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  1. Someone wants to make sure that you see the Pilot. In my area it is running and rerunning on SciFi, Bravo, and USA until February 10.
  2. Romance is unnecessary or superfluous to the Emergence story. If you've got it in real life, more power to you. Savor it and enjoy it!
  3. Maybe we won't have to wait until June 2, 2024 for the end of the series. Passenger Kelly Taylor died in "Reentry" (episode 2) and Passenger Harvey Stein died in "Point of No Return" (episode 8). Cancellation of the series could be announced on August 28.
  4. It's probably regional. In my part of Michigan, McDonald's is often MickeyD's. I think I first heard that back in the 1980s.
  5. Why does the dye wash out of Lorna's hair so easily? I dye my hair black because if I didn't it would be 90% gray-white. After 4 weeks of almost daily showers, I'll have white roots but the rest of my hair is still black.
  6. Does Tahiti implant knowledge as well as erase it? Cal as a doctor of humans did not have enough education to be a veterinarian. Veterinarians treat all species, not just one.
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