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  1. PamB

    The Blacklist: Redemption

    So maybe read the above posts and you may find some answers.
  2. PamB

    S11.E16: Derek

    No. I loved this episode. I don't mind being in the minority.
  3. PamB

    Two And A Half Men

    Loved it. And it was even better without him showing up. I thought it was very cleverly written and I enjoyed all the cameos.
  4. PamB

    The Sing Off Season 5

    Sorry to see Home Free as backup singers. Would have preferred Pentatonix in that position. Saw Home Free in concert recently and found them to be more entertaining than anything I saw on this "season." But, a one night show was a good idea in retrospect. This.
  5. Personally, I really enjoyed it. Of course I am a Richard Blais fan through and through and not a Marcel fan at all. So I'm sure that colored my perception of the show. I will have to agree that Richard's facial expressions were a bit bizarre. But I truly enjoyed the format of the show and also the cooking. And I like the idea that they are going to have a face-off of all the winners for the finale. I like the concept. One thing that I did not like and seemed to be a bit set up was the fact that each won the other's specialty. I call a bit of BS on that. Overall, an interesting premiere episode.