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  1. The restaurant may not be directly on the Square, but it is very close since it took all of them all of 10 seconds to get to the demolition site. One other person who would have been all over this redevelopment project is the ward councillor in the course of various discussions, planning meetings, public consultations and a big photo op at the start of demolition. However, Abe seems to be the only flesh and blood official running Salem. He also made the most relevant point during the whole kerfuffle, when he mentioned his wife having to drive a long way to get the necessary grocer
  2. This whole town square demolition storyline makes no sense on so many levels. As I said previously, numerous municipal departments would be involved, not the lone planning commissioner Paulina mentioned today. Also, there would naturally be talk in the halls of City Hall regarding the specifics of the project and someone would be bright enough to mention it to the Mayor, if only casually. Demolition permits often require the approval of City Council, at least major ones like this. Unless Abe found a way to bypass the usual channels and the City By-laws. Multiple buy-outs of business
  3. So Paulina is allowed to run her project carte blanche, with no supervision or monitoring by municipal authorities and no accountability to the city? In real life at least the Urban Planning and Urban Development Services would be heavily involved, asking to see plans, regular updates, contracts, etc. But here she can do what the hell she wants with no outside interference and go ahead with her big plans, which probably include bulldozing the Sacred Tom&Alice Shrine. They probably are working on the logic that one can always fully trust a promoter/developer. 😉 Salem is rea
  4. That's no problem since people obviously get them at their local branch of "Doctor Rolf's Masks 'R Us" national chain of very successful stores. They must not only keep an complete inventory of each city's notable citizens, but are also keeping them up to date with the passing years. Which would also explain how characters can produce the required maks, with the necessary wig and voice mimicking trick at a moment's notice; they are always in stock! Is there anyone in Salem who handles a breakup maturely and without going either into a psychotic episode or a complete pathetic break
  5. Have they ever explained how Kristen always the correct life mask ready when she needs to impersonate someone? Does she keep a complete stock of all of Salem's prominent faces, just in case? And who makes them; does she have a handy kit always at the ready? If so, it is extremely fast and efficient.
  6. So I did, deliberately. I used two related notions so that they would play with each other and amplify each other. A common rhetorical device, I thought. I still consider Theo and Ciara to be lying to themselves (and ultimately to each other) by persuading themselves that their "arrangement" is a credible foundation for building a solid and lasting relationship. That being said, we know that it is simply a scriptwriting expedient for creating drama. Exactly. Selfish and not very bright considering the predictable outcome. The writers appear to have morphed Theo's autism into inspi
  7. They are each lying to themselves. Hence my use of the word "self-delusion". As for the rest, our views and interpretations of this sub-plot and its implications do not "match up" indeed on any aspect, and it looks as if it will remain so.
  8. She has the information but not the ability to process it correctly or efficiently enough. And yes, it is indeed MY interpretation; it is the basic principle of boards such as this one and of everything posted on them.
  9. If that is what I had meant to say, I would have said it. This interpretation is entirely yours. Having diminished capacity (and I still maintain that is an apt decription for her condition as portrayed on the show) does not deprive her of the ability to make choices. But these choices are by necessity based on an incomplete and less clear knowledge of her own history, which means their overall rationality and validity are also diminished. And it means their decision to move to Africa is based on a lie and self-delusion, although not necessarily for identical motives. That is
  10. In some sense, Theo is a bit as diminished as Ciara in this situation. He has the same indirect experience of the facts as she does since he was in South Africa when most if not all of the Ciara-Ben romance occurred, including the wedding. Which could excuse in part the fact he is making such a stupid choice. Or at least explain somehow why he is willing to take such a risk and take advantage Ciara's present psychological circumstances. He's still exploitative of Ciara's condition, whereas Ben is behaving in the destructive obsessive manner lovelorn males are usually portrayed on this sho
  11. She has indirect knowledge of them. But not direct experience of them. Hence she is acting on an incomplete picture, which Theo is written as taking advantage of. But you forget: he is written as managing his condition with meds and counselling (the show can however choose to write him as skipping all of this because of... whatever reason is expedient). Anyway, I do not see how such an action would propel him back towards amnesiac Ciara.
  12. Quite, and it was surprising (even refreshing) that Ben seemed to accept her choice and would not stand in her way (for now anyway). Theo however seems to be exploiting her diminished capacity to encourage her to embark on a course that can only be doomed to fail. She has amnesia covering a long period of her life. I would describe someone in that situation as having diminished capacity and not making decisions based on a full set of facts. When her memory comes back (it is a soap, so we know it must at one point) and her feelings are restored, how will she feels about the choices she
  13. On the contrary, he is written as acting at least as dumb as everyone else, and then some. He knows the facts Ciara has forgotten and he must expect there is a good chance she will regain her memory. So he is willing to bet on a flimsy common future based on a lie. And in truth, Ben seemed to be the one thinking and acting the most sane today. Of course that may last only until he gets another fever dream about his wife, or unless he once again takes the bad advice from marriage counselor extraordinaire Jake. So Chloe can get an appointment with a specialist at the drop of a hat, the
  14. Chanel has a lot to learn before she becomes an even barely competent grifter, which seems to be her sole available career choice because she does not know anything besides living off other people's money and favours. Her mother has been a pretty easy mark, which is not exactly rigorous training for the real world. Blurting out the scheme before the sucker you are trying to scam is beyond stupid. She does have a backup tactic, i.e. turning on the (artificial and not very convincing) charm on others, like she tried with Eli when she learned he was a cop during the champagne kerfuffle in th
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