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  1. He probably did know better. He just didn't care.
  2. And also correct me if I'm wrong but isn't law enforcement not supposed to campaign for a political candidate while on duty?
  3. I much preferred when the storylines were about the characters and how they dealt with what was happening. I didn't need to hear all the details. I loved Fitzwallace. He was one of many of the great supporting characters. Which also included..... I absolutely love Anna. She is such a good actress that you can't help but just be so captivated by any character she plays. I watched American President last week and she was an aid to the president and I thought how nice she got promoted on the West Wing.
  4. I think it was one of the Friends books that quoted a writer as saying he never paid attention to previous scripts when writing his scripts. If more writers are like him then that explains inconsistencies and fucked up continuity on tv shows. I also think a lot of TV writers/producers think poorly of the viewers. That we won't notice things or we won't care when something makes absolutely no sense. Before the internet they could get away with that but with the ability to criticize what we see onscreen in real time viewers have a voice now. Of course that doesn't mean they will listen to
  5. I wonder if Sunny had a contract with ABC the network and not specifically the View. I think Sara has that type of contract. I wasn't watching the View when Sunny first starting appearing but I remember reading here she would not be on for a few days here and there and no mention on air as to why. If what Sunny says is true and I have no reason not to believe her it seems like ABC didn't think she was someone they had to treat well.
  6. A famous person getting caught masturbating on a zoom call being a lighter topic than politics tells the current sad state of our country. I always assume someone is watching or listening to me. It's scary but unfortunately the genie was let out of the bottle once people started having smart phones attached to their hands. Back in the day you had to boot up your computer, wait for it to connect and then surf the net. When you were done you turned it off and it disconnected. But now devices are on 24/7 and even if you aren't using it it is probably using you. I just
  7. TV shows are horrible at this. Whenever a character should be onscreen but isn't due to some offscreen issue (budget, actor unavailable) they make their absence more glaring by simply not mentioning it. Like you said casually say they are in another room or say Liz's kids came down with chicken pox or something.
  8. Was Sunny wearing a pajama top? Regarding Jeffrey Toobin, to quote Joy so what who cares? Was it gross? Yes. Did he do it intentionally? As far as we know no. I'm much more concerned about the men who expose themselves to people on purpose.
  9. She says fuck a few times. Gotta love her for that. I don't know how she censors herself on the show.
  10. I love me some Bradley Whitford. I liked Josh. He would irritate me sometimes but there wasn't a character that didn't irritate me. Am I mistaken thinking Josh was based on Rahm Emmanuel? I didn't like Amy and I'm not sure if it was the character or Mary Louise Parker playing her that caused my dislike. I lean toward it being MLP. I loved Weeds but didn't like her character there either.
  11. Did we know before she told us today that Ana was quarantining after being exposed to covid? So Sara gives props for Trump for not being as bad as he was in the first debate? I guess when you are looking for any silver lining you will find something.
  12. When Jimmy Kimmel was talking about Who Wants to Be a Millionaire he said they are having a lot of front line workers as guests and said these people have a chance to win 6 times what they take home in a year. Did I hear him correctly? I don't know too many front line workers that make $166,000 a year.
  13. She tweets something and someone politely responds correcting what she said and Meghan gets pissy and takes her ball home. She simply cannot handle anyone telling her she is wrong. I'm no psychologist but I'm guessing she was pampered as a child and didn't hear the word no too often.
  14. Make room for me. If Meghan is genuinely happy then good for her. But my personal opinion is she is doing what is expected of her as a conservative, as a Republican as a blah blah blah. My prediction is when she comes back to the show she will say very little about her daughter.
  15. Also brings up the whole nature vs nurture argument.
  16. All you need to do is read Ronan Farrow's book to know what kind of people run NBC. The media especially tv has become just awful. They are trying to compete with online media and social media which is all about clicks and likes. It is horrifying to watch because any truth is being lost among a seas of lies and misinformation.
  17. Oh the good old days. When religious bigots were put in their place.
  18. Aaron Sorkin is 59 yrs. old. How did he not know who the Chicago 7 were? I'm 52 and was a toddler when the trial happened and I have known about them for years.
  19. Sunny is right. Trump doesn't care about actually helping people suffering from the pandemic. He wants to send out checks with his name on them. I know where I live when the first stimulus checks were sent out tattoo parlors were packed. Walmart was sold out of big screen TVs.
  20. If Sunny thinks Amy Coney Barrett is going to keep an open mind once on the SCOTUS bench she must have been sharing some of Whoopi's stash. Everything this woman has said previously tells us her philosophy. If I may quote Maya Angelou, when someone shows us who they are believe them.
  21. I agree that their reaction seemed to be an overreaction. I justified it by thinking they were mad because their jobs could be in jeopardy. Didn't Leo already know? It's been awhile since I have seen this particular season. I don't know if I ever had a favorite character. Out of the main characters I liked all of them except Toby. I could never warm up to him. At various times I loved all of them for one reason or another. Although I had a major soft spot for Leo because I had a major soft spot for John Spencer. I loved the Newsroom. I have enjoyed all of Sorkin'
  22. When Joy told Cindy how nice it was to see a Republican put country over party she had to have been referring to Meghan. And even if she wasn't I'm sure Meghan thought she was. I was never a fan of Cindy but when she was talking about how she had a pity party for herself after her husband died and watched too much Lifetime Television and gained the covid 15 lbs she sounded very genuine. Her daughter is nothing like her. And we found out from Joy that baby Liberty looks like her mom's side of the family. So she must have seen a pic.
  23. It airs on demand this week and is available on HULU starting next Tuesday.
  24. There a few theories about this. One she started hanging around the wrong people. Two she is just a selfish spoiled privileged brat. Three both one and two.
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