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  1. I liked the scenes with Kevin and Madison. Dumb to call off a wedding at the last minute, but it obviously wasn't right and Madison had a right to know Kevin's true feelings. I didn't understand the rush for them to get married anyway. It's 2021. You can have a baby/babies without getting married. It's also nice to see a non-perfect, non-forever tru luv story (think Rebecca/Jack and Beth/Randall). I just hope it isn't leading to a Sophie/Kevin forever tru luv story. I learned a long time ago to never get too attached to a Kevin love interest...but he is getting better. The Madison flashback at
  2. Wasn't it Kevin who apologized for taking cheap shots at Randall (Serious question - I could have misheard). I didn't see Randall taking responsibility for much of anything. Yes, Kevin could be horrible and I appreciate how they showed that he could make stupid, inappropriate comments but that it was out of spite or jealousy and not necessarily racism...but I don't see the same nuances in the characterization of Randall. The writers make it out that he is right all the time and a victim of everyone in his life. The younger Randalls are still endearing but the current-day version is becoming in
  3. I thought that Darlene should have gotten the money back for Ben's ticket and taken the trip by herself. I understand about the money...I'm struggling too, but Molly's wish was for Darlene to lighten up and enjoy life and out of respect for that I feel that Darlene should have done the irresponsible thing for once and just enjoyed that gift. I also had trouble recognizing Molly (I even wondered if it was a different actress for a second). She has aged really well and didn't at all look to be terminally ill, but it was a good episode so I'll overlook it. I agree with the person who w
  4. As far as I know CBS hasn't decided to renew this show, but if they do, would they recast the actor or would that be too weird?
  5. If they were going to have Max decide he wanted to date Kat after all, I feel the writers rushed it. Just last episode he was pissed off at Kat for ruining his chances with Brigette, whom he doesn't appear to be over. Max said that the reason he and Brigette didn't work was because he wasn't "all in" and the friendship aspect of their relationship was missing. But how does he know he would be all in with Kat? They have a friendship, sure, but what about everything else? He seemed pretty adamant a few episodes ago that he could never date Kat or think of her that way. So the romance/chemistry a
  6. At first I thought Max was overly harsh, but then I guess I wouldn't expect him to just shrug something like that off. At least he didn't throw Kat's crush in her face, like "you just wanted me for yourself!" or something equally stupid and hurtful. But yeah, it doesn't seem like Brigitte is all that into Max. I hope we will get to meet her, though, to see if she's anything like Kat's fantasy.
  7. My cable kept going on and off but from the math I guess Gina is 35? For some reason I assumed she was younger. Just googled the actress and she is also 35, but Gina could pass for younger. Could definitely relate to Gina's complicated non-relationship with her father...I knew she'd have some interesting backstory. The last few episodes have shown Drew to be much more likable than he has been in the past. It finally seems as though he cares about Gina (not just her kidney) and that he is growing as a person. At first I thought that Gina needed a ton of character growth, but the writers se
  8. I was reminded of the show Zoey's Playlist when Kat and Phil were dancing to Juice since they recently featured that song, but then a minute later they had a character named Max singing 500 Miles, same as the Max on that show did. I guess the fact that Max had his spontaneous singing moment shows that he and Kat have more in common than it seems, but it would be refreshing if Kat just kept putting her crush behind her and seeing other people, because usually in real life someone who says they would never, ever date you is not going to change their mind.
  9. I'm not sure, but I don't think it works like that. I've heard of people who received two and even three heart/lung transplants. Maybe it's different with different organs? What I don't understand is what they did with Jerry once his new kidney was rejected. They couldn't put back his original kidney, but the new one didn't work? And how long until Drew can have his transplant? Are they still waiting until Gina's system clears of drugs and/or she can stay sober for a certain amount of time? Sorry, I need to google it. So many questions and I doubt this show is 100% medically accurate.
  10. There Blood ties really mean nothing. Whether Randall likes it or not, the Pearsons are also a part of his family tree because our past experiences shape who we are as a person just as much (if not more) than biology. There were several things I found a little insulting in this episode, as someone who hasn't followed the standard life script, but I know I'm very much in the minority so I won't go into it. I also thought that someone should have spoken with Ellie and made sure she was *really* sure about her decision. Sure, most birth mothers would be emotional right after giving
  11. I think it might have been the last of him since the actor left the filming early (like way before they stopped for the holidays). I actually thought it was sad. I think George is just desperate to be liked and comes on too strong sometimes. I did think this episode showed Zoey's humanity a little more. Sometimes she can come off kind of cold, but even her reactions to the heart songs in this episode were a little softer...sometimes she just stands there scowling at the singer, but seemed to really absorb their feelings this time. That she was so reluctant to fire all those people showed in a
  12. I hope they handle the "choose happiness" thing well. Not sure how much this counts as a spoiler, but a clip was shown on TV from the Dreams episode where Zoey falls asleep at work and dreams she is in an empty room singing No Where To Run.
  13. I feel like I'm biased about this show because I like Mayim and I like the concept of the show and the fact that it represents a segment of our society that often gets poked fun at and gives them (okay...us haha) a human face. This episode where she gets inadvertently rejected by both guys is just painful to watch and so relatable...and the scene where an extra pair of her underwear falls out of her pants...same thing happened to me in 4th grade when I walked across the classroom to turn in a paper...seriously thought I was the only one that ever happened to! But even being biased, I can
  14. Whoever designed Zoey's old bedroom has either never seen a teenager's room or thinks Zoey has no other personality trait besides "science geek." A periodic table on her wall? Really? I'm pleasantly surprised by the writers' decision to end the triangle. Not because Zoey is too old for that kind of thing so much as she was already displaying some insensitivity towards others...IMO stringing the two of them along would make her more unlikable. It's just that I'm not yet convinced of her feelings for Max in particular. She wanted to move forward in life...but what if Simon had visited her r
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