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  1. It was really wonderful to see Audra return, and to see Paula destroy the poker game. But I had to fast forward through the scenes of Josh/Nathaniel/Greg since I honestly couldn't care less about any of them, and wish we could spend more time watching Paula launch her career, seeing Rebecca's mom again, and seeing a resolution for the other women on this show, since they are so much more compelling than the men.
  2. Who is Becky? How did someone with an IQ higher than room temperature, and the ability to put a child's needs first ever wind up on this show? I really need to know - I barely pay attention to this show, so hopefully someone who's actually been watching can tell me how this sane-appearing person is friends with Kail the hosebeast.
  3. And he almost seemed reasonable and sane. Of course he must be completely nuts to marry this lunatic woman. I'd pay good money to see him on a show with a reputable psychiatrist (that rules out another appearance on Dr. Phil) who could figure out why on earth he chose to marry that nutcase mother.
  4. They have the right to have Allie's wheelchair brought to school every single day. Wheelchair access can be included in her IEP, which is the legal document that includes all of Ali's rights. Schools sometimes screw around with services, but if something is included in the IEP they need to follow it or else the parents can choose to send their kid to any private school they want and the public school needs to pay for it. Ali's parents don't have the right to choose which employee will serve as Ali's aide - the specific aide Leah wants can be reassigned according to the district's need
  5. Allison Janney was especially good in this episode - she's usually an amazing actress, and it has been nice to see all the depth she brings to Bonnie's struggles and successes.
  6. Given Becky’s age, a miscarriage would be statistically quite likely. I would imagine the primary reason Jackie would stop Becky from getting into a fistfight with the girl whose boyfriend she was trying to steal was that it would hurt the baby. Since she didn’t say anything, I’d assume Becky is no longer pregnant in the original season finale.
  7. I’m glad amber has a nanny. I’m glad cate and Tyler’s child is in daycare. The children are safe and well taken care of during this time (assuming amber or numatt put forth minimal effort to screen a nanny). Honestly with all the money they make off their kids, the teen moms should at least hire caring people to watch their children since most of them seem unwilling or unable to do so themselves.
  8. I completely agree with this. I also have a ton of reservations about Maci, but her children seem to be thriving, especially in comparison to the other children on the TM franchises. And I don't know why Amber was upset about how she is portrayed - instead of the normal footage we get of Amber complaining on the couch, tonight was different - MTV filmed her complaining in her bed.
  9. The new Greg lacks all the charm of the original actor, so this plot should have just been dropped since it isn't possible to understand the difference between the character Greg's growth, and the actor's insipid performance. I'm finding it hard to believe that anyone not drugged would respond to learning an ex girlfriend slept with his father to be, "we've both grown." It's only been two years, not 20. If they had been able to get the original actor, this might have been an interesting plot development but as it is this is just a waste of air time. And its a strange choice, since if the
  10. I think Tyler has matured a lot since he's started to be the primary parent to Nova (I agree with the above posters that he probably has a ton of help, but he clearly also spends at least some time with her, unlike her Cate. But I wonder if his not caring about the gender is more a function of the fact that he has completely emotionally checked out of the marriage, and is biding his time until MTV cancels the show to leave. Then he'll disappear and newCarly the first and second will both be farmed out to whichever relative is currently not in jail or rehab.
  11. There are new tests that can determine if there are chromosomal abnormalities that would cause things genetic disorders such as trisomy 13 (which usually leads to a miscarriage, but the few babies who survive to birth are expected to die within a year), or downs syndrome. They take a vial of blood from the mother, and test the fetal chromosomes. These tests can also reveal gender. It's hugely controversial since it has led to much greater identification of babies with downs syndrome prenatally during the first trimester, and a significant percentage of pregnant women choose to terminate the
  12. I think I remember that during the election episode, didn't Miles put him in a suit and he said it looked like something his parents would dress him in to meet the bride they chose for him, and then he bombed on air and started to shine after he changed into a hip fashionable outfit. Also, please count me in with all the others who thought this was a much better episode. I was happy to see the main cast become stronger, and Tyne Daly and Avery are continuing to be great.
  13. This is certainly a possibility, as is what another previous poster mentioned about Cate and Tyler not respecting B&T's request that they stop talking about them on television. The other possibility that could be happening here is that I think a big factor in B&T keeping the relationship open was Theresa's relationship with Cate. When Cate was younger, Theresa had a lot more sympathy for her since she was a young girl being raised in a very dysfunctional environment. But Cate isn't a kid anymore, and more importantly she has chosen to have Nova (and even try for another baby)
  14. Jake McDorman and Tyne Daly are both incredible on this show. Casting did a great job of adding wonderful new actors to this show. Candace Bergen is an amazing actress, but I hope the writing picks up a little - they haven't given her as much good material to work with. Her interactions with Avery are great, I just wish the show's other writing was a little stronger for her.
  15. I really hate every time Laura smirks while trying to describe Ana as immature and point out her flaws. You popped out a kid at 17, which means that you are in no position to judge anyone else. Stop trying to throw your 15 year old sister under the bus for being the only person in that family to have enough sense to say that a 17 year old shouldn't have a baby. I am glad for Ana's sake they're filming this. She'll have proof of how her family gaslight her and tried to make it seem like she was the troubled, selfish one when she wasn't the one who had a kid at 17 and expected the grandpare
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