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  1. Jasmar

    S08.E01: A Duggar Says Yes

    Their brand of "sexual purity" is only another form of objectification. I've read story after story of kids raised in ATI, who have since escaped, who still struggle with opposite-sex friendships. The constant emphasis on not "defrauding" (which carries a totally arbitrary, made-up definition in Gothardspeak) has left young people not just stunted in their development, but tense and anxious about innocent friendships. They struggle to view the opposite gender as anything but a potential stumbling block. It's so tragic.
  2. It could be that she "picked" hairdressing because, at least at one point, Gothardville boasted a cosmetology school. Since they're not allowed to go to college, or non-Gothard trade school, they have to pick from the training classes available through IBYC.
  3. I love Boots and Pants. Cracks me up every time. But anything to else Geico? Die.
  4. Jasmar

    Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    I did the same. I've been reading the 19K thread over there for a few weeks, since I learned about the Bill Gothard scandals. Before that I had no idea how dysfunctional that group is, and didn't know the Duggars were involved. I haven't even seen the show at this point, but am interested in the whole movement now. Especially since we're homeschoolers ourselves and know people who greatly admire the Duggars. Ugh.