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  1. I honestly hate to come to any of their defense (because I don't think anyone in the family warrants it most of the time), but a lot of Christian faiths that observe Holy Thursday and normally have/attend a service for Holy Thursday are doing something in substitute for the normal "foot-washing" portion of the service which is typically there more to help illustrate what the day was about than anything else. My dad is a priest in a Christian religion and had asked his congregation to prepare some bowls and towels at home if they wanted to participate in that part of the service while he was li
  2. Actually, I think that's the actual instagram handle of the company. "Coloramala", like "Colorama LA". Still a lot of unsafe toddler things though.
  3. She said in an instagram story the other day (later the day that picture was posted) that she removed the hooks and was going to look at Hobby Lobby this weekend for something different to replace them with.
  4. You may have been just speaking tongue-in-cheek and if you are, ignore me (lol) but I believe for Tori to have the possibility of having fraternal twins (like Jeremy and Zach), fraternal twins would have to run in Tori's side of the family since it affects the release of eggs. Doesn't discount that random chance of identical twins though lol.
  5. I agree with Absolom. One of my childhood friends called her grandparents Mama [FirstName] and Papa [FirstName]. I'd say it might also be even more common in cases where multiple sets of grandparents for a kid have the same "title" name like "Grandma" or "Grandpa" (as opposed to one of them being "Grandma" and the other being "Gran" or something).
  6. It will not. Izzy said this on Instagram recently because I guess she/Jacob were getting this question a lot after revealing the wedding planning on the farm.
  7. Some people definitely can! My boss has a very artsy daughter (who works as a waitress most of the time) who has recently started selling paintings of various liquor bottles. She is selling them for something like $75 each and has sold several already. Some people are able to find a niche and fill it if they have the talent. Pretty cool, honestly.
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