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  1. Gosh, can you send me one too? I don't know what happened.
  2. Can the zip zip bags be worn as crossbody?
  3. Anyone try the folding ottoman storage bench? And CaCa's pants are horrendous.
  4. Wow, Leah's face is really thin. It seems more obvious tonight. And the philosophy OAP looks like an elf next to Leah.
  5. So glad to see model Colleen, I think she's hysterical.
  6. I missed the part about Kelton's mom. Did she die while having him?
  7. How often do you wash them? Any tips on how to keep them fresh and in good shape? I didn't want to try the My pillow, I think this is a better choice.
  8. That is great news! I was thinking I would have to give up on the down surround. I'm going to return this stink pillow TODAY!! It is Fieldcrest, by Target Corp., made in USA of imported materials. I gonna get me a Pacific Coast. Thank you so much!!!!
  9. Thank you!! I'm going to check that out. Do you currently have down surround pillows? I wasn't sure if this was a common issue, as this is the first one I've owned. It seems to be helping my neck pain, but that smell.....can't deal.
  10. Yeah, I think I'm going to take it back. It's not horrendous, and I don't smell it when I'm lying on my back, but if I lie on my side and my nose gets close, I can smell it. It's just unpleasant. Such a shame because the pillow is comfy.
  11. Not sure where it was posted or who suggested it, but I bought the down surround pillow from Target. It took a few nights to get used to it, but I do like the support. However, the smell....oh my word.... I didn't notice it the first night but after that I started to notice a faint odor, through the pillowcase. Is this common or did I get a bad pillow??? I'm going to try to air it out when the rain stops to see if that helps.
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