over again. It’s not about the sex, yeah right. Finally my loudest gasp came when Christine told the story of being devastated when another girl, looking to lay the stud, swooped in on Meri and Kody before she had the chance. She goes on to explain how plyg courtship is usually very quick so that the wife doesn't feel neglected, but with this girl the courtship was extended as they were waiting for her to turn 18!! Obviously this marriage didn't happen but WTH, he was ready to marry a teenager! What is with these people!?!?! I’m only 58 pages in and I’m terrified of what I’ll read next. Thank you for listening. 😉
  6. How did Jessa manage to get her hair dyed in the middle of a competition? 🤔
  7. Hey, Like, I'm thinking, like, starting a petition to....um, like, get the word "like" like banned from the English language. Like, is anyone with me? 😖
  8. I have and am thoroughly enjoying it. I like how they take a more positive attitude toward hauntings.
  9. I must rant about those pillows Christine had made.......isn't she crafty, couldn't she have made them herself and saved some money? Do we really think Kody is going to appreciate them let alone understand what's being said? And finally, she just grabs them up, no bag, no wrapping, nothing? She probably just threw them in the passenger seat with who knows what foulness there. What a complete waste and disregard. The no bag and no care by Christine and the store owner horrified me! I know, I'm petty. It's the little things y'all.
  10. On her list of what she'll be learning, under Business, #1 is Ethical Wildcrafting. What the hell is that?🤔🤪
  11. Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled that Geoffrey won but I agree with @TVbitch, right decade, wrong artist.
  12. They were and are maroons. That's all I have to say on that.
  13. I think they have skipped the ring picking on the last two seasons, Philly and Charlotte. They have also skipped finances and house hunting in the last seasons. I would have preferred ring choosing or really anything else over that bachelorette party. What a waste of time and eye bleach.
  14. I'm sorry but all I could think was, the 90's are back? Shout out to Kris Kross!
  15. I agree and I also think it was a bad move to match Katie. Not only is she still interested in her ex but she has the very serious disease of type 1 diabetes. Not to say she shouldn't marry but I believe her partner should have the choice to join in such a journey not have it thrown in their lap.
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